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More Trouble For AAP, 27 MLAs Lands In Office For Profit After President Orders EC To Probe

Even as the uncertainty prevails on 21 MLA’s of Aam Aadmi Party, still awaiting for their fate to be decided in an ongoing  ‘Office of Profit’ controversy, another set of 27 party MLAs are involved in another Office of Profit row.

A Delhi-based law student, Vibhor Anand, had filed this complaint, alleging that these 27 MLAs hold posts of Chairpersons of Rogi Kalyan Samitis in different government hospitals in Delhi without any legal sanctity. Further demanding the termination of the said MLA’s from their positions. Anand had lodged this complaint directly with the EC in June, following which the Commission had said that it should be made to the President who, in turn, will send it to the Commission. EC has now sent the complaint to the President.

“The Delhi government in 2009 through its executive/ standing orders approved constituting Rogi Kalyan Samitis in all the hospitals with governing body under the chairmanship of local MLA in violating the mandate of scheme.

“The order of appointing MLAs either by the present government or by the earlier government, as chairperson of the Rogi Kalyan Samiti is wholly illegal and void, without any legal sanctity,” Anand said.

Following which the president has probed the Election Commision with a fresh petition against 27 MLAs for allegedly holding office of profit, and further will now be examined by poll panel.

Earlier, a similar petition filed in office to profit row in June, had sought cancellation of 27 AAP MLAs membership.

However, this time around too, the list already includes seven legislators against whom the EC had already considered a plea for holding the office of parliamentary secretaries, indicating a threat of disqualification for the rest 17 MLAs.

In the complaint forwarded to President Pranab Mukherjee, following were the MLAs whose names were mentioned: Mohinder Goyal, Surendra Singh, Anil Kumar Bajpai, Mohammed Ishraq Khan, Rakhi Birla, Madan Lal, Sharad Kumar, Hazari Lal Chauhan, Kailash Gehlot, Rajendra pal Gautam, Pankaj Pushkar, Somnath Bharti, Ved Prakash, Nitin Tyagi, Naresh Yadav, Jarnail Singh, Alka Lamba, Ram Niwas Goel, Vishesh Ravi, Rajesh Gupta, SK Bagga, Shiv Charan Goel and Bandana Kumari.

Upon following the similar course of action, if these MLAs get disqualified, the AAP government in Delhi would cease to exist.


Kejriwal’s Lax Attitude Towards Governance Costs Delhiites More Than They Bargained For

Two days ago, the city’s worst fear turned into a reality after a civic apathy claimed the life of a 45-year-old man in Delhi. Praveen Kumar was returning home when he was mowed down by a tanker. Kumar had lost control of his vehicle and tripped over a pothole before he was ran over by the vehicle.

Fatal accidents involving potholes have claimed over 100 lives across the cities every year. The pothole menace has become a common sight during monsoons. Several commuters grapple with this seething problem.

After the shocking death of Praveen, who was the sole bread earner of his family, relatives have accused the AAP government of laxity. “There are at least 50 potholes in this are but nobody cares. We have stopped sending our children to school and elderly people here seldom step out due to potholes,” said the deceased’s neighbor. “Kejriwal is busy with Punjab, he forgot that he became chief minister because of the citizens of Delhi. His primary responsibility is Delhi,” cried another enraged neighbor.

There are innumerable issues that have been floating around the faulty governance of Mr. Kejriwal that have been affecting those who function under him. We wonder, Has all the money allocated for the drainage system in the cities gone down the drain? A question that arises every time a person dies due to pothole. Adding to the woes is the endless blame game.

It’s a “Strike Out” Under The Aegis of AAP


One might question the number of strikes that the city of Delhi has seen in the recent past. As many as 10 or more strikes have taken place in the past one year. All owing to the failure in fulfillment of promises by the present government of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP).

In a classic portrayal political propaganda by the current Chief Minister of Delhi, Mr. Arvind Kejriwal, has shown a very on the surface dedication and made a plethora of fake promises to the people of the capital of the country and the government he serves. The real question to as here is : Can a lying person run a state with all honesty? Sincerely doubtful.

The city saw a couple of the most prominent strikes that plagued the nation. Among these were the following –

Massive strike by MCD workers for non-payment of salary

AAP government had allocated only Rs. 2,457.84 crore to Municipal Corporation Department (MCD) for the financial year 2015-2016 while annual expenses goes upto 5000 crore annually. While MCD was unable to disburse salary for three months between November ’15 to January ’16, 1.5 Lakh MCD workers in city went on a strike.

Not accepting the shortage of funds in MCD, AAP starting indulging in blame-game and conveniently passed on the blame to BJP ruled MCD and termed the massive strike as ‘salary scam’.

Strike by government teachers

School remained shut for many days and 1.2 million students of MCD schools were sent back home, as 16,000 teachers are not strike in wake of not receiving salary since October 2015.

Strike by medicos

Healthcare facilities were hit badly. Emergency as well as OPD services remained suspended at government hospitals, as doctors and nurses of government & municipal hospital went on strike for many days.

Other major strikes that took place in Delhi include strike by guest teachers; taxi & auto drivers; DTC drivers employees; strike by contractual employees and ‘anganwadi’ workers.

It really frustrates a true delhi-ite to see what kind of person is running the city and how half-heartedly. Another things one may find themselves questioning is whether or not to trust a person whose own have been abandoning his side for such a long time now. With his recent gimmickry the CM has proven how he is just seeking attention from the media in order to fulfill certain ulterior motives. How far will the country and its people take it? Only time will tell..

One lakh diploma holders jobless in Delhi


The youth of Delhi who unconditionally supported “Aam Aadmi Party” in the city have lost hopes for getting the job opportunity in near future. If we take a look at the diploma holders, the information from the government department revealed that there are one lakh job less diploma holders.

Unemployment is a problem in the national capital and the increasing number of jobless diploma holders is alarming but the ruling AAP has nothing to do with it. The number of unemployed holding diplomas of various courses has doubled from 47,000 to one lakh.


This data part of Delhi Government’s economic survey raised a serious question about the quality and future of diploma courses and vocational training programmes floated from time to time. But the previous governments in the city had done nothing to provide the jobs to diploma holders.

Not only is the rise worrisome but also the educational status of those reeling under the effect of unemployment is a cause of concern and it’s a major embarrassment for the Kejriwal government that won support from youth on the promise of “degree, income and wi-fi”.

The AAP government has talked about vocational training and skill development as part of its long-term education plan. But nothing has been done so far by the government of Muffler man in the city.

The Economic Survey makes it clear that many diploma holders are not getting jobs easily. The authorities of Delhi under the AAP regime not bother to focus on the vocational courses and diplomas offered in the city.


According to the information, the most of the unemployed diploma holders have studied up to graduation or less.

Kejriwal forgets unemployed youth, busy in self-publicity

The Kejriwal government had promised the unemployed youth to provide the employment. However, the ruling government has forgotten the promise as the party supremo is busy in self-publicity. The “AAP” supremo has allocated a budget of Rs 526 crore for information and publicity. Every month, the money from state exchequer is being given for the publicity. An official of Delhi government has revealed that approximately Rs 25 crores have been spent on the advertisements. When the government completed one year, crores of rupees were spent on the paid advertisements in all the major newspapers in the country. But the government has not spent even a single penny to eradicate the problem of unemployment.


“Education’ can be a small word but it has a vast meaning. Without education, person is no more than a mammal.”

Right school from the very beginning for a child can set the stage for the rest of a child’s academic and professional future. School is the place where the child’s brain gets exposed to a wide range of subjects, cultures and recreation, both in and out of class.

Not a single new school by Kejriwal..Poor facilities in existing Schools

People of Delhi, who looked up with hope and expectations towards Kejriwal-led AAP government, are now feeling deceived by the same AAP, as it has not changed the fate of Delhi at all in the past one year.


As many of the existing primary schools in the National capital lack the basic amenities like appropriate classroom, clean drinking water and toilets; Kejriwal has even failed to transform the primary education system in Delhi. Without chairs and tables, students are seen sitting on carpets or floor, trying hard to write properly as they keep notebooks on their laps. Even classes are being taken in sports area or corridors in some of the Delhi schools, where there are more than 7,500 students studying in two shifts.

AAP’s Manifesto – a failure

Kejriwal in his elaborate manifesto had shown ‘big dream’ to the people of Delhi, as he promised 500 schools and 20 colleges of world class standards, with excellent state-of-the-art amenities and ambience. Out of those 500 schools, 50 ‘model’ schools were also promised, which would be at par with private schools in the Capital city. But, in reality he has failed to build up even a single school even after one year of completion of his governance. Concept of ‘model’ schools is a complete failure.

Students suffer

school-children21Students suffer as most of the government schools are either short on teachers or they lack essential amenities’ like computers & labs for practical. Power supply is also erratic. Also, the situation gets worse during the rainy season as most of the schools in Delhi have seeping walls, dripping ceilings, flooded floors and open wiring. Students in most of the schools live their lives in fear, as these open wires can cause electric shock.


Despite of doubled budget, AAP government has not been able to meet its ambitious plan of making Delhi an educational hub. Any idea, where are these funds being spent?

Reasons behind the failure, are AAP government’s time consuming controversies as well as absence of Delhi’s Chief Minister and AAP’s National convener Kejriwal, who is now-a day’s busy either in spreading his wings across Punjab or enjoying his vacations with family out of Delhi.

No CCTVs; Women of Delhi are unsafe

When there was an outcry against brutal murder and rape of Nirbhaya, Delhi Chief Minister and Aam Aadmi Party’s National convener Arvind Kejriwal had promised to install 15 lakh CCTV cameras across the Capital city.  Delhi gang rape is still on people’s minds, with nothing changed even after two years of the incident. CCTV’s in the most crowded areas of Delhi are still missing, as Kejriwal is now least bothered about women and her safety.


Delhi’s deficit

Delhi has a lot of deficiencies when it comes to safety of women. According to the data of 2015-16 (till 14 February), since AAP came to power, there has been a stark rise in the incidents of rape and molestation. Almost 250 cases of Rape and more than 350 cases of molestations had been registered per month, only in Delhi. While the capital city’s crime graph continues to ascend, AAP government is yet to fulfill its promise and install 15, 00000 CCTV cameras.


AAP has failed

It’s been more than one year now that the AAP government is still not able to formulate a city-wide policy for acceptable certifications and getting security clearances. When would be tender floated, when would 15 lakh CCTV cameras get installed by AAP government?

No helpline No., No Punishment for offenders

AAP government just gained publicity by announcing a series of measures in past one year, but has failed on providing Helpline Number to the females travelling in the DTC buses. Anti-rape law that imposes stricter punishment for sex crimes does not get implemented after AAP had announced the same, they are the ones now who are protecting rapists.

Public transport is one of the critical spaces where sexual harassment takes place, so installation of CCTVs is essential in the buses. When a woman raises her voice against the person who tries to invade her personal space in a bus, nobody supports her. Indeed they face harassment and often suffered these experiences in silence as they feared retaliation.

Views of Women

Anuradha Grover, a Delhi teacher, confirms the trend, “Since my college days, I used to travel by DTC buses and have seen no change over the years. Generally, a student or young girl fails to deal with the harassment and if she decided to raise her voice against eve-teasing or molestation, there is no help forthcoming”.

No “do’s and Dont’s” work! I was given a long list by my mother when I started commuting by DTC buses in Delhi”, says Garima, who is just 25. “Even Metros don’t seem to be safe for women commuters”, she adds.

India’s Rape Capital – Delhi


Instead of improving the image of Capital city which is now-a-days being called “India’s Rape capital”, Kejriwal enjoys his leisure trips – first 10 days in Bengaluru and now 10 days in Punjab in the name of election campaign.

Kejriwal had also promised to deploy 10,000 Home Guards and Marshall’s for women security in buses. Not even a single Home Guard has been engaged for this task while many Nirbhaya’s continue to be molested in the absence of street lights and poor public transport in Delhi. Most vital thing is installation of those 15 lakh CCTV cameras that were promised by Kejriwal in his election manifesto.

Delhi’s Free water – Reality


Now that Aam Aadmi Party is going to complete its one year in governing Delhi, it was not time-consuming to write about their broken promises and outright U-turns, as there is no work done at all.

Like Greek saying “to win a person’s heart, serve him the aromatic savory of his choice”, same is what Kejriwal-led Aam Aadmi Party applied during its campaign – that promises win elections and hearts. But, it forgot the basic principle; to not keep promises loses you the next election.

Now, Delhi government has come up with a solution to cover up for its failures – one is to blame its opponents making wild accusations and second making people of Delhi fool by diverting their attention to other pity issues. Kejriwal distracted the public and his opponents from his U-turns with daily dose of new discussions in media or social media and claimed himself as ‘victim’ whenever countered by his opponents.

Providing people of Delhi, Free Wi-Fi, Electricity and most importantly water were among few of their promises.  As that is easier to say then to do, AAP has failed in one year.


AAP’s water policy goes notably against the poor and the lower middle class. Metered households with a family size greater than five members pay for all the water consumed as their usage is higher on a per household basis. In contrast, Delhi is proving ‘almost’ free water to rich people as it pays subsidy to those who can afford to pay more and need lesser amount of water on daily basis.

Kejriwal who had promised to provide free water to the people of Delhi had forgotten to include unauthorized colonies and jhuggi jhoppri. That clearly indicates – no free water to almost 50% of Delhi, as the money needed to upgrade infrastructure goes into the pockets of corrupt politicians or freebies.