DSGMC taking care of the daughters of an organ donor


The DSGMC honored the family members of a Sikh organ donor. Gurvinder Singh donated his organs and saved four lives in the national capital. The family members of Sikh received a cheque of Rs 5 lakhs from the DSGMC President Manjit Singh GK and General Secretary Manjinder Singh Sirsa.

Gurvinder who was declared brain dead a few days ago in a private hospital, was shifted to AIIMS Trauma Centre where his organs were donated. Lever, kidneys and heart were transplanted into needy persons on the same day while his eyes are preserved.

Gurvinder has left two daughters. Manjinder Singh Sirsa said that the amount given to the family members can’t cover up the loss of Gurvinder. He also announced that DSGMC would take care of the education of two daughters of Gurvinder Singh.

Sirsa further said that it has made the entire Sikh panth proud that this family walked on the path shown by the Sikh Gurus – to live for others and to keep others above self.

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