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Chhotepur becomes a cop


Speaks on drugs issue like a top cop

The convenor of AAP Punjab, Sucha Singh Chhotepur has suddenly turned into a cop and started speaking about the drugs menace in the state right after the visit of Pappu of Congress at Amritsar.

Rahul Gandhi has visited Amritsar last week especially for the screening of a bullshit documentary made by his own party worker on drugs. Pappu Gandhi was stick to his statement on drugs in the state and he had again claimed that 70 per cent youth of the state indulged in drugs.

Chhotepur steals the words of Pappu but he exaggerated the facts

Like a top cop, Sucha Singh Chhotepur came out with a foolish statement on drugs issue. Rahul had stick to his claim on the number of drug addicts but Chhotepur imagination crossed all the limits. He tweeted that the both rival parties in Punjab have equal share in drug state.


He said, Congress and Akali Dal leaders have 50:50 share of drugs trade in Punjab, they work hand in hand for easy income.”

The statement given by the AAP Punjab convener depicted that he had served in the world’s top investigative agencies as he boldly made the stupid statement targeting rival parties. Without having any solid proof or a concrete report on drugs trade he made such a drastic statement to woo the party leadership.

Chhotepur lives in illusion

Chhotepur had served in different political parties before joining AAP and he was a side lined leader because of his corrupt and over ambitious attitude.

The second statement made by the AAP leader proved that he lives in the world of illusion. To get the maximum fame in the party and public, he came out with another statement on twitter.

sucha 1

He mentioned, “Congress brought drugs in Punjab and Akali-Dal BJP helped them to open the outlets and provided easy means to distribute.”

Chhotepur should study the AIIMS study before making the statements

A study conducted by the country’s top medical institution All India Institute of Medical Sciences has proved that Punjab has only 0.06 per cent of population consuming drugs. The AAP convener should spare some time from his schedule and study the report properly before commenting. Moreover, he should take the treatment from a qualified doctor.