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Kejriwal: A “mungerilal” of Indian politics


He used to watch the famous television programme at Doordarshan, “Mungeri Lal Ke Hasin Sapne.”  The character “Mungerilal” in the serial always lost himself in his dreams.

Arvind Kejriwal, promised the people of Delhi to eliminate corruption from the state. However, the duffer Chief Minister failed to know that his own law minister had fake degree. Where is the promise of clean image politics gone? He presented the different illusions in front of the public so that he could win the trust of the people.

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Kejriwal dreamt about the fast track court system in the county and when he wake up he promised the people to make fast tract court. He has completed one year in Delhi, but still the 1984 anti-Sikh riots case is pending. Moreover, the SIT report file is missing in his government.

Another dream he had shown to the residents that the party would present a clean image political model in the country. In AAP, there are leaders who are facing criminal cases of corruption, forgery, cheating and molestation.

He had promised that the AAP government would reduce the power prices and water would be available free of cost in the city. However, the power tariff was hiked and no free water has been given by his government.

The AAP promised that the city would be made safer for the women but his own minister Somnath Bharti was arrested for beating his wife. The free Wi-fi in the city was also one of the main agenda of Kejriwal but now he is repenting that what he promised without considering the technical and financial angels.

How foolishly the Chief Minister promise the people like an old Mughal ruler? In the medieval period of Mughals, the emperors used to announcement something big without knowing anything.

kejri 2

The same is happening with Kejriwal as he takes feeling of an old ruler while promising something to the public.

A political scientist told that he seems to be like the character of some old serials where the lead character tried to project himself as the “messiah.” An Aam Aadmi in Khas political position always makes the promises which are not possible to deliver.



“Education’ can be a small word but it has a vast meaning. Without education, person is no more than a mammal.”

Right school from the very beginning for a child can set the stage for the rest of a child’s academic and professional future. School is the place where the child’s brain gets exposed to a wide range of subjects, cultures and recreation, both in and out of class.

Not a single new school by Kejriwal..Poor facilities in existing Schools

People of Delhi, who looked up with hope and expectations towards Kejriwal-led AAP government, are now feeling deceived by the same AAP, as it has not changed the fate of Delhi at all in the past one year.


As many of the existing primary schools in the National capital lack the basic amenities like appropriate classroom, clean drinking water and toilets; Kejriwal has even failed to transform the primary education system in Delhi. Without chairs and tables, students are seen sitting on carpets or floor, trying hard to write properly as they keep notebooks on their laps. Even classes are being taken in sports area or corridors in some of the Delhi schools, where there are more than 7,500 students studying in two shifts.

AAP’s Manifesto – a failure

Kejriwal in his elaborate manifesto had shown ‘big dream’ to the people of Delhi, as he promised 500 schools and 20 colleges of world class standards, with excellent state-of-the-art amenities and ambience. Out of those 500 schools, 50 ‘model’ schools were also promised, which would be at par with private schools in the Capital city. But, in reality he has failed to build up even a single school even after one year of completion of his governance. Concept of ‘model’ schools is a complete failure.

Students suffer

school-children21Students suffer as most of the government schools are either short on teachers or they lack essential amenities’ like computers & labs for practical. Power supply is also erratic. Also, the situation gets worse during the rainy season as most of the schools in Delhi have seeping walls, dripping ceilings, flooded floors and open wiring. Students in most of the schools live their lives in fear, as these open wires can cause electric shock.


Despite of doubled budget, AAP government has not been able to meet its ambitious plan of making Delhi an educational hub. Any idea, where are these funds being spent?

Reasons behind the failure, are AAP government’s time consuming controversies as well as absence of Delhi’s Chief Minister and AAP’s National convener Kejriwal, who is now-a day’s busy either in spreading his wings across Punjab or enjoying his vacations with family out of Delhi.

No CCTVs; Women of Delhi are unsafe

When there was an outcry against brutal murder and rape of Nirbhaya, Delhi Chief Minister and Aam Aadmi Party’s National convener Arvind Kejriwal had promised to install 15 lakh CCTV cameras across the Capital city.  Delhi gang rape is still on people’s minds, with nothing changed even after two years of the incident. CCTV’s in the most crowded areas of Delhi are still missing, as Kejriwal is now least bothered about women and her safety.


Delhi’s deficit

Delhi has a lot of deficiencies when it comes to safety of women. According to the data of 2015-16 (till 14 February), since AAP came to power, there has been a stark rise in the incidents of rape and molestation. Almost 250 cases of Rape and more than 350 cases of molestations had been registered per month, only in Delhi. While the capital city’s crime graph continues to ascend, AAP government is yet to fulfill its promise and install 15, 00000 CCTV cameras.


AAP has failed

It’s been more than one year now that the AAP government is still not able to formulate a city-wide policy for acceptable certifications and getting security clearances. When would be tender floated, when would 15 lakh CCTV cameras get installed by AAP government?

No helpline No., No Punishment for offenders

AAP government just gained publicity by announcing a series of measures in past one year, but has failed on providing Helpline Number to the females travelling in the DTC buses. Anti-rape law that imposes stricter punishment for sex crimes does not get implemented after AAP had announced the same, they are the ones now who are protecting rapists.

Public transport is one of the critical spaces where sexual harassment takes place, so installation of CCTVs is essential in the buses. When a woman raises her voice against the person who tries to invade her personal space in a bus, nobody supports her. Indeed they face harassment and often suffered these experiences in silence as they feared retaliation.

Views of Women

Anuradha Grover, a Delhi teacher, confirms the trend, “Since my college days, I used to travel by DTC buses and have seen no change over the years. Generally, a student or young girl fails to deal with the harassment and if she decided to raise her voice against eve-teasing or molestation, there is no help forthcoming”.

No “do’s and Dont’s” work! I was given a long list by my mother when I started commuting by DTC buses in Delhi”, says Garima, who is just 25. “Even Metros don’t seem to be safe for women commuters”, she adds.

India’s Rape Capital – Delhi


Instead of improving the image of Capital city which is now-a-days being called “India’s Rape capital”, Kejriwal enjoys his leisure trips – first 10 days in Bengaluru and now 10 days in Punjab in the name of election campaign.

Kejriwal had also promised to deploy 10,000 Home Guards and Marshall’s for women security in buses. Not even a single Home Guard has been engaged for this task while many Nirbhaya’s continue to be molested in the absence of street lights and poor public transport in Delhi. Most vital thing is installation of those 15 lakh CCTV cameras that were promised by Kejriwal in his election manifesto.

‘Smart City’ – false commitment by Kejriwal

A person who made people of Delhi dream about smart clean and corrupt free city has been failed to achieve the same, as common man of Delhi remain poor, unemployed and starve for their basic amenities like drinking water.


Kejriwal who talked about opening up of schools, new health facilities, 24 hrs electricity and water supply in the Capital has been either seen enjoying his vacations or sitting on dharnas.

Much talked “failure of 15 day odd-even trial” in the Capital city has been proved as another opportunity for Kejriwal to take a break from his home state and enjoy his vacation with his wife at a luxurious resort in the outskirts of  Bengaluru.  He attributed the growing pollution in the Capital of the country as a prime reason for the recurrence of his cough and chest congestion.

“Kejriwal availed the opportunity by taking a break from the Delhi weather to restore his energy for protests and holding dharnas”

AAP followers who supported AAP initially are now-a-days seen raising their voice against its National convener Arvind Kejriwal, as what they wanted was decisive and clean governance by Kejriwal but got totally opposite. They felt betrayed by AAP government as it could not prove its worth in the past one year.

Delhi in crisis: Kejriwal missing

While garbage dumps mount up here and there on the streets of Delhi, students were sent back from corporation run schools as teachers were on strike and hospitals refused to attend patients as a result of strike held by doctors for non payment of salaries. Kejriwal was enjoying in bengaluru and was unavailable to comment on the crisis in Delhi.  He was even accused by public for misusing People’s hard earned money which is paid to government in the form of taxes, for his own leisure.

AAP today is floating in a cloud of high-expectations in regards of Assembly poll in Punjab, built by false advertising, inappropriate marketing and dishonest wealth. Reality of the party is coming to limelight slowly with large number of its leaders getting exposed in various corruption and criminal cases.

Kejriwal, who is now heading towards Punjab for his week-long trip, should first concentrate on the conditions of Delhi which are out of gear rather than enjoying in Punjab.

Indian Mirror | How Kejriwal is trying to milk Rohith Vemula’s ‘Dalit identity’?

The fact that politicians are discussing Rohit Vemula being Dalit more than his death speaks volumes of what our society has become!

“When a girl named Nirbhaya was brutally raped and killed, did anyone question her caste? Then why is Rohith’s caste under question here?” asks Radhika Vemula, the mother of Rohith Vemula, the research scholar who committed suicide on January 17 at the Hyderabad Central University. All she wants to know is why there is such a hue & cry of her son’s caste?

Aiming to project himself as champion of Dalit rights, Delhi Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal wasted no time in flying to Hyderabad to express his solidarity with protesting students. Scratching below the surface of his facade one sees only hypocrisy.


The Rohith Vemula case has been dotted with half-truths, unclear facts and the rush of political vultures and greedy student organisations, keen to exploit the tragedy for their selfish ends. Even his caste background is under scanner.

Imagine the trauma of the mother, given no space to grieve for the death of her 25-year-old son, rather being forced to give explanation about her caste to one and all. 

Self-Proclaimed Messiah of Dalit Rights

While Kejrwial has been positioned as ‘Messiah of Dalit right’ by Aam Adami Party, public at large is questioning his own intentions.  What right he had to indulge in politics over Rohith Vemula’s death when he killed the trust that the Dalits had reposed in him?

It will be interesting to know how many times did Kejriwal or his cabinet or his party even mention the cause of the Dalits all this while, since he became Delhi CM?

Time and again, Kejriwal has championed the rights of socially weaker and neglected sections of society.  They were the ones who supported him wholeheartedly and contributed majorly to AAP’s victory in last Delhi assembly elections. AAP attracted the Safai Karmacharis (Sweepers) most as he promised to do away with contractual work saying their jobs would be regularized.

The broom (Jharu) is main instrument of their livelihood and AAP’s poll symbol struck an emotional chord with them. He also promised medical insurance to Safai Karammcharis. Besides, Dalits were promised interest free loans for setting up small enterprises.

All of these proved to be farce and poll-gimmicks, as it has been almost a year since Kejriwal took charge and none of the promises has been delivered.

It is extremely hypocritical to talk about the Dalit question in Hyderabad today when Kejriwal government has come up with absolutely no affirmative action whatsoever when it comes to giving a fair representation to Dalits in cabinet or for that matter in the party structure.

Selective secularism

Arvind Kejriwal had expressed serious outrage after the Dadri incident but he failed to compose even a single tweet about Malda violence. Truly secular, Kejriwal, as portrayed through his twitter account, would have strongly reacted against the Malda. But perhaps he would not, because his new-found affection for West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee is driven by political arithmetic and vicious anti-Centre chemistry.

God sent Opportunity

Rohith Vemula’s suicide note eloquently stated the sad affair of political opportunism, when he painfully expressed –

The value of a man was reduced to his identity… to a vote, to a number, to a thing. Never was a man treated as a mind, as a glorious thing made of stardust in every field. In studies, on streets, in politics and in dying and living

AtOcnE6iciWxRI0_zq5IZCI1Lifeae5orC4NzV5Tdqfe (1)

To all the politician seeking cheap publicity – ‘Any tragedy unexploited is an opportunity lost’. For them, death of a bright student was God-sent opportunity serving dual purpose – one, giving them opportunity to corner ruling party as reflexive anti-Dalit and second, garnering undue sympathy of Dalit voters.

Hence, we find Arvind Kejriwal who has practiced the art of throwing secular arrows on Narender Modi’s dartboard, unable to resist the temptation of jumping into the cauldron with alarming promptness.

Calling it not ‘suicide’, but ‘murder’ and demanding an apology from Modi, the Kejriwal has since been burning in the fire of righteous anger.

Identity Politics

The suicide-note of Rohith suggests that he was disillusioned by the overall socio-political realities of India. The unfortunate suicide by Rohith is the manifestation of a set of complex issues that cannot be boiled down to an issue of a particular caste. But that is exactly what our politicians and intellectual elites are doing.

Contrary to the vision of a casteless, plural, democratic polity- minority and caste especially Dalit identity politics are recently becoming common platform for agitations and dissent. The way politicians are trying to exploit the suicide of a meritorious student for political gains, is a reflection of their opportunistic hyperbole.

Given the horrendous nature of event, it is time we moved from identity politics to a politics of identification. The focus should be on identifying the triggers of progress and their manifestation!

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AAP lists Dengue deaths as an achievement

AAP has been issuing huge advertisements across the country highlighting their achievements. One of the triumphs highlights their action taken to curb dengue in Delhi. While on one hand it claims to have taken tough steps, on other side it acknowledges 11 deaths and more than 1900 reported cases.


33e71067-727e-470c-bdf9-cae7f0bbf981.jpgThe actual death figure is more than three times than what is mentioned in Delhi government’s advertisement. Delhi government might have tried to cover up the real picture by drastically reducing the death figures but the question arises – what was government trying to prove by highlighting dengue deaths in government funded advertisement?

AAP’s blame-game

Aam Aadmi Party made flamboyant promises on health, but all their promises fell flat as got badly entangled in wake of dengue crisis. Instead of bravely facing the situation, AAP indulged in blame game with centre and BJP ruled MCD.

38 people died in 2015, up from three deaths in the previous year. As Delhi was overlooking the dangers of facing a possible epidemic, the government completely ignored the situation and failed to take necessary steps.

Instead of taking any necessary steps to curb Dengue from spreading further, AAP government was seen indulging in typical “Tu -Tu Main-Main”. It was really unfortunate that Delhi government failed in taking any preventive steps to control the disease and provide adequate medical facilities to the patients. Instead of taking any step, Delhi government conveniently put entire blame on BJP ruled MCD.

AAP government released a statement, “the primary responsibility of tackling the issue of dengue in the national capital is that of the MCD.” This has now become an issue of every year. The MCD is under the BJP”, its leaders further added.

Health conditions worsened despite increasing budget

The AAP government released1.5 times more budget for health but the health services in Delhi worsened further. Over 150 ambulances were rusting without any use while the scheme of Mohalla Clinic launched by AAP government was limited to just one clinic.

Delhi government might have spent exorbitant amount in highlighting their tough steps in curbing dengue in National capital but the truth has already surfaced in front of people. Kejriwal government failed completely in taking preventive steps to control the disease and provide adequate medical facilities to the patients.


“AK” makes Lokpal or Jokepal bill

Definition of Lokpal bill,“A Bill to establish an independent authority to investigate offences under the Prevention of Corruption Act, 1988 to detect corruption by expeditious investigation and to prosecute offenders and to ensure timely redress-al of certain types of public grievances and to provide protection to whistle blowers.”

Implementation of Lokbal bill was the main agenda of “Aam Admi Party” in February 2015 elections and it was promised that it would be passed and implemented soon if the party comes to power.

AAP dilutes the features of Lokpal bill, passes AAP Lokpal bill

AAP finally triumphed Delhi elections a year ago and after nine months, the government passed the bill in the assembly December 2015. As per the information, the features of the passed Lokpal bill 2015 were mismatching with the previous bill drafted in 2014 by AAP.

Highlights of 2015 Lokpal bill:


The new Janlokpal Bill 2015 introduced for rooting out corruption in public life.

 The Bill proposed to cover any act of corruption as defined in the Prevention of Corruption Act done within territory of Delhi.

 Janlokpal will consist of a three-member body having one chairperson and two members, to be collectively called Janlokpal.

 Janlokpal will be selected by an independent selection committee to be headed by the Chief Justice of Delhi High Court, with Delhi Assembly Speaker, Chief Minister and Leader of the Opposition as its members.

 Chairperson or any member of the Janlokpal can only be removed by the Lieutenant Governor of Delhi on the recommendation of an address by the Legislative Assembly by a majority of total membership.

AAP’s manipulative Lokpal, differs from 2014 draft

According the news reports published in media which quoted former AAP leaders Prashant Bhushan that the bill is entirely different from the bill drafted in 2014. The news reports mentioned the differences presented by Bhushan.

 Selection Committee

2014—Seven members committee comprised of CM, leader opposition, two high court judges, one person amongst former chairperson of Janlokpal and two retired SC/HC judges.

 2015: The number of members reduced by AAP to four comprising of CM, leader of opposition, speaker of assembly and Chief justice of Delhi High Court. It is totally biased to appoint three members from political class out of four.


 2014: Provision had been made for an independent investigation and prosecution wing to be constituted by the commission.

 2015: Under the proposed bill, no independent investigation machinery has been provided. It is clear that the government officers would be approached especially during the investigations.

 Jurisdiction of Lokpal

 2014: The drafted Lokpal bill had no phrase such as “Janlokpal may proceed to inquire or investigate into the allegation of corruption occurring in the National Capital Territory of Delhi.”

 2015: As per the proposed bill, jurisdiction of the Lokpal would be to investigate any corruption offence in Delhi, be it various agencies and functions under the central government. It means that the state Lokpal can investigate the central government as well.

 Removal of Chairperson and members of Janlokpal

 2014 – The Chairperson or any other member shall only be removed by the President on recommendation from the High Court after an inquiry on a complaint against the concerned.

 2015– Can be removed by the Lieutenant Governor after a motion passed by the majority of the total membership and 2/3rd of members in the assembly present and voting.