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Suspended AAP MLA Devinder Sehrawat Allgedly Accuses Party Of Embezzlement Of Public Donations

The ever mounting trouble for Aam Aadmi Party is never ending, with increasing number of scams to everyday news of some MLA getting arrested; the party does not seem to catch a break. In the light new event, party’s former rebel MLA Devinder Sehrawat has allegedly accused the party leadership of 16 crore worth of embezzlement of public donations, on Monday. Further urging Delhi’s Chief Minister to “clarify the fraud within 48 hours”.

In a press conference, recently Sehrawat alleged that 1600 entries amounting to donations worth 16 crore in total have disappeared after the Income Tax Department issued a notice on June 6, further proving the misappropriation use and siphoning of the donations.

“Arvind Kejriwal’s AAP is deeply mired in corruption, which is evident from vanishing of more than Rs 16 crores from the donations received from the common man,” he alleged.

MLA Sehrawat along with former AAP volunteer Neil Haslam and the secretary of Nyayabhooni, have all came forward to question the removal of data records of several previously listed donations by various companies and other eminent personalities that were earlier present on the website.

“When notices were served by the Income Tax Department, AAP, a party which had advocated transparency in political funding, removed the list of donors from the party website which earlier showed real-time data. List of 26 prominent persons whose donations were displayed on the party website but have been hidden from the income tax department and poll panel has been made public. These people had reposed faith in AAP and made contributions of over ten lakhs each which should have been handed by PAC but the money has been siphoned off and appropriated,” Sehrawat added.

Supporting the claims, Bharatiya Janata Party’s Delhi unit chief Satish Upadhyay said, “Sudden deletion of AAP’s donation list from its website and revelation of financial irregularities in the party shows that financial scams were going on in Kejriwal’s party.”

However, AAP refused to comment on the allegation claiming it as not worthy of any reaction.

AAP Might Be Covering Their Tracks In The Tanker Scam

After the host of controversies surrounding the party, another set of allegations fall into AAP’s lap. This time with BJP leader Vijender Gupta alleging that the party has a hand in the tanker scam in Delhi.

Gupta alleged that the AAP government is trying to “save” former Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit in connection with the multi-crore tanker scam as they have not “revealed” the total cost of the scam and have rather “manipulated their stance on the entire issue”.

The allegation by Gupta, who is also the leader of opposition in the Delhi Legislative Assembly, comes in the wake of Delhi Water Minister Kapil Mishra’s accusation that BJP was “shielding” senior Congress leader Dikshit in the scam.

Mishra had alleged that the Anti Corruption Branch’s (ACB) visit to Shiela Dikshit’s residence in connection with the scam was a “mere formality” and the agency was “under pressure” to “save” her. Dikshit was today handed over a set of at least 15 questions by Delhi’s ACB probing the multi-crore tanker scam, and has been asked to reply to the queries within the next few days. A team of ACB officials visited her residence in Nizamuddin area here and gave the questionnaire. ACB has said that action will be taken lawfully after receiving the response on the questionnaire.

Gupta, in a statement, has demanded that ACB must probe and prosecute the offenders of water tanker scam immediately. He alleged that the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) was not leaving any stone unturned for dismissing the scam, which according to him is worth Rs 400 crore. He further alleged that “the Delhi Government was fully involved in the scam and that is why even after its exposure, the contracts of the water tanker companies were not cancelled”.

The submission is now awaited for since it will reveal how much merit there is to an already tarnished image of a party.

AAP’s Selfish Agenda: Punjab

There is always much more to things, than social media may show viewers. An example of this is, what began with celebrating first anniversary of Arvind Kejriwal government in Punjab, seems to have no end. During Kejriwal’s Punjab tour, AAP was again seen splurging massive amount on glorifying their deeds. Delhi government could have spent this amount on development work on the National capital but instead went on a self-promotion drive.

Arvind Kejriwal, in his possibly vain attempt to gain brownie points in the state of Punjab is going all out, with the kind of advertisements and mass media publicity he is doing. Sometimes subtle, other times- not so much. Illustrations, newspaper ad’s, posters, you name it, chance is- he has already done it! AAP has already spent more than Punjab government’s annual budget on highlighting their “achievements”. What’s more? He targets leading dailies and gives out misleading ad’s which actually aim at coloring the perception of people in a way that would benefit his party. Deluding people into believing like they have a freedom of choice when they actually don’t.

AAP has clearly violated the guidelines of the Supreme Court as Supreme Court had prohibited the use of photographs of political leaders in advertisements issued by any government and its agencies.

Supreme court in its verdict announced in May, 2015 has said that taxpayers’ money cannot be spent to build “personality cults” of political leaders and restrained ruling parties from publishing photographs of political leaders or prominent persons in government-funded advertisement. The apex court, however, permitted the use of photographs of the President, Prime Minister and Chief Justice of India.

Despite several warnings issues at a level as high as the courts, Kejriwal seems to have little or no respect toward the judicial system that he governs. Or shall we say takes for granted to no extent?

In his charade to ace at the Punjab elections Arvind Kejriwal is losing out on a lot of love and respect that his people may have offered to him. Arvind Kejriwal government in last one year has spent hundreds of crores, and for one-year ‘celebration’ it spent exorbitantly. While voters of Punjab have already rejected Kejriwal, he continues to be persistent and in has scaled all heights of desperation, offense and defense.

Let’s wait for time to tell what it has in store for our beloved CM of Delhi. It’s definitely not heading anywhere positive, as yet.

AAP’s Misogynistic Legacy

In light of recent events, wherein various members of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) were charged with instances of assault of a sexual nature on women – it is clear to see how much the party respects women.

A man who hasn’t been able to get his own out of the patriarchic mould, will he be capable of helping another state grow and prosper? The evidence suggests otherwise.

Kumar Vishwas has been the latest AAP leader dent party’s image but he is not the first leader to face charges of crime against women. AAP, MLA Somnath Bharti was accused and later arrested on charges of domestic violence & attempt to murder leveled against him by his wife.

Earlier AAP MLA Akhilesh Tripathy was charge sheeted with allegations of molestation and physical violence.

While AAP government claims to be committed for the cause of women, but ironically their MLAs are making objectionable remarks in the House. It clearly reflects their patriarchal attitude! Sexist Remarks by Somnath Bharti: “I am fully confident that if Delhi government is given full freedom [over security), beautiful women will be able to go out even after midnight without any fear. “

Sexist remarks by Kumar Viswas: “Since nurses from Kerala are ‘kali peeli’ [dark skinned) one would naturally feel like calling them sisters.”

Such acts bring into perspective the lack of safety that women have been dealing with for a long time, in the city of Delhi. Especially, ever since the CM of the city has come into power. It it painful to see the state of affairs in Delhi. And while there are no proper implementation of laws for women as such by the CM or the government in his own city, he is now attempting to venture out into states like Punjab and Goa. The question is – Can he handle it!?

It’s a “Strike Out” Under The Aegis of AAP


One might question the number of strikes that the city of Delhi has seen in the recent past. As many as 10 or more strikes have taken place in the past one year. All owing to the failure in fulfillment of promises by the present government of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP).

In a classic portrayal political propaganda by the current Chief Minister of Delhi, Mr. Arvind Kejriwal, has shown a very on the surface dedication and made a plethora of fake promises to the people of the capital of the country and the government he serves. The real question to as here is : Can a lying person run a state with all honesty? Sincerely doubtful.

The city saw a couple of the most prominent strikes that plagued the nation. Among these were the following –

Massive strike by MCD workers for non-payment of salary

AAP government had allocated only Rs. 2,457.84 crore to Municipal Corporation Department (MCD) for the financial year 2015-2016 while annual expenses goes upto 5000 crore annually. While MCD was unable to disburse salary for three months between November ’15 to January ’16, 1.5 Lakh MCD workers in city went on a strike.

Not accepting the shortage of funds in MCD, AAP starting indulging in blame-game and conveniently passed on the blame to BJP ruled MCD and termed the massive strike as ‘salary scam’.

Strike by government teachers

School remained shut for many days and 1.2 million students of MCD schools were sent back home, as 16,000 teachers are not strike in wake of not receiving salary since October 2015.

Strike by medicos

Healthcare facilities were hit badly. Emergency as well as OPD services remained suspended at government hospitals, as doctors and nurses of government & municipal hospital went on strike for many days.

Other major strikes that took place in Delhi include strike by guest teachers; taxi & auto drivers; DTC drivers employees; strike by contractual employees and ‘anganwadi’ workers.

It really frustrates a true delhi-ite to see what kind of person is running the city and how half-heartedly. Another things one may find themselves questioning is whether or not to trust a person whose own have been abandoning his side for such a long time now. With his recent gimmickry the CM has proven how he is just seeking attention from the media in order to fulfill certain ulterior motives. How far will the country and its people take it? Only time will tell..

Reduction in ad budget by AAP is an eye wash

Arvind Kejriwal

In a span of two years, the party set aside Rs 726 crores for publicity only

In the maiden budget, the ruling AAP regime had set aside a budget of Rs 526 crores on advertisements and self-publicity. The public money was lavishly spent on the advertisements and hoardings in the city. Even the advertisements were given to the all national newspapers. In all the main editions of national and regional newspapers, the AAP supremo’s ads were published. The party which boasted of its principles of idealism changed its stance after forming the government in the national capital. The exchequer’s money wasted on the luxury flights, personal security and political tours of the Delhi CM, Arvind Kejriwal.

AAP breaks all the records in Indian politics

If we talk about the records in Indian politics, then AAP emerged as winner. The credit goes to the AAP national convenor and Delhi CM, Arvind Kejriwal. In the history of this country, no state’s CM has spent such a huge amount on advertisements and self-publicity. In all the states, the ad budget never crosses Rs 60 to Rs70 crores in a year but in the first year the government lavishly spent Rs 526 crore.

In second budget AAP reduced the ad budget, but in two years the total amount is Rs 726 crore.    

Though the AAP government has cut down the ad budget and this time it is Rs 207 crores. One should ask question from the government that this time even the budget is very much higher as compare to the other states. The total calculation of the ad budget of previous year and the present, it is Rs 726 crores. In such a big amount the ruling government could have start the welfare schemes.

For Aam Aadmi Canteen, only Rs 10 crore allocated

The government proposed Aam Aadmi canteens for the migrant population and allocated Rs 10 crore only. A resident of Delhi raised finger at the AAP government that why the government is partial in ad budget and a meagre amount for Aam Aadmi canteens.



Kejriwal cannot win heart of Punjabis by wearing a Turban

“Ahead of assembly polls in Punjab, AAP chief and Delhi Chief Minister is busy taking lesson in Punjabi language. He is trying hard to project himself as a true Punjabi and from brushing up language skills to donning a turban; he is doing all that is possible. But big question is – will he be able to win hearts of Punjabis?”


Arvind Kejriwal is a native of Haryana and now it has become evident that his loyalties are still intact with his home state. When was seen wearing a turban in Punjab when he was on a mission to gain sympathy of voters. He would even try his best to speak in Punjabi and might have been taking lesson to brush up his language skill. But all such efforts would bear no results as it has come to fore that Kejriwal’s heart beats for his home state.

Backstabs Punjabi community

Arvind Kejriwal has backstabbed the entire Punjabi community by taking U-turn on crucial issues. Kejriwal has played with emotions of entire Punjabi community on contentious & emotive issue of construction of Satluj Yamuna Link.


Kejriwal took a Punjab centric stand when he was in Punjab begging for votes but later retracted as soon as he left Punjab. It is noteworthy that he had taken a categorical stand against the construction of SYL citing lack of water in Punjab as the reason. Later he took a complete U-turn by favouring Haryana. He even went on to file an affidavit endorsing the stand taken by Haryana government.

Kejriwal first took an emotive stand by stating that Punjab didn’t have even a drop of water to spare with Haryana and later took a complete U-turn siding with Haryana and in that process he has backstabbed the entire community.