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Indian Mirror | Why Phoolka gets angry?

Aam Aadmi Party leader and lawyer H.S. Phoolka these days easily gets provoked and can say anything in the fit of rage.


The change in behaviour of Phoolka was witnessed by people close to him when the other day he held a cycle rally from Bargari village in Faridkot to Bathinda demanding justice for two Sikh victims of Bargari who were killed in police firing during a protest last month.

Opposition from riot victims

maxresdefault (1)

He was not expecting it, but Phoolka, however, faced opposition from a number of riot victims from Delhi and members of the Sikh Welfare Society, Ludhiana, who alleged the lawyer had not done anything for them.

It has become a fad with Phoolka these days to allege and blame that the protest was held at the behest of his opponents. He reportedly said that “If any victim is not happy with my efforts, he can hire another advocate. I am fighting these cases with honesty and free of cost and I challenge anyone to prove me wrong over this.”  Yes Mr. Phoolka you have already been proved wrong and exposed for not doing anything concrete in all these years for the victims of 1984 riot victims.  Naturally when a person who lives on falsehood is exposed, he is bound to get furious on the very mention of the sentimental issue that affects each and every Sikh.

Chinks in his story

He said he too was a victim of the riots as on November 2, 1984, the mob attacked our house in South Extension area, where we lived on rent. But the landlord, a Punjabi Hindu, had already locked us in a store room. Phoolka went on with his tale that “Soon, an Army truck reached and with the help of the landlord, we escaped. I cannot forget the moment when I ran for my life barefoot without a turban on my head. My wife and I reached Punjab on November 5 and when I returned to Delhi later that month, I, along with many others, decided to fight for the victims for free.

Seething with anger

Now when his lies are nailed and he is asked how is juniors had been charging hefty fee on his behalf from the victims of genocide that he seethes with anger. In such a situation, Phoolka can blame any political person and any political party for spreading canards against him. Little doubt that people around Phoolka Sahib now know “Phoolka ko gussa kyon aata hai”

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Indian Mirror | Alcoholic Parliamentarian!

“While Aam Adami Party is committed to fight against Nashakhori (addiction) in Punjab, its alcoholic star politician remains untamed.”


Bhagwant Mann is Punjab’s well-known comedian and supposedly a good orator. He is a crowd puller for AAP but off late he has been making news for all the wrong reasons. While his theatrics may appeal to masses on a lighter note but on the other hand his misdeeds are creating all sorts of problems for Aam Adami Party.

Bhagwant Mann attending parliament sessions in drunken state is an open secret. This is not just against parliamentary norms and public ethics, but also goes against AAP’s anti-drug campaign in Punjab. All AAP party leaders including party convener Arvind Kejriwal are aware of Bhagwant Mann’s drinking habit.

However, instead of taking action against Mann’s undisciplined attitude, Kejriwal elevated his position in the party due to his sycophancy towards the ‘Arvind coterie’. Now Mann is the leader of AAP’s parliamentary party and the poster boy of the political campaign of the party committed to ending ‘Nashakhori’ in Punjab.


Lamenting drinking habits of Mann, expelled AAP leader and co-founder of the party, Yogendra Yadav had written on his Facebook post earlier, “I discovered it first in July 2014 when AAP had a meeting of all its Lok Sabha candidates. Mann was sitting next to me and smelled of alcohol. I mentioned it to Arvind Kejriwal and he nodded. Around this time I heard rumours that Mann was going to the Lok Sabha sessions drunk. One of his fellow MPs confirmed it to me.”

Party MP form Fatehgarh Sahib went on record to state that he would never sit next to Mann, as he could not stand foul smell of alcohol. He even went on suggest shifting him to a  de-addiction center.

Mann is a habitual drinker and on several occasion he has been found drunk in public. He was found in an inebriated condition when he was addressing a press conference at the Chandigarh Press Club, which was called to raise the issue of abducted Indian youth by IS in Iraq.

Causing yet another embarrassment to AAP, Bhagwant Mann was allegedly found drunk at religious function at Bargari village in Faridkot. The video, which had gone viral, showed Bhagwant Mann being forced to leave the religious function after found in drunken state by a former Granthi (Sikh Priest). After the incident hashtag #DrunkBhagwantMann became a top trend on twitter and Mann received public ire for hurting Sikh sentiments.

Bhagwant Mann is an elected representative of the people but it is rather unfortunate that he could never understand the huge responsibility bestowed upon him by people of Punjab. He may not be under the influence of alcohol all the time but his irresponsible & incentive acts prove that his hangover of comedy is not over yet!

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Kejriwal fails to prove allegations against Jaitley in court

Another U turns of Arvind Kejriwal

kejri 1

The Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal always boast of having evidences against the rival party leaders and when he lands himself in the trouble, he takes u turn.

In a recent defamation case filed by the Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley, the AAP supremo had failed to prove the allegations levelled against Jaitley.

AAP national convenor had levelled allegations against Jaitley for corruption. However, he had failed to show documents against the Union Finance minister and asked the court for more time.

He had bailed out from Delhi court on the plea that AAP leaders need some time to produce the documents against Jaitley.

Kejriwal had failed to prove allegations against former BJP president Nitin Gadkari

kejri 2

Earlier, the AAP supremo had levelled allegations against the former BJP president Nitink Gadkari also and he is facing the defamation case filed by Gadkari. He has failed to prove the allegations levelled against Gadkari. The case is going on in the court and Kejriwal said that he has been gathering the evidence against the former BJP president.

He had spoken against Amit Sibal but did not produce any evidence

The Chief Minister of Delhi had also levelled allegations against Amit Sibal, son of former Union Minister Kapil Sibal. At that time Kejriwal had spoken against Sibal taking bribe and when Amit Sibal filed the defamation case he has failed to produce the solid evidence against him.

Kejriwal had 300 page report against Sheila Dixit, later he lost it


When Arvind Kejriwal campaigned for assembly polls, he had claimed that he would put the former Delhi CM Sheila Dixit behind bars as he had a detailed documentation of evidences against Dixit. He had boldly claimed a report of 300 pages against Dixit. However, when formed the government he took u turn on his stand and said he had lost the report. When the rivals had asked him regarding the report he put blame on the rivals. He always gave statements without the facts and later comes up with different excuses.

April fool’s day declared Arvind Kejriwal diwas

Second April fool pic

People of Delhi declared April 1 as Kejriwal diwas for his fake promises

The residents of Delhi feel that there is no need to observe April fool’s day as already the Chief Minister of Delh Arvind Kejriwal has be fooled them. The people of Delhi have declared first April as Kejriwal diwas. Every year the day would be observed in the name of the leader who has be fooled the national capital of the country.

How he duped the people?

The new party in the country, AAP was a hope for the residents of Delhi that it would bring change in the system. However, nothing has been done so far by the party for the public. Only the party leaders themselves brought change in their life style. The common life style of the AAP leaders changed into the lavish lifestyle.

April fool

  • The party in its manifesto promised the public that after forming the government, no legislator would get big house. However, the Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal was the first one who himself accepted the bungalow of ten rooms.
  • The party promised that no legislator would take security but the clever muffler man took the security for 40 armed commandos along with 30 police men and personal security guards.
  • It would be a party of common man and it would present crime free politics. However, 21 legislators of the party facing criminal cases.
  • It was promised that the party would end corruption but Kejriwal’s own cabinet ministers are involved in the corruption cases.
  • The party would end the crime against women but AAP’s cabinet minister Somnath Bharti facing the case of domestic violence.
  • The water and power tariff would not be hiked by AAP government but the power and water tariff was hiked by AAP government in Delhi.
  • AAP promised to build 500 new schools in five years and after a year no school has been constructed by the government. So, do Kejriwal have magical stick which would create 500 schools suddenly?

The residents of Delhi are fed up with AAP government and feel cheated

In the span of one year, the public is up in arms against the ruling regime. Even the people feel cheated and they started protesting against the ruling AAP in different parts of the city.

Old leaders to preach AAP on budget making process

yashwant sinha

“When Arvind Kejriwal had formed the AAP party, the clever muffler man had promised the public that the party will only induct the Aam Aadmi’s. There will be no place for the other party leaders or rich people in AAP. It would be purely made for Aam Aadmi only. However, the party has personally invited the side lined veteran of BJP and former Union Minister, Yashwant Sinha to guide AAP legislators on the city city’s government’s budget. Sinha would guide the AAP MLA’s on budget and budget making process.”

As per the information, the assembly Speaker Ram Niwas Goel had invited four persons including the former Union Minister, Yashwant Sinha for the guidance in an orientation programme for the legislators on the process and procedure of the upcoming state budget.

Failed AAP to take lessons from old leader

In 2015, the AAP under the leadership of Arvind Kejriwal had formed the government in Delhi. The first maiden budget of the party was presented with full enthusiasm but a year after the party has been exposed in front of the public because the party legislators failed to reply the public about the big promises made in budget allocations.

The veteran BJP leader Sinha who had differences with his party has now requested by the AAP to guide the legislators on the budget. He would also teach them on budget and budget making process.

As per the information, the party has been providing training to its ignorant MLAs who will get lessons from Sinha on questions to be asked on the budget.

This is depicted that the AAP failed in the capital to work on the second budget in Delhi so the party has started calling the former leaders of the parties.

AAP’s Delhi Dialogue Commission has been in touch with Sinha for ‘broad suggestions’ on the budget.

Drama of AAP

kejri 2

The stunt of the party can be better named as drama of AAP as the leaders themselves failed in making the budget procedure. The maiden budget was a bundle of fake allocations and now the party cannot be fool the public second time so that’s why the party has decided to take lessons on budget.


AAP took u turn on the event of Art of Living

pic 2

“First AAP government in Delhi given nod to the prominent spiritual icon to organise World Culture Festival at Yamuna banks but when some organisations dragged the matter into NGT, the AAP took u turn on its stand.”

 As per the information, the AAP government had given nod to Art of Living to organise the World Culture Festival at Yamuna river banks. The concerned departments had cleared the files pertaining to the permission of the mega event.

However, it was not easy for the Art of Living as the matter was raised in National Green Tribunal by some organisation alleging that the organisers of the event violated environmental norms on Yamuna flood plains. The organisations raised objections that the organisers dug the flood plains of the river for the event which is a complete violation of the environmental norms.

U turn of AAP on the festival

kejri 1

The matter has put in National Green Tribunal which admitted the case. The tribunal has scolded the government of Delhi for granted the permission to the organisers for holding the event. Even the tribunal had questioned the AAP for granting the permission to the organisers.

However, the AAP government took u turn on the matter and during the hearing of the case in NGT, the concerned department of AAP told that permission to Art of Living was granted only to construct a pontoon bridge but only in case of a flood.

 Taking u turn in the court, the government’s counsel said it did not have the authority to grant permission to build a bridge in any other situation.

Delhi water minister Kapil Mishra had extended his full support to the event. However, the Delhi government denies any kind of permission.

AAP defames spiritual icon Sri Sri Ravishankar

The AAP supremo Arvind Kejriwal has shown his colours like a chameleon. Earlier, Kejriwal was supporting the spiritual icon Sri Sri Ravishanka who has been enjoying a good reputation in the world. However, when he feels that party may gripped into the controversy, he side lined him from the organisation. Moreover, the concerned minister of Kejriwal also took u turn who had promised the organisers for the full support. When the matter is raised in NGT, the party and its top leaders changed their stance.

The anti-nationalist AK claims himself a “patriot”

Kejri baba

When the Chief Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal found himself in trouble because of supporting JNU incident, he started claiming himself a “patriot.” The state head who was supporting the JNU students facing sedition charges now took u turn.

He has started claiming himself bigger patriot by comparing himself with the rival party leaders. Once again he proved that he has mastered the art of taking u turns.

Kejriwal tweeted that he has been raising his voice for dalits, the poort and backward. He raised the voice for dalits to get political gains. He prefers to target those who can be a good vote bank.

 Now AK start talking on martyred soldiers

He remained silent when the ten soldiers died during their duty in Siachen glacier.  Moreover, he had preferred to attend rallies when six soldiers attained martyrdom in Jammu and Kashmir. Kejriwal is now talking about the martyr soldiers. He is supporting the anti-national and he blamed centre government for protecting anti-nationals in Kashmir.

On Sunday, an FIR was registered at Saroornagar police station in Hyderabad following a court order relating to sedition charges against Kejriwal.

He had offered Rs 1 crore help in 2015 to a CRPF soldier who was died in Naxal attack. He had played the trick to get the political mileage. He is just hungry to make votes only. When he got in trouble, he started calling himself a bigger patriot.

He supports the militant, JNU students. Is this patriotism?


In Punjab, the AAP leaders distributed the pamphlets and pasted posters of the slain militant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale. Moreover, the pictures of Kejriwal and AAP Punjab leaders were in the poster. The leaders had urged the people of Punjab to celebrate the birth anniversary of Bhindranwale.

A criminal case has filed by a Moga resident in Ludhiana courts against Kerjiwal and his company.

He has supported the JNU incident and even had joined a rally in support of the arrested JNU students. Kejriwal had given clean chit to Kanhaiya when the case is still pending in the court. He had tweeted for Kanhaiya also and he had blessed him.

He supports Khalistan movement, he supports anti-nationals. Is this patriotism Mr Kejriwal.