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Hardik Patel is Kejriwal’s man


During his Gunrat visit, the AAP national convener Arvind Kejriwal has proved that the so-called leader of Patel Anamat Andolan Samiti, Hardik Patel is a product of the Chief Minister of Delhi.

While launching the AAP’s campaign for 2017 Gujarat Assembly polls, Arvind Kejriwal fired a salvo at BJP president Amit Shah and also equated him with “General Dyer” and tried to woo the Patidar community by calling Patel quota agitation leader Hardik Patel as a “patriot”.

The AAP head Kejriwal again took u-turn as earlier he told that he didn’t meet Hardik Patel and even Patel denied any meeting with Kejriwal. However, it was evident that the Patel was acting on the directions of a big gun otherwise, it was not an easy task for Patel to organise the movement for a reservation last year in Gujrat.

Over 14 youths died in the police firing last year in Gujrat when the agitation turned into a violent protest. Hardik Patel and his associated had instigated the mob to attack police. They deliberately created ruckus so that the then Chief Minister of Gujrat could be maligned and later he could manage to win the sympathy for his boss Kejriwal.

Police had registered a case of sedition against Patel who was responsible for the killing of 14 people. The authorities had to order firing when the mob instigated by Patel overpowered the police.

At that time Kejriwal backed Patel, but he denied any political relation with him. However, it is proved that Kejriwal had prepared Patel to launch the movement so that the image of the BJP led government could be tarnished and Kejriwal could get political gains in the Gujrat assembly polls.