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Representative of common man enjoying the cooling of 30 ACs

Kejriwal’s electricity bill crosses one lakh, revealed an RTI

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The Chief Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal who had committed to stand with the cause of a common man has forgotten his pledge. A year ago, Kejriwal claimed himself a messiah of Delhi people but after forming government, he has shown his actual colours.

He has been enjoying the luxuries at the cost of public money. In 2015, especially during the scorching summers, people of Delhi were crying for proper power supply, however, Kejriwal was enjoying the luxury of 30 air conditioners at his official residence.

Common man’s highest electricity bill, Kejriwal exposed

Responding to an RTI application, the Delhi government had said that the electricity charges at Kejriwal’s residence for April and May was about Rs 91,000. The total bill was for two-metered connections at Kejriwal’s residence at 6, Flag Staff Road in Civil Lines.

While one bill charged Rs 22,689, the amount quoted in the second bill was Rs 1,13,598.

After the electricity bill for April and May came out, the Delhi government had said it included electricity charges for a camp office and various other facilities installed for visitors at the complex.

It said the actual bill for electricity consumption at the Chief Minister’s residence was much lower.

AAP government defended Kejriwal

The spokesperson of AAP had come out with an excuse to save the Kejriwal from public ire. The spokesman had said that the Kejriwal’s residence bill was not much. It was the base camp bill which was higher as Kejriwal is Delhi CM and a lot of people to his official residence to meet him. Kejriwal’s family did not use much electricity. The facilities in the Kejriwal’s residence are especially for the officials and visitors. However, a person had exposed the Delhi CM that he visited the bungalow of Kejriwal so many times but the security did not allow him to enter. So, who are the visitors as Kejriwal did not allow anyone to enter in his official residence.

Kejriwal to spend public money on luxuries in this summer too

As summers are approaching, Kejriwal has been planning to install more air conditions and air coolers. An official in the government has revealed the information about the Kejriwal’s planning. Once again the Kejriwal would enjoy the luxuries at the cost of the tax payers’ money in the coming summers.