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Delhi residents fed up with AAP, Ink attack shows their anger


The people of Delhi trusted the Aam Aadmi Party as they thought that the party would reform the national capital but they felt cheated and as a result, another ink attack incident happened in Delhi when a person Brijesh Shukla threw ink at Sisodia.

At least, 30 deaths in Delhi have been linked to dengue and chikungunya and over 2,800 people are reportedly infected. When the disease broke out in Delhi, the entire AAP cabinet was missing in the state. Even Kejriwal had been touring to Punjab.

The Chief Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal has gone to Bengaluru for the treatment and in his absence, Manish Sisodia officiates but the Deputy Chief Minister was touring in Finland when the Delhi people were crying for the proper health care facilities in the state.

Brijesh Shukla, a 39-year-old man hurled ink at Sisodia who was angry over Sisodia’s visit to foreign countries when the capital is grappling with an outbreak of vector-borne diseases.

The incident happened in front of the LG’s house when Sisodia was briefing the media about his meeting with Najeeb Jung. The accused suddenly threw ink at Sisodia during his briefing.

According to police, Shukla is the president of the Swaraj Janata Party and a social activist. He is also an old critic of AAP. Shukla told the police that he was unhappy with the minister for visiting foreign countries while Delhi is reeling under an outbreak of dengue and ‘chikungunya’.

The situation has arisen due to the ‘negligence’ and ‘non-responsible’ behaviour of AAP government in Delhi. After taking the reins of the state, the AAP party started dreaming of winning the assembly polls in other states. During the crucial situation in Delhi, the entire AAP cabinet was missing from the state. Sisodia was enjoying his political honeymoon in Finland.