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Kejriwal fails to prove allegations against Jaitley in court

Another U turns of Arvind Kejriwal

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The Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal always boast of having evidences against the rival party leaders and when he lands himself in the trouble, he takes u turn.

In a recent defamation case filed by the Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley, the AAP supremo had failed to prove the allegations levelled against Jaitley.

AAP national convenor had levelled allegations against Jaitley for corruption. However, he had failed to show documents against the Union Finance minister and asked the court for more time.

He had bailed out from Delhi court on the plea that AAP leaders need some time to produce the documents against Jaitley.

Kejriwal had failed to prove allegations against former BJP president Nitin Gadkari

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Earlier, the AAP supremo had levelled allegations against the former BJP president Nitink Gadkari also and he is facing the defamation case filed by Gadkari. He has failed to prove the allegations levelled against Gadkari. The case is going on in the court and Kejriwal said that he has been gathering the evidence against the former BJP president.

He had spoken against Amit Sibal but did not produce any evidence

The Chief Minister of Delhi had also levelled allegations against Amit Sibal, son of former Union Minister Kapil Sibal. At that time Kejriwal had spoken against Sibal taking bribe and when Amit Sibal filed the defamation case he has failed to produce the solid evidence against him.

Kejriwal had 300 page report against Sheila Dixit, later he lost it


When Arvind Kejriwal campaigned for assembly polls, he had claimed that he would put the former Delhi CM Sheila Dixit behind bars as he had a detailed documentation of evidences against Dixit. He had boldly claimed a report of 300 pages against Dixit. However, when formed the government he took u turn on his stand and said he had lost the report. When the rivals had asked him regarding the report he put blame on the rivals. He always gave statements without the facts and later comes up with different excuses.