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LG finds AAP’s secret unit, orders probe


The AAP-led Delhi government has been facing probes after probes and now news of AAP hit the headlines when the so-called ‘secret unit’ of the Chief Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal unearthed.

The unit was observing the government employees’ daily activities whether they were working or not.  As per the information, the unit comes directly under the Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal. The secret unit was reporting daily activities of the various departments to Kejriwal.

A leading news channel has exposed the secret unit of Arvind Kejriwal and the LG Najeeb Jung immediately ordered a probe against the secret unit team.

As per the information provided by the channel, the team was constituted in August 2016 to monitor government officials. The monitoring angle will also be probed.

The AAP party was founded on the principles of idealism and honesty.

However, the party has duped the people by projecting fake model of politics. The promises made by the AAP leaders to the public were not delivered. The AAP manifesto during the Delhi assembly polls was a document of false claims.

The main principle of honesty and clean image politics of AAP was just a trick to woo the voters. The public money lavishly spent on the political activities of the party.

As per the information, the members of the secret unit team were getting the salary from the state exchequer’s account. It is unearthed that how lavishly the Chief Minister of Delhi is wasting the public money.

Kejriwal should have given directions to the head of all departments of the government to monitor the daily activities of the employees. But, he hired his team, and the payment was made from a government account.

Delhi Waqf Board irregularities; Amanatullah uses religion to shield himself


The AAP legislator Amanatullah Khan has played dirty politics when he is exposed in front of the public for the ‘irregularities’ in ‘Delhi Waqf Board’. When the AAP legislator from Okhla found himself in trouble, he said that he is being targeted because he is a Muslim.

In fact, Khan had appointed his relatives and friends in the Delhi Waqf Board and when the matter unearthed, he has come out with the Muslim card to protect himself.

Lt Governor Najeeb Jung has dissolved the Delhi Waqf Board constituted by the Kejriwal government and the matter referred to the CBI related to “irregularities” in the board.

Jung declared the reconstitution of the board, quashing all appointments made by its incumbent Chairman. A committee has formed to review the legality and propriety of all decisions and action taken by the Board after its constitution in March 2016 and directed to submit the report within a month.

The matter had come into the limelight when the two members of the board had resigned and revealed about the ‘corruption’ along with the irregularities in the appointments.

As per the information, the appointment of the CEO of the board, Mehboob Alam was made without obtaining the approval of the competent authority.

Khan was unanimously elected as the new chairman of the reconstituted Board by its members in March this year.

The Board faced charges of corruption in appointments made under the tenure of Khan, and the ACB launched a probe into the alleged “recruitment scam” on a complaint of one Mohammad Mustafa in September.

However, Khan has been deliberately diverted the issue by playing the tactic that he is Muslim and that’s why he is being targeted. Khan is enjoying a good reputation as he is facing a number of criminal cases. The anti-terrorist wing of Delhi police has been monitoring him since a long time.

Aam Aadmi Party spent Aam Aadmi Paisa on advertisements

kejri 1
The Aam Aadmi Party government in Delhi led by so-called Aam Aadmi and the Chief Minister of Delhi lavishly spent the public money on advertisements as the country’s top auditor slammed the government in its 55 pages report.

As per the report, the Delhi government spent around Rs 33 crore on a single advertisement campaign and 85 percent of the amount from the campaign was spent outside Delhi.

The report of the CAG stated that the Delhi government led by AAP spent the public money lavishly on self-projection through the advertisement. Pointing at an advertisement, the report revealed that a person was talking about the party, not the government so the party’s name was projected in the ad on state exchequer’s money.

The CAG report slammed the Delhi government for using taxpayers’ money on an advertisement campaign projecting the party’s name instead of Delhi government. The top auditor has stated that the advertisement was the party’s campaign so the party should have paid the expenses.

As per the report, the Delhi government spent Rs 526 crore on self-glorification and only provided the details of Rs 100 crore spent on the ad campaigns. The CAG has also questioned the Delhi government for spending Rs 70 lakhs on ads blaming the centre government for the poor law and order situation in the national capital.

The government spent Rs 70 lakh for bashing the Modi government on public money.

Even the CAG report has raised the questions at three ads in which the AAP party mentioned its achievements. The party has claimed to accomplish few projects which are still not completed actually.

The lavish expenditure of the Delhi government for the publicity especially for AAP party made the CAG angry for spending the state exchequer’s money on the self-projection of the party.

First time in the history of Delhi, a party has changed its colours from Aam Aadmi to Khas Aadmi Party and misused the public money by ignoring all the promises made to the public.

Sehrawat paid the price for speaking truth


The AAP legislator Devinder Sehrawat has finally paid the price for speaking the truth and the party has suspended him till pending enquiry. Sehrawat had written a letter to AAP national convener that the AAP leaders were sexually exploiting women party workers in return for tickets.

When the legislator sent the letter to Kejriwal, the party ignored the allegations levelled by Sehrawat and told that the letter was the result of Sehrawat’s frustration.

Responding to the party’s decision to suspend him, Sehrawat tweeted, “Repeated Reports of Molestation of women and sexual abuse,Ring Master Kejriwal obliging his lecherous coterie and adding more such candidates.”

In another tweet, earlier in the day he had dared the party to throw him out. The suspended legislator blamed the AAP government that with 67 legislators Kejriwal did nothing for Delhi.

He also lambasted at AAP head for not taking action against the CD submitted to him by the complainant in Sandeep Kumar’s case. He alleged that the silence over the CD of the former minister by Kejriwal means the AAP head knows what’s happening in the party.

Sehrawat further said that there is no place in AAP for those who dare to speak the truth or challenge the senior leadership. The suspended legislator has paid the price for speaking the truth.

When the former leaders and founding members of AAP, Prashant Bhushan and Yogender Yadav were expelled from the party they also stated that the party was only run by Kejriwal.

Even the party had suspended two parliamentarians Dharamvir Gandhi and Harinder Khalsa for anti-party activities. They both said that the dictatorial attitude of AAP leaders in Delhi along with Kejriwal did not let them continue their work in Punjab. When they raised their voice they were suspended from the party.

Infighting in AAP Punjab started, now Kanwar Sandhu fires salvo at AAP leadership

Kanwar Sandhu

Kanwar Sandhu

The infighting within the AAP Punjab leadership is now clearly visible as a new controversy cropped up in the party because of the induction of Harmail Singh Tohra and his family in AAP party fold.

Harmail Tohra

Harmail Singh Tohra

A senior leader of AAP and a former journalist Kanwar Sandhu has opposed the induction of Harmail Singh Tohra induction in AAP along with his family. Sandhu alleged that the newcomer was involved in the attack on Dharamvir Gandhi during the Lok Sabha campaign.

The incumbent parliamentarian of AAP Dharamvir Gandhi was attacked in 2014 when he was busy in campaigning. Gandhi had sustained injuries and Harmail Tohra honoured the attackers.

It was evident that there was someone behind the attack and Harmail’s name was cropped up in that controversy. Kanwar Sandhu told that he didn’t know about the induction of Tohra’s family in AAP. He lambasted at the AAP leadership for not doing the homework properly before taking the family of Harmail Tohra in AAP.

Sandu termed that the party has inducted Tohra as a hasty step. In a tweet, Sandhu said, “Tohra’s hasty induction. I would have opposed his entry.” He demanded that Tohra should tender his apology publicly about his involvement in the attack.

He also advised his party to take care while taking such leaders into the party fold. Sandhu has raised the questions over the credibility of AAP leadership for supporting the attacker of incumbent AAP parliamentarian.

It seems the controversies are still rising in the AAP Punjab as earlier; Chhotepur had raised questions over the selection of few candidates for the assembly seats. The former IFS officer and senior AAP leader Hardeep Kingra left the party as he was not happy with the senior leadership of AAP Delhi.

Manjeet Singh Randhawa left the party and registered a new party. Jassi Jasraj who was expelled from the party has been continuously firing salvos and revealing the truth about the party leadership.

Arvind Kejriwal’s Dictatorship Reveals Itself In Sidhu’s Unceremonious Exit From AAP

History is evidence that Arvind Kejriwal is not a very good team player. Not just outside but not within his party either.

So insecure is the AAP leader that he may be mortally scared of his own shadow growing taller than him, making him look puny in comparison.

In Punjab, Kejriwal’s defining trait —  insecurity typical of a man who has achieved more than he deserves — is once again on display, being played out in public in all its ugliness, leading to backroom intrigues, betrayals and fights that could put crabs to shame.

Kejriwal’s latest victim, in a series of casualties, is former cricketer Navjot Singh Sidhu, who finds himself adrift after being jettisoned by the AAP and encouraged to jump the BJP ship without a life jacket.
Kejriwal was reportedly unwilling to let Sidhu become the face of the party in Punjab and thus overshadow him. Scared of Sidhu’s popularity, Kejriwal reneged on the promises he had made to the cricketer, turning the cricketer into the proverbial washerman’s canine.In July, when Sidhu resigned from the Rajya Sabha, it was assumed he would become the AAP’s CM candidate or star campaigner. After dropping hints that Sidhu will soon join the AAP, earlier this month Kejriwal publicly shut the door on Sidhu, tweeting that the former cricketer needs more time to make up his mind.

It is strange that Sidhu took a rash decision.

Several years ago, Sidhu retired midway through India’s tour of England, walking out of the team one fine morning and taking a flight back home from Heathrow. He paid a heavy price for his indiscretion and gradually disappeared from the cricket stage. Unfortunately, Sidhu did not learn from the mistake.
Left with no option, Sidhu is now reportedly negotiating a deal with the Congress.

According to The New Indian Express, he may soon meet Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi and talk about his induction into the party. As part of the deal, Sidhu may get to contest for Parliament on the Congress ticket from Amritsar. His wife may also be promised an important post, in case the Congress wins the Assembly elections in Punjab.

Sidhu’s fate is another reminder of the fact that the AAP exists only to serve Kejriwal and his clique. It is a one-man act, produced and directed by Kejriwal with his toadies providing the adulatory chorus. Such is the psychology of the party “with a difference” that it doesn’t want anybody to become Kejriwal’s equal.

The problem with outfits run by insecure dictators is that they are as bad as their leader: Edgy, nervous and freaked out by constant fears of becoming irrelevant or getting eclipsed. Since its inception, the AAP has always been at war with its own members, leading to recriminations, fights and expulsions. Almost every other leader who acquires some sort of stature ultimately gets thrown out, either through a sting, taped conversation or the farcical expedient of an internal probe.

It is almost a given that anybody whom Kejriwal embraces ultimately gets stabbed, unless of course he is part of his core group of sycophants defined by their lack of public stature and, thus, condemned to be at the leader’s mercy and destined to be his drumbeaters.

Punjab shows why AAP is almost like a snake pit. Two of its four members of Parliament have been suspended from the party for dissent. Its convenor Sucha Singh Chhotepur has been sacked after being caught in a sting — the favourite weapon of war within AAP. The only politician, ironically, who has been able to thrive and survive is a stand up comic suspected of alcohol addiction, MP Bhagwant Mann.

Chhotepur’s case, in fact, is weird. In Indian politics, stings are generally conducted by rival parties for electoral gains. Chhotepur, ironically, has been trapped allegedly by his own party. This has lead to a farcical situation where his own party is condemning him while rivals like Captain Amarinder Singh are vouching for Chhotepur’s integrity.

The backstory of Chhotepur’s ouster is an encore of the drama that preceded the eviction of AAP’s founding members Prashant Bhushan and Yogendra Yadav. Like Yadav and Bhushan, the Punjab convener is also believed to have had dissented with Kejriwal on several issues, including distribution of tickets. Like them, he has also been allegedly taught a lesson.

In a short span of three years, the AAP has several splits, dozens of public fights and has run up a long list of leaders sacrificed at the altar of Kejriwal’s ego, ambition and insecurity.

Every few months, the AAP comes up with fresh evidence that it has turned into a deranged entity that needs to gobble up its own tail for fear of becoming too long.

It is an ailment that reflects Kejriwal’s fear of shadows, including his own.

AAP Might Be Covering Their Tracks In The Tanker Scam

After the host of controversies surrounding the party, another set of allegations fall into AAP’s lap. This time with BJP leader Vijender Gupta alleging that the party has a hand in the tanker scam in Delhi.

Gupta alleged that the AAP government is trying to “save” former Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit in connection with the multi-crore tanker scam as they have not “revealed” the total cost of the scam and have rather “manipulated their stance on the entire issue”.

The allegation by Gupta, who is also the leader of opposition in the Delhi Legislative Assembly, comes in the wake of Delhi Water Minister Kapil Mishra’s accusation that BJP was “shielding” senior Congress leader Dikshit in the scam.

Mishra had alleged that the Anti Corruption Branch’s (ACB) visit to Shiela Dikshit’s residence in connection with the scam was a “mere formality” and the agency was “under pressure” to “save” her. Dikshit was today handed over a set of at least 15 questions by Delhi’s ACB probing the multi-crore tanker scam, and has been asked to reply to the queries within the next few days. A team of ACB officials visited her residence in Nizamuddin area here and gave the questionnaire. ACB has said that action will be taken lawfully after receiving the response on the questionnaire.

Gupta, in a statement, has demanded that ACB must probe and prosecute the offenders of water tanker scam immediately. He alleged that the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) was not leaving any stone unturned for dismissing the scam, which according to him is worth Rs 400 crore. He further alleged that “the Delhi Government was fully involved in the scam and that is why even after its exposure, the contracts of the water tanker companies were not cancelled”.

The submission is now awaited for since it will reveal how much merit there is to an already tarnished image of a party.