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AAP played politics dirty politics again in Delhi


Whenever something happens in the country, the Aam Aadmi Party always comes first to take the political mileage. The Deputy of the Delhi Chief Minister has come out with the latest trick to get the publicity.

A former OROP soldier committed suicide in Delhi and the Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia tried to play politics with the death of the victim in the hospital.

Manish Sisodia went to Delhi’s Ram Manohar Lohia hospital to meet the kin of the soldier and he tried to play politics over there by addressing the gathering. In the meantime, the Delhi police cops detained him and later released.

According to the police, the Deputy Chief Minister tried to obstruct the work of the hospital and was making the speeches in the premises of the hospital. The police officials told that the leaders should understand they can’t do politics in the premises of the hospital.

Subedar Ram Kishen Grewal allegedly poisoned himself on the lawns of a government building in Delhi. The foolish AAP leaders always commit such blunders to get the publicity.

Sisodia was playing politics to grab the attention of the public and how to mean he is that he didn’t think once to give a political speech in the premises of the hospital where the victim breathed his last.

It is not the first such incident when AAP leaders performed a cheap stunt to gain political mileage. The family of the victim was crying and the Deputy Chief Minister instead of maintaining silence started talking about the Delhi’s government achievements.

Delhi residents fed up with AAP, Ink attack shows their anger


The people of Delhi trusted the Aam Aadmi Party as they thought that the party would reform the national capital but they felt cheated and as a result, another ink attack incident happened in Delhi when a person Brijesh Shukla threw ink at Sisodia.

At least, 30 deaths in Delhi have been linked to dengue and chikungunya and over 2,800 people are reportedly infected. When the disease broke out in Delhi, the entire AAP cabinet was missing in the state. Even Kejriwal had been touring to Punjab.

The Chief Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal has gone to Bengaluru for the treatment and in his absence, Manish Sisodia officiates but the Deputy Chief Minister was touring in Finland when the Delhi people were crying for the proper health care facilities in the state.

Brijesh Shukla, a 39-year-old man hurled ink at Sisodia who was angry over Sisodia’s visit to foreign countries when the capital is grappling with an outbreak of vector-borne diseases.

The incident happened in front of the LG’s house when Sisodia was briefing the media about his meeting with Najeeb Jung. The accused suddenly threw ink at Sisodia during his briefing.

According to police, Shukla is the president of the Swaraj Janata Party and a social activist. He is also an old critic of AAP. Shukla told the police that he was unhappy with the minister for visiting foreign countries while Delhi is reeling under an outbreak of dengue and ‘chikungunya’.

The situation has arisen due to the ‘negligence’ and ‘non-responsible’ behaviour of AAP government in Delhi. After taking the reins of the state, the AAP party started dreaming of winning the assembly polls in other states. During the crucial situation in Delhi, the entire AAP cabinet was missing from the state. Sisodia was enjoying his political honeymoon in Finland.

Delhi dying and Sisodia enjoying

When the entire national capital has been facing the ‘chikungunya’ problem and over 11 people died due to the disease, Kejriwal’s deputy Manish Sisodia enjoying the foreign junket in Finland.

A picture of the Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia having ice cream gone viral and his state is suffering from the disease. The Chief Minister of Delhi has gone to Bengaluru for the surgery and his deputy is busy in Finland.

Kejriwal has not kept any portfolio and his deputy Manish Sisodia officiates in the absence of his top boss. However, the pictures on social media depicting that the vacations at Finland are more important than the immediate return to his own country where his state has been combating with ‘chikungunya’.

When the AAP party took the reins of the national capital with a landslide victory, the best healthcare facilities in the city would be the one of the prominent agenda of the party in its manifesto.

However, it seems the party deliberately forgotten the promise and the poor health care facilities in the government hospitals led to the death of 11 people in Delhi. People are crying for the help but there is no proper support given to the government hospitals from Delhi government.

All the cabinet ministers are out of the city busy in other states for the upcoming assembly polls.

Satyendra Jain, the health minister of Delhi ignored his own state and was busy in the preparations for the upcoming assembly polls in Goa. Jain returned because of the flak he drew for his absence.

The AAP and Kejriwal are too busy campaigning in poll-bound States such as Punjab and Goa to pay attention to what is happening in the city.

As the city reels under a major health crisis, virtually the entire Delhi Cabinet is missing from action as ministers including Kejriwal, Manish Sisodia, Gopal Rai and Imran Hussain are not in town.

Rai is in Chhattisgarh and Hussain is on Haj pilgrimage. Only Water Minister Kapil Mishra was in Delhi when the disease broke out.

Reduction in ad budget by AAP is an eye wash

Arvind Kejriwal

In a span of two years, the party set aside Rs 726 crores for publicity only

In the maiden budget, the ruling AAP regime had set aside a budget of Rs 526 crores on advertisements and self-publicity. The public money was lavishly spent on the advertisements and hoardings in the city. Even the advertisements were given to the all national newspapers. In all the main editions of national and regional newspapers, the AAP supremo’s ads were published. The party which boasted of its principles of idealism changed its stance after forming the government in the national capital. The exchequer’s money wasted on the luxury flights, personal security and political tours of the Delhi CM, Arvind Kejriwal.

AAP breaks all the records in Indian politics

If we talk about the records in Indian politics, then AAP emerged as winner. The credit goes to the AAP national convenor and Delhi CM, Arvind Kejriwal. In the history of this country, no state’s CM has spent such a huge amount on advertisements and self-publicity. In all the states, the ad budget never crosses Rs 60 to Rs70 crores in a year but in the first year the government lavishly spent Rs 526 crore.

In second budget AAP reduced the ad budget, but in two years the total amount is Rs 726 crore.    

Though the AAP government has cut down the ad budget and this time it is Rs 207 crores. One should ask question from the government that this time even the budget is very much higher as compare to the other states. The total calculation of the ad budget of previous year and the present, it is Rs 726 crores. In such a big amount the ruling government could have start the welfare schemes.

For Aam Aadmi Canteen, only Rs 10 crore allocated

The government proposed Aam Aadmi canteens for the migrant population and allocated Rs 10 crore only. A resident of Delhi raised finger at the AAP government that why the government is partial in ad budget and a meagre amount for Aam Aadmi canteens.


On education, AAP talked much but delivered little


AAP did not utilise money of education budget 2015-16 

In the second budget, the AAP once again made tall budgetary allocation in Education sector by 106 per cent. According to the AAP leaders, the second budget is a bonanza especially for education sector. However, the reality is entirely different from the tall claims of the AAP supremo and his deputy.

AAP did not utilise the money announced in the maiden budget for education sector

In the maiden budget, the party had promised so many lucrative plans and allocations for Education budget. According to the information, a budget allocation of Rs 3100 crore was set for the educations sector. However, the ruling government of AAP could not manage to spend even half of the amount from the allocated budget for education.

AAP government was busy in playing blame games, forgot to spend the money

After taking the reign of Delhi in 2015, the ruling AAP government kept itself busy in playing blame games. Kejriwal started launching attack on centre government for not supporting AAP. Then he started shouting at Delhi police for not cooperating Delhi government. Even he did not miss the chance to hold press conferences against the Lieutenant Governor of Delhi. So, a year passed and the ruling government forgot to spend the full allocated money on education.

AAP failed to disburse Centre’s fund for RTE programme

The centre government had granted Rs 30 crores amount to Delhi government for the proper implementation of Right to Education (RTE) programme for the poor strata of the society. However, only two per cent of the amount has spent on RTE.

AAP had promised 100 new schools in a year but gave only 21

AAP in its manifesto had promised that after forming the government, 100 schools will be constructed per year and in the span of five years, 500 new schools would be given to Delhi. However, the AAP failed to deliver its promise and after a year only 21 new schools constructed.



AAP presented second time a directionless budget


AAP regime made big promises this time too

The Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi Manish Sisodia who is the old friend of AAP supremo presented a directionless budget this time too. In the maiden budget of 2015-16, the party did not make anything and second time, the government came out with the visionless document to misguide the public.

AAP boasted about its fake achievements in assembly

Sisodia while presenting the budget claimed that the government made 8000 classrooms during 2015-16. In fact, it is not possible to construct large number of classrooms in 365. Even the mathematical calculations would expose the ruling AAP.

The government has only constructed 21 schools in a year and in the election manifesto, it was promised to make 500 schools in five years. If the ruling AAP has built 21 schools in a year, then the dream of making 500 schools would never be chased.

Sisodia proposed Aam Admi Canteen for “poor”

The Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi, Sisodia proposed the special canteen which would serve food on very nominal rates. Once again the party has come out with a plan to woo the poor voters as poor population is the biggest vote bank in the national capital. The leaders have mastered the art of wooing the voters and this time they again played politics on the front.

AAP promised free wi fi but now charging for the service, claimed Sisodia

The party had promised to offer free wi fi service within a year. However, the party failed to fulfil its promise. The wi fi service has been started in few areas of Delhi but it’s not free as ruling government put charges for the services. It is even admitted by Sisodia in the assembly during the budget that the ruling government is charging for the service.

AAP investing public money for good work, good work means Kejriwal

Sisodia said that the government investing Public money for good work. But the good work is something different as the public money is being spent on Kejriwal’s self-publicity and advertisements.