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AAP took u turn on the event of Art of Living

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“First AAP government in Delhi given nod to the prominent spiritual icon to organise World Culture Festival at Yamuna banks but when some organisations dragged the matter into NGT, the AAP took u turn on its stand.”

 As per the information, the AAP government had given nod to Art of Living to organise the World Culture Festival at Yamuna river banks. The concerned departments had cleared the files pertaining to the permission of the mega event.

However, it was not easy for the Art of Living as the matter was raised in National Green Tribunal by some organisation alleging that the organisers of the event violated environmental norms on Yamuna flood plains. The organisations raised objections that the organisers dug the flood plains of the river for the event which is a complete violation of the environmental norms.

U turn of AAP on the festival

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The matter has put in National Green Tribunal which admitted the case. The tribunal has scolded the government of Delhi for granted the permission to the organisers for holding the event. Even the tribunal had questioned the AAP for granting the permission to the organisers.

However, the AAP government took u turn on the matter and during the hearing of the case in NGT, the concerned department of AAP told that permission to Art of Living was granted only to construct a pontoon bridge but only in case of a flood.

 Taking u turn in the court, the government’s counsel said it did not have the authority to grant permission to build a bridge in any other situation.

Delhi water minister Kapil Mishra had extended his full support to the event. However, the Delhi government denies any kind of permission.

AAP defames spiritual icon Sri Sri Ravishankar

The AAP supremo Arvind Kejriwal has shown his colours like a chameleon. Earlier, Kejriwal was supporting the spiritual icon Sri Sri Ravishanka who has been enjoying a good reputation in the world. However, when he feels that party may gripped into the controversy, he side lined him from the organisation. Moreover, the concerned minister of Kejriwal also took u turn who had promised the organisers for the full support. When the matter is raised in NGT, the party and its top leaders changed their stance.