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More Trouble For AAP, 27 MLAs Lands In Office For Profit After President Orders EC To Probe

Even as the uncertainty prevails on 21 MLA’s of Aam Aadmi Party, still awaiting for their fate to be decided in an ongoing  ‘Office of Profit’ controversy, another set of 27 party MLAs are involved in another Office of Profit row.

A Delhi-based law student, Vibhor Anand, had filed this complaint, alleging that these 27 MLAs hold posts of Chairpersons of Rogi Kalyan Samitis in different government hospitals in Delhi without any legal sanctity. Further demanding the termination of the said MLA’s from their positions. Anand had lodged this complaint directly with the EC in June, following which the Commission had said that it should be made to the President who, in turn, will send it to the Commission. EC has now sent the complaint to the President.

“The Delhi government in 2009 through its executive/ standing orders approved constituting Rogi Kalyan Samitis in all the hospitals with governing body under the chairmanship of local MLA in violating the mandate of scheme.

“The order of appointing MLAs either by the present government or by the earlier government, as chairperson of the Rogi Kalyan Samiti is wholly illegal and void, without any legal sanctity,” Anand said.

Following which the president has probed the Election Commision with a fresh petition against 27 MLAs for allegedly holding office of profit, and further will now be examined by poll panel.

Earlier, a similar petition filed in office to profit row in June, had sought cancellation of 27 AAP MLAs membership.

However, this time around too, the list already includes seven legislators against whom the EC had already considered a plea for holding the office of parliamentary secretaries, indicating a threat of disqualification for the rest 17 MLAs.

In the complaint forwarded to President Pranab Mukherjee, following were the MLAs whose names were mentioned: Mohinder Goyal, Surendra Singh, Anil Kumar Bajpai, Mohammed Ishraq Khan, Rakhi Birla, Madan Lal, Sharad Kumar, Hazari Lal Chauhan, Kailash Gehlot, Rajendra pal Gautam, Pankaj Pushkar, Somnath Bharti, Ved Prakash, Nitin Tyagi, Naresh Yadav, Jarnail Singh, Alka Lamba, Ram Niwas Goel, Vishesh Ravi, Rajesh Gupta, SK Bagga, Shiv Charan Goel and Bandana Kumari.

Upon following the similar course of action, if these MLAs get disqualified, the AAP government in Delhi would cease to exist.

Kejriwal’s Foot Lands In His Mouth Yet Again With Tall Claims Of SAD, Cong Association


Ever so diligently surrounded by innumerable controversies, Delhi’s ruling party Chief Arvind Kejriwal once again successfully put his own shoe in his mouth, by claiming an underlying understanding between Shiromani Akali Dal and Congress. To which Punjab’s chief minister Parkash Singh Badal took a huge objection, calling the said claims flawed and a “bunch of lies”.

At his sangant darshan on Sunday, Badal allegedly claimed that Punjab and Punjab govtment can never associate themselves with attackers of golden temple, and that any kind of alliance between the parties is unthinkable.

“Shiromani Akali Dal can never even think of having any sort of adjustment with the party which had attacked Sri Harmandir Sahib (Golden Temple), perpetrated the carnage of innocent Sikhs in Delhi and which had done grave injustice to the state by depriving us of our capital, river waters and even Punjabi speaking areas,” he said. Slamming Kejriwal, the Akali leader said he is “issuing baseless and irrational statements just for vested political interests,” Badal said

“Kejriwal is also suffering from anti-Punjab syndrome and does not have basic knowledge about the state,” he claimed. The chief minister further alleged that Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) is lacking an agenda for development of the state and trying to mislead the people by hollow slogans. The administration is not run by hollow slogans as work has to be done on ground level to ensure welfare of the people, he added.

“AAP is like a house of cards which is likely to collapse even before the state assembly polls. AAP leadership neither has any character nor they were having any ideology and their sole motive is to assume power for plundering the state,” Badal.

“The allegations of party tickets being sold being leveled by AAP cadres were reflection of moral degradation in politics,” he alleged.

He further on drew the light towards Kejriwal’s propaganda of defaming his party under such fallacies, claiming Kejriwal’s statement as baseless and irrational, he said “suffers from an anti-Punjab syndrome and has no knowledge about the state”. Badal said the AAP was bereft of any agenda for development of the state. Describing Punjab Congress chief as a “king of palaces”, Badal said.

Shameless Mann insults media, ask supporters to throw out scribes


It seems that AAP MP from Sangrur Bhagwant Mann has not learnt any lessons from the Parliament video controversy and now landed himself in fresh troubles by insulting the journalists in his rally at Fatehgarh Sahib.
Mann has crossed his limits during his rally and told the supporters and workers to throw the media persons out of the venue. The AAP supporters tried to snatch the cameras from the photographers and also manhandled them.

When Mann reached three hours late in the rally, the media persons asked him the questions about his late arrival and also asked him about the sex scandal of Delhi cabinet minister.

Mann, who was suspended from the lower house for shooting a Parliament video recently instigated his party volunteers to throw journalists out of his rally for asking a question related to the sacking of a party minister in the wake of a sex CD.

Mann asked the media to leave “or people will throw you out”, AAP volunteers tried to snatch cameras and also manhandled journalists, who had to run out of the venue for safety.

The Sangrur MP from AAP, Mann again caught in the controversy after Parliament video incident. The shameless and non-sense Mann now insulted the media, the fourth pillar of the democracy.

Harinder Khalsa, the suspended AAP MP who had requested the speaker of Lok Sabha to shift his seat also criticised the Sangrur MP for his biggest blunder. He said that Mann must be drunk when he did such a foolish act.

The Chandigarh Press Club has condemned the incident and its office-bearers will soon meet the director general of police (DGP), Punjab, for an immediate FIR against Mann. Mann’s entry has been debarred in the premises of club and the media has boycotted his all press conferences and programmes.

Infighting in AAP Punjab started, now Kanwar Sandhu fires salvo at AAP leadership

Kanwar Sandhu

Kanwar Sandhu

The infighting within the AAP Punjab leadership is now clearly visible as a new controversy cropped up in the party because of the induction of Harmail Singh Tohra and his family in AAP party fold.

Harmail Tohra

Harmail Singh Tohra

A senior leader of AAP and a former journalist Kanwar Sandhu has opposed the induction of Harmail Singh Tohra induction in AAP along with his family. Sandhu alleged that the newcomer was involved in the attack on Dharamvir Gandhi during the Lok Sabha campaign.

The incumbent parliamentarian of AAP Dharamvir Gandhi was attacked in 2014 when he was busy in campaigning. Gandhi had sustained injuries and Harmail Tohra honoured the attackers.

It was evident that there was someone behind the attack and Harmail’s name was cropped up in that controversy. Kanwar Sandhu told that he didn’t know about the induction of Tohra’s family in AAP. He lambasted at the AAP leadership for not doing the homework properly before taking the family of Harmail Tohra in AAP.

Sandu termed that the party has inducted Tohra as a hasty step. In a tweet, Sandhu said, “Tohra’s hasty induction. I would have opposed his entry.” He demanded that Tohra should tender his apology publicly about his involvement in the attack.

He also advised his party to take care while taking such leaders into the party fold. Sandhu has raised the questions over the credibility of AAP leadership for supporting the attacker of incumbent AAP parliamentarian.

It seems the controversies are still rising in the AAP Punjab as earlier; Chhotepur had raised questions over the selection of few candidates for the assembly seats. The former IFS officer and senior AAP leader Hardeep Kingra left the party as he was not happy with the senior leadership of AAP Delhi.

Manjeet Singh Randhawa left the party and registered a new party. Jassi Jasraj who was expelled from the party has been continuously firing salvos and revealing the truth about the party leadership.

AAP Might Be Covering Their Tracks In The Tanker Scam

After the host of controversies surrounding the party, another set of allegations fall into AAP’s lap. This time with BJP leader Vijender Gupta alleging that the party has a hand in the tanker scam in Delhi.

Gupta alleged that the AAP government is trying to “save” former Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit in connection with the multi-crore tanker scam as they have not “revealed” the total cost of the scam and have rather “manipulated their stance on the entire issue”.

The allegation by Gupta, who is also the leader of opposition in the Delhi Legislative Assembly, comes in the wake of Delhi Water Minister Kapil Mishra’s accusation that BJP was “shielding” senior Congress leader Dikshit in the scam.

Mishra had alleged that the Anti Corruption Branch’s (ACB) visit to Shiela Dikshit’s residence in connection with the scam was a “mere formality” and the agency was “under pressure” to “save” her. Dikshit was today handed over a set of at least 15 questions by Delhi’s ACB probing the multi-crore tanker scam, and has been asked to reply to the queries within the next few days. A team of ACB officials visited her residence in Nizamuddin area here and gave the questionnaire. ACB has said that action will be taken lawfully after receiving the response on the questionnaire.

Gupta, in a statement, has demanded that ACB must probe and prosecute the offenders of water tanker scam immediately. He alleged that the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) was not leaving any stone unturned for dismissing the scam, which according to him is worth Rs 400 crore. He further alleged that “the Delhi Government was fully involved in the scam and that is why even after its exposure, the contracts of the water tanker companies were not cancelled”.

The submission is now awaited for since it will reveal how much merit there is to an already tarnished image of a party.

AAP’s Misogynistic Legacy

In light of recent events, wherein various members of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) were charged with instances of assault of a sexual nature on women – it is clear to see how much the party respects women.

A man who hasn’t been able to get his own out of the patriarchic mould, will he be capable of helping another state grow and prosper? The evidence suggests otherwise.

Kumar Vishwas has been the latest AAP leader dent party’s image but he is not the first leader to face charges of crime against women. AAP, MLA Somnath Bharti was accused and later arrested on charges of domestic violence & attempt to murder leveled against him by his wife.

Earlier AAP MLA Akhilesh Tripathy was charge sheeted with allegations of molestation and physical violence.

While AAP government claims to be committed for the cause of women, but ironically their MLAs are making objectionable remarks in the House. It clearly reflects their patriarchal attitude! Sexist Remarks by Somnath Bharti: “I am fully confident that if Delhi government is given full freedom [over security), beautiful women will be able to go out even after midnight without any fear. “

Sexist remarks by Kumar Viswas: “Since nurses from Kerala are ‘kali peeli’ [dark skinned) one would naturally feel like calling them sisters.”

Such acts bring into perspective the lack of safety that women have been dealing with for a long time, in the city of Delhi. Especially, ever since the CM of the city has come into power. It it painful to see the state of affairs in Delhi. And while there are no proper implementation of laws for women as such by the CM or the government in his own city, he is now attempting to venture out into states like Punjab and Goa. The question is – Can he handle it!?

Reduction in ad budget by AAP is an eye wash

Arvind Kejriwal

In a span of two years, the party set aside Rs 726 crores for publicity only

In the maiden budget, the ruling AAP regime had set aside a budget of Rs 526 crores on advertisements and self-publicity. The public money was lavishly spent on the advertisements and hoardings in the city. Even the advertisements were given to the all national newspapers. In all the main editions of national and regional newspapers, the AAP supremo’s ads were published. The party which boasted of its principles of idealism changed its stance after forming the government in the national capital. The exchequer’s money wasted on the luxury flights, personal security and political tours of the Delhi CM, Arvind Kejriwal.

AAP breaks all the records in Indian politics

If we talk about the records in Indian politics, then AAP emerged as winner. The credit goes to the AAP national convenor and Delhi CM, Arvind Kejriwal. In the history of this country, no state’s CM has spent such a huge amount on advertisements and self-publicity. In all the states, the ad budget never crosses Rs 60 to Rs70 crores in a year but in the first year the government lavishly spent Rs 526 crore.

In second budget AAP reduced the ad budget, but in two years the total amount is Rs 726 crore.    

Though the AAP government has cut down the ad budget and this time it is Rs 207 crores. One should ask question from the government that this time even the budget is very much higher as compare to the other states. The total calculation of the ad budget of previous year and the present, it is Rs 726 crores. In such a big amount the ruling government could have start the welfare schemes.

For Aam Aadmi Canteen, only Rs 10 crore allocated

The government proposed Aam Aadmi canteens for the migrant population and allocated Rs 10 crore only. A resident of Delhi raised finger at the AAP government that why the government is partial in ad budget and a meagre amount for Aam Aadmi canteens.



Representative of common man enjoying the cooling of 30 ACs

Kejriwal’s electricity bill crosses one lakh, revealed an RTI

kejri 1

The Chief Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal who had committed to stand with the cause of a common man has forgotten his pledge. A year ago, Kejriwal claimed himself a messiah of Delhi people but after forming government, he has shown his actual colours.

He has been enjoying the luxuries at the cost of public money. In 2015, especially during the scorching summers, people of Delhi were crying for proper power supply, however, Kejriwal was enjoying the luxury of 30 air conditioners at his official residence.

Common man’s highest electricity bill, Kejriwal exposed

Responding to an RTI application, the Delhi government had said that the electricity charges at Kejriwal’s residence for April and May was about Rs 91,000. The total bill was for two-metered connections at Kejriwal’s residence at 6, Flag Staff Road in Civil Lines.

While one bill charged Rs 22,689, the amount quoted in the second bill was Rs 1,13,598.

After the electricity bill for April and May came out, the Delhi government had said it included electricity charges for a camp office and various other facilities installed for visitors at the complex.

It said the actual bill for electricity consumption at the Chief Minister’s residence was much lower.

AAP government defended Kejriwal

The spokesperson of AAP had come out with an excuse to save the Kejriwal from public ire. The spokesman had said that the Kejriwal’s residence bill was not much. It was the base camp bill which was higher as Kejriwal is Delhi CM and a lot of people to his official residence to meet him. Kejriwal’s family did not use much electricity. The facilities in the Kejriwal’s residence are especially for the officials and visitors. However, a person had exposed the Delhi CM that he visited the bungalow of Kejriwal so many times but the security did not allow him to enter. So, who are the visitors as Kejriwal did not allow anyone to enter in his official residence.

Kejriwal to spend public money on luxuries in this summer too

As summers are approaching, Kejriwal has been planning to install more air conditions and air coolers. An official in the government has revealed the information about the Kejriwal’s planning. Once again the Kejriwal would enjoy the luxuries at the cost of the tax payers’ money in the coming summers.





Kejriwal cannot win heart of Punjabis by wearing a Turban

“Ahead of assembly polls in Punjab, AAP chief and Delhi Chief Minister is busy taking lesson in Punjabi language. He is trying hard to project himself as a true Punjabi and from brushing up language skills to donning a turban; he is doing all that is possible. But big question is – will he be able to win hearts of Punjabis?”


Arvind Kejriwal is a native of Haryana and now it has become evident that his loyalties are still intact with his home state. When was seen wearing a turban in Punjab when he was on a mission to gain sympathy of voters. He would even try his best to speak in Punjabi and might have been taking lesson to brush up his language skill. But all such efforts would bear no results as it has come to fore that Kejriwal’s heart beats for his home state.

Backstabs Punjabi community

Arvind Kejriwal has backstabbed the entire Punjabi community by taking U-turn on crucial issues. Kejriwal has played with emotions of entire Punjabi community on contentious & emotive issue of construction of Satluj Yamuna Link.


Kejriwal took a Punjab centric stand when he was in Punjab begging for votes but later retracted as soon as he left Punjab. It is noteworthy that he had taken a categorical stand against the construction of SYL citing lack of water in Punjab as the reason. Later he took a complete U-turn by favouring Haryana. He even went on to file an affidavit endorsing the stand taken by Haryana government.

Kejriwal first took an emotive stand by stating that Punjab didn’t have even a drop of water to spare with Haryana and later took a complete U-turn siding with Haryana and in that process he has backstabbed the entire community.

Despite 40,000 vacant posts, AAP govt fired 3000 guest teachers


Kejriwal government took u turn on the regularisation of teachers

The ruling government of AAP headed by Arvind Kejriwal in Delhi has left 3000 guest teachers in lurch. The sole bread earners are now started agitating against the government for its poor stand towards its commitment to regularise the guest teachers.

AAP had promised the guest and contractual teachers to regularise them after forming the government. Over 3000 guest teachers have fired by AAP ruling regime in Delhi.

“The government has terminated the services of over 3,000 teachers saying it doesn’t require our services anymore. This is when there are at least 40,000 teacher’s posts lying vacant. They promised us the first thing they would do when they came to power would be to make guest teachers permanent. But instead, they are doing this.” said Parveen Tobria, one of the teachers.

Opportunist Kejriwal did not meet the teachers, sneaked out of the back of his house

Arvind Kejriwal

The guest teachers had gathered in front of the house of the Delhi Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal and they wanted to meet him. However, the opportunist and liar Kejriwal sneaked out of the back of his house. When the teachers did not get any response, they started protesting against the ruling regime. Later, they showed black flags to Kejriwal at Jantar Mantar but the police detained them.

Parveen Tobria said, “The CM refused to meet us and sneaked out of the back of his house. When we tried to protest at Jantar Mantar, we were taken to the police station. Not only has this government not kept its promise, it seems they are working against guest teachers’ interests.”

40000 posts of teachers are vacant in Delhi, AAP failed recruit teachers

As per the information, 40,000 posts of school teachers are lying vacant in Delhi. The government schools of national capital facing shortage of teachers and despite knowing the fact, AAP government fired 3000 guest teachers. The ruling government failed to deliver its promise of teachers’ recruitment and regularisation of guest teachers.

Kejriwal has some plan for running the schools without teachers

The AAP government has promised to open 500 new schools in Delhi and Kejriwal has some plan to run the schools without teachers. The foolish CM said that the quality of education would be increased in government schools. How he will raise the quality of education without the teachers? God knows.