DSGMC played a pivotal role in reconciling deeply affected Sikh psyche

Anti – Sikh riots in the aftermath of assassination of Indira Gandhi is the biggest blot in the Sikh history. 5000 innocent Sikhs in Delhi were killed mercilessly. Unarmed and innocent Sikh men, women and even children were brutally murdered and properties of Sikhs were burnt by the mobs.


Impact of such a horrendous act was so grave that it deeply affected the Sikh psyche of even generations to come. Turbulence in Punjab in late 80s even aggravated Sikh wounds further. Entire Sikh community was perceived as terrorists especially outside Punjab. Punjabi youth travelling to national capital were harassed for their religious identity.

Cut to the present, Sikhs have regained their lost pride in Delhi. Not happened overnight, it was a slow process, which transpired over a period of time. Delhi witnessed many firsts in last few years, which helped the community regain its lost pride. First time in the history, ‘Gurmat Samagam’ took place at historic places like India Gate, Quitab Minar and Lal Quila.

Other than that grand function was organized to mark the tercentenary martyrdom of Baba Banda Singh Bahadur. PM Narendra Modi and six union ministers graced the occasion besides host of other dignitaries.

This couldn’t have happened without the sincere and tireless efforts of Delhi Sikh Gurudwara Management Committee (DSGMC). Holding religious functions at historic places at national capital not only took the Sikh glory to its pristine heights but also filled a sense of pride in each member of the community.


DSGMC helped Afghan Sikhs


The Sikhs from Afghanistan thanked DSGMC for solving their problems. More than 30000 Afghan Sikhs migrated to India 22 years ago and they were facing problems of citizenship. Even their children born in India didn’t get citizenship during the regime of UPA government.

The DSGMC were continuously making efforts for the solutions of their problems. Manjinder Singh Sirsa, General Secretary of DSGMC said that the UPA regime was not hearing their troubles. The DSGMC was continuously raising the matter and finally, the BJP government solved the problems of Afghan Sikhs.

Modi government solved out their all problems and the Afghan Sikhs honored the DSGMC President Manjeet Singh GK and General Secretary Manjinder Singh Sirsa for their valuable contribution in this regard. Afghan Sikhs got the Indian citizenship and clearances from Ministry of External Affairs.

Sarna brothers wanted a Partition Museum but not on 84 Sikh Genocide

After receiving whopping defeat in last Delhi Sikh Gurudwara Management Committee (DSGMC) in 2013, Sarna Brothers (Paramjit Singh Sarna and Harinder Singh Sarna) tried to create hurdles in front of planned memorial for 1984 Sikh genocide.


‘Wall of Truth’ the memorial built in the memory of 1984 Sikh genocide has come up in Grudwara Rakab Ganj Sahib, as DSGMC was not allotted land anywhere in the national capital by Delhi government. Unable to bear the rousing defeat, Sarna brothers tried to rake an unnecessary controversy by opposing the memorial.


On the other hand, Sarna brothers had mooted a proposal to build a museum on partition but were vehemently against the construction of memorial on 1984 anti – Sikh riots.

All religious bodies had hailed the efforts of DSGMC for starting the process to build the memorial in Gurdwara Rakab Ganj Sahib Complex in Delhi. Only Sarna brothers kept on opposing the construction.


Fingers were pointed on Sarna brothers and their questions were raised on their intentions. We need to look into the background to know more about it.

Parmajit Singh Sarna had honoured Sajjan Kumar one of the main perpetrators of 1984 anti-Sikh riots by offering him a ‘Siropa’ and later also supported his brother in the elections.

There is enough documentary evidence to prove that Sarna brothers has Congress agent and hence their stance on 84 memorial.

DSGMC established Guru Angad Dev Ji Sports institute


To promote the Sikh sports, the DSGMC established Sri Guru Angad Dev ji sports institute. SAD (B) promised to establish the institute and the party fulfilled its promise. Talking to media, Manjinder Singh Sirsa, general secretary, DSGMC said, “We have proved our words and established the institute. A lot of sports activities organized in the past four years.”

Earlier, the DSGMC authorities did nothing and just looted the wealth of DSGMC. The institute has been organizing Sikh sports like Gatka competitions time to time. The credit goes to Manjinder Singh Sirsa who proved his mettle in the last four years.

DSGMC worked for the betterment of students in its schools


The deserving students studying in DSGMC schools who scored more than 75 per cent marks got free text books by DSGMC in the last four years. In the regime of SAD (B), the DSGMC worked whole heatedly for the deserving students.

The party had promised in its manifesto that after taking reins of DSGMC, free text books would be provided to the students of class tenth and above who scored 75 per cent marks in their final exams.

Besides, the party had promised to provide free education to the girl students of class tenth and above who would score 75 per cent marks. The SAD (B) after taking the reins of DSGMC took the note of the promise on priority.

Manjinder Singh Sirsa, General Secretary of DSGMC proved his mettle by fulfilling the promise. In the last four years, the deserving students performed good as they got the facility of free text books by DSGMC.

Sirsa said that the party has delivered what it promised in the last DSGMC polls. In the regime of SAD (B), DSGMC worked tirelessly for the betterment of Sikh community.  Earlier, the DSGMC didn’t come out with such initiative because the SAD (Delhi) had its own vested interests. However, SAD (B) has a vision for the Sikh community.

When President of a Sikh elected body obstructed an ‘Akhand Path’

Elected Sikh body is responsible for management and upkeep of all the Gurudwaras. But the crucial question arises here – can President of a Sikh elected body stop any Sikh to perform an Akhand Path in any Gurudwara anywhere in his jurisdiction?


This actually happened under the reins of Paramjit Singh Sarna who exercising his powers as President of Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee (DSGMC) didn’t let an Akhand Path to take place.

This is not only religious impeachment but also obstruction in fundamental rights of an Indian. The Indian constitution allows the freedom of worship to every Indian.

Showing unconstitutional powers of his position, DSGMC President, Sarna stopped stop Jathedar Kuldip Singh Bhogal to perform an Akhand path at Gurudwara Bala Sahib in Delhi.

Jathedar Bhogal booked an ‘Akhand Path’ on 2nd March 2012 but he was not given permission till 7th March. Instead of giving permission, Sarna used force to stop them from preforming the ‘Akhand Path’. To avoid any further clash and further confrontation, Jathedar Bhogal better decided to walk out of the Gurudwara.

This was not the first occasion when Sarna obstructed someone to follow his/her religion. Before this Sarna stopped the bereaved families of 1984 to do Akhand Path in memory of those who lost lives.

Delhi Police had booked Sarna for cheating


On the directives of the Delhi High Court, the Delhi police had registered a case against the former Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee president Paramjit Singh Sarna for cheating.

Sarna was accused of handing over the work of a hospital in Bala Sahib Gurdwara to a private firm against rules. Over 400 bed Bala Sahib Hospital built by Baba Harbans Singh Ji for the treatment of our poor people was sold to private company for unknown amount by Sarna Brothers.

Also the parking lot land of Gurdwara Bangla sahib built by Baba Harbans Singh ji was given away to Delhi government by Sarna for their vested interests.