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AAP hunting headlines on Mallya issue


vijay mallya

AAP leaders pointing centre govt without knowing the issue

The leaders of the Aam Aadmi Party always get ready to grab the headlines in the media. Whether they know the issue or not but right after the limelight of any big issue in the country they would not miss the chance to comment on it just for limelight in the news.

Dilip Pandey, the AAP leader has launched the verbal attack on the centre government for helping the prominent industrialist and MP Vijay Mallya to escape from the country.

AAP leaders were continuously eying on the pray for making news in the media and finally, they got the issue of Mallya. Without knowing the matter, the leaders of AAP launched attack on centre. The move was made to just make headlines only.

Foolish AAP can predict the past and future

kejri tweet

When the news of Mallya’s not in the country flashed in media, the AAP leader Dilip Pandey started raising questions on centre government for helping the tycoon to escape from the country.  However, the Pandey does not know that whether Mallya escape from the country or he is touring. As per information, Kejriwal also jumped into the blame game and through the Twitter he blamed centre government.

I am touring, Mallya tweets

kejri tweet

When the news of Mallya was flashing on the television channels, the business magnate Mallya tweeted on his account saying that he is a businessman and he frequently travels around the globe.  Moreover, Mallya had told that he has full faith in the law and he is abiding by the law of the country. The reply has exposed the AAP and its leaders that how they play cheap stunts to gain political mileage.

AAP, the party of defaulters

aap gang of cheaters

Look who’s talking about the country. The party in which more than 44 leaders are facing criminal cases especially related to land grabbing, cheating and forgery. Kejriwal forgotten that he is the owner of that party where there are land grabbers of farmers, where there are leaders who are involved in forgery and cheating. The party has a record of a law minister who had fake law degree.