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DSGMC started online petition for banning Sikh jokes


The Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee had taken the step to stop Sikh jokes. The DSGMC had started online petition for school children of 18 Guru Harikrishan Public schools in New Delhi to generate support for banning Sikh jokes, and also involving them in constructive community service.

The campaign for banning Sikh jokes was a big success and the online petition received over 13,000 signatures in the ten days since the launch of the website.

Manjinder Singh Sirsa had raised the issue and demanded the banning of Sikh jokes. Sikhs had welcomed the chance to protest against these jokes which hurt the feeling of Sikhs and shows them in poor light.

Sirsa told the media that Sikhs contributed a lot in the freedom struggle. But, the people make mockery of Sikhs. He demanded the banning of the Sikh jokes.

Sikh women advocate Harvinder Choudhary had filed a petition in the Supreme Court seeking a ban on Sikh jokes for hurting religious sentiments of the community.