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Little knowledge is a dangerous thing, Sanjay Singh proved


The old saying rightly fits on the AAP Punjab in-charge and senior leader Sanjay Singh who has misinterpreted the statement of Prime Minister Narendra Modi three years ago.

Sanjay Singh who can’t speak and understand the English language has moulded the old statement of Modi in his tweet. At that time Modi had fired a salvo on UPA government regarding the relations between India and Pakistan.

The people have been making a mockery of Sanjay Singh who didn’t understand the statement of Modi and tweeted a message asking Modi about his statement.

It is a self-goal made by Singh and hence it is proved that the AAP leaders are not seriously doing politics. Politics is a platform to serve the people, but the AAP-led Delhi government has done nothing to the public.

Whenever something happens in the country, the AAP national convener Arvind Kejriwal immediately gives his statements on social media. After the surgical strikes in PoK by Indian Army, the Chief Minister of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal had raised questions over the truth of the surgical strikes.

However, the evidence given by the Indian Army has shut the mouth of Delhi CM. Sanjay Singh has been following his boss and immediately reacted on Twitter. The reaction of Singh drew flak as he has wrongly mentioned the old statement of Modi.

The ugly face of the AAP leaders has exposed in front of the public. When the entire nation has been struggling hard against the anti-terrorist forces, the AAP leaders are firing salvos at the centre government. The AAP leadership should forget the politics of such situation and instead of blame game; the party should support the centre government.