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Tihar Jail, the most preferred destination of AAP lawmakers

When Arvind Kejriwal formed the AAP party, he promised the Delhi people to present a clean image and corruption free political model in Indian politics. He had promised that the party would only induct clean image people and there would be ‘zero tolerance’ against corruption in the party.

The people of Delhi trusted the new party twice and in 2015, the party successfully won the assembly elections with a landslide victory. After taking the reins of Delhi, the Chief Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal and his party changed the colours like a chameleon.

The AAP-led government in Delhi has broken all the records and promises made to the people of Delhi. The party has set an absurd example of giving a maximum number of legislators facing criminal cases. In the history of Delhi, this is happening first time when the lawmakers turned into lawbreakers.

Twelve MLAs of the party made a tour of Tihar Jail, and 21 legislators may face disqualification because of their irregular appointments as Parliamentary Secretaries. In fact, the idea of launching the AAP party was a full proof plan to dupe the people of Delhi. An Association of Democratic Reforms while analysing the election affidavits of AAP had revealed that 27 out of 67 legislators had criminal cases against them.

Arvind Kejriwal always tried to defend his party’s legislators. He had tried to defend Jitender Singh Tomar when the police found his law degree ‘fake’. Tomar was not expelled from the party, and he is still in the party fold. Moreover, Somnath Bharti was not expelled who was arrested in the case of domestic violence.

The police have sufficient evidence against the AAP legislators and leaders. The police arrested the legislators after the proper investigations. However, Arvind Kejriwal always blames the BJP’s involvement in sending his legislators in Jail.









Kejriwal, a liar of the century

kejri first

“How articulately Arvind Kejriwal manipulates the reality can be judged during his hunger strike as Delhi CM in 2014. He had presented the wrong facts in media and the truth was entirely different.”

Kejriwal and company had started its first political inning two year ago and after taking the reins of Delhi government in the maiden polls, Kejriwal held a hunger strike in the national capital.


The strike was called for the demands from the centre government and the CM was trying to pressurize the centre government through hunger strike. Kejriwal told the media that police acted on the centres’ directions and the main objective of the police was to make the rally a complete failure.

He had told the media that police did not allowed the supporters and workers of the party to have tea. The entire venue of the programme was hijacked by the police. There were no arrangements for the tea by police.

The truth was different as a news channel had found that the party workers were easily moving in the venue and they were enjoying tea at the stalls put up by the police. Moreover, the cops were also distributing the snacks to the party workers in the early morning at that time.


Arvind Kejriwal on camera said during his hunger strike Delhi police closed all toilets, but on camera all of his supporters found using public toilets. Delhi police did not close public toilet. A news channel report had exposed the lie of Kejriwal. The party workers were seen openly using the public toilets and there was no cop outside the toilets.

Every statement of Kejriwal was fabricated with the wrong intention to spread the message to the public. However, the “topimaster” was caught on camera for levelling the false allegations against the party workers.

Moreover, the programme was organised because of the hunger strike of Kejriwal where the workers were enjoying tea and snacks. So, it was complete non sense of the party head that had observing hunger strike and on the opposite, the party workers were enjoying tea and snacks.

He was exaggerating the facts so that the public could be misguided but at that time a news channel exposed him.

“AAP” fails to regularise the NRHM employees in Delhi


The Chief Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal seems to be very busy in finding out the solution to solve the problem which he had created himself a year ago. The Muffler man had shown so many dreams to the contractual NRHM employees and despite completing a year in Delhi, Kejriwal’s government has achieved nothing so far in this regard.

As per the information received, there are 3500 doctors, nurses, midwives, data entry operators and laboratory staff working on contract basis in the capital under the NRHM.  

The contractual staff under the NRHM alleged that the ruling regime of AAP in Delhi has been doing nothing for them as they have submitted a lot of memorandums to the concerned department of Kejriwal’s government.

A demand of equal pay along with other benefits along with the demand of regularisation of their jobs has been raised so many times and when AAP had been campaigning for the polls, the point was the centre state of the party’s agenda.

The government has completed one year in Delhi but still the contractual workers are on contract only. They are waiting for the notification of the government but no message has been sent by the concerned department in Delhi.


Even the the AAP government has not releasing their salaries on time as the salaries are often delayed. As per the information, the centre and state together share a sum of 75 % and 25 % for the payment of salaries. An official in the concerned department said that the centre released its share on time but the state government delays the payment of its 25% share.

NRHM contractual staff to start a signature campaign

The contractual staff of NRHM has decided to launch a signature campaign against the ruling regime of AAP and moreover, the employees will also urge the people to support them in the cause. Another signature campaign would be started in the city for the regularisation of the staff.

A NRHM contractual employee on anonymity basis told that the government had promised them to regularise their posts and they would get the equal salaries along with the benefits. Kejriwal has played up with the emotions of the contractual employees of the city for winning votes only.

The strategy for a big movement would be planned against the AAP by these contractual staff workers. After the signature campaign, a big movement would be launched against the Muffler man’s government.


A massive protest was also launched against the AAP government by these workers in June 2015 in front of the residence of Chief Minister of Delhi. At that time, the workers had suspended the work for more than 10 days in the city.


Split in AAP Punjab ahead of polls

“The fact three of four AAP MPs in Punjab have raised their voice against party chief Arvind Kejriwal, gives a clear signal that the party in staring at a major split ahead of polls.”

aap 109

Disgruntled AAP MPs (L-R), Dr. Dharamvir Gandhi, Harinder Singh Khalsa, Prof. Sadhu Singh

Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) is confident of a clean sweep in Punjab and claims to get at least 100 seats out of 117 in forthcoming assembly polls in Punjab. But in stark contrast to their claims, the internal rift within the party never refuses to die down. Three of the party MPs have already revolted against party high command and dictatorship style functioning of Arvind Kejriwal.

The three MPs – Dr. Dharamvir Gandhi (Patiala), Harinder Singh Khalsa (Fatehgarh) and Prof Sadhu Singh (Faridkot) have been vociferous in raising their voice against party high command and have also demanded that expelled leaders Yogendra Yadav and Prashant Bhushan be brought back.

Kejriwal branded as “Dictator”

Patiala MP Dr Dharamvir Gandhi went on record hitting out at Kejriwal and termed him a “dictator” and further said that AAP was no different from Mayawati’s and Mulayam Singh Yadav’s parties.

 Gandhi added further that Kejriwal is trying to lord over the party from Delhi like a viceroy.

 Dictatorship was Kejriwal’s trademark and testimony to saddening state of affairs, is the fact that elected members of parliament are not even allowed to appoint their own staff.

No leader but all CM faces

AAP relies heavily on rhetoric and lacks substance. In absence of any credible leadership, Punjab unit of AAP is in complete state of mess. Besides lacking organizational structure, AAP in Punjab doesn’t have a blueprint in place. With no base and leadership in state, every leader of AAP is aspiring to be next chief minster of Punjab.

In historical context Punjabis have always been peace-loving people but they never tolerate curtaining of their autonomy. By trying to remote control state from Delhi, he is digging his own grave in state. Countless volunteers and many sincere leaders have worked hard to raise Kejriwal to high pedestal but if he continues his anarchic approach then they can also dust him to ground.  

Kejriwal: I will prefer to go for vote bank instead of anything else

kejri with parents

“When the entire nation is paying homage to the soldiers who sacrificed their lives in Pampore encounter at J & K, the Chief Minister of Delhi was busy in a rally using Rohit Vemula’s name. The head of Delhi was supporting the incident of JNU during the rally.”

Once the Aam Aadmi, Arvind Kejriwal was supporting the rights of the soldiers and moreover, he had plans for the soldiers who sacrifice their lives on duty. Even he had offered a sum of one crore to a CRPF soldier who died in an encounter with Naxals in other state.


However, the “muffler man” has forgotten all the things he has done in past and these days he is very much busy in wooing the vote bank.

When ten soldiers were died during the duty in Siachen glacier, Kejriwal did not utter a single word to pay homage to the soldiers. Moreover, he did not tweet as he does as usual like other incidents.


The country lost its eight soldiers during the Pampore encounter in Jammu and Kashmir and despite knowing the fact, Kejriwal preferred to attend the rally for the late dalit scholar at Jantar Mantar.

The rally was organised by the Joint Action Committee and even the Jawaharlal Nehru University students had joined the protest.

The Chief Minister was playing the dalit politics to woo the vote bank and he was simultaneously supporting the incident of JNU with the students on the spot. How cheap is Kejriwal, who always trying to woo the vote bank and has nothing to do with the nation. Only politics, politics and politics is the main motto of the national convenor of Aam Aadmi Party.