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April fool’s day declared Arvind Kejriwal diwas

Second April fool pic

People of Delhi declared April 1 as Kejriwal diwas for his fake promises

The residents of Delhi feel that there is no need to observe April fool’s day as already the Chief Minister of Delh Arvind Kejriwal has be fooled them. The people of Delhi have declared first April as Kejriwal diwas. Every year the day would be observed in the name of the leader who has be fooled the national capital of the country.

How he duped the people?

The new party in the country, AAP was a hope for the residents of Delhi that it would bring change in the system. However, nothing has been done so far by the party for the public. Only the party leaders themselves brought change in their life style. The common life style of the AAP leaders changed into the lavish lifestyle.

April fool

  • The party in its manifesto promised the public that after forming the government, no legislator would get big house. However, the Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal was the first one who himself accepted the bungalow of ten rooms.
  • The party promised that no legislator would take security but the clever muffler man took the security for 40 armed commandos along with 30 police men and personal security guards.
  • It would be a party of common man and it would present crime free politics. However, 21 legislators of the party facing criminal cases.
  • It was promised that the party would end corruption but Kejriwal’s own cabinet ministers are involved in the corruption cases.
  • The party would end the crime against women but AAP’s cabinet minister Somnath Bharti facing the case of domestic violence.
  • The water and power tariff would not be hiked by AAP government but the power and water tariff was hiked by AAP government in Delhi.
  • AAP promised to build 500 new schools in five years and after a year no school has been constructed by the government. So, do Kejriwal have magical stick which would create 500 schools suddenly?

The residents of Delhi are fed up with AAP government and feel cheated

In the span of one year, the public is up in arms against the ruling regime. Even the people feel cheated and they started protesting against the ruling AAP in different parts of the city.