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Haryana told Kerjiwal to build separate canal for Delhi

SYL canal

Haryana threatened the muffler man for his statement on SYL

In a recent move, the Haryana state government has shot off a letter to AAP government and threatened Kejriwal to get “your own canal constructed.”

Recently, the clever muffler man whose Aam Aadmi Party is coveting big gains in next year’s election, said that Punjab does not have enough water to share with Haryana at a time when the neighbouring states are in a Titanic clash over sharing water from the River Sutlej.

AAP government scared off

When the AAP government has received the letter from Haryana, the ruling regime got scared off from the neighbouring state which told the AAP government to construct a separate canal for Delhi.

After receiving the letter, Kapil Mishra, a minister of AAP made his statement in haste and said, “Haryana cannot decide whether Delhi gets water. This is decided by Supreme Court judgments.”

Kejriwal’s statement may leave the Delhi residents in lurch

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The foolish statement made by the Chief Minister of Delhi may leave the residents of Delhi in lurch and the city may face the acute shortage of water if Haryana takes up the decision to stop water for Delhi. When the Jat protests were going, the national capital had faced the water shortage as the supply from the Munak canal in Haryana was stopped.

As per the information, majority of the areas in Delhi are dependent on the water supply from the Munak canal. If Haryana state stops the supply for Delhi then the residents may face trouble as summers are approaching.

AAP government finding ways to please Haryana

When the AAP regime has received the letter from Haryana, the AAP leaders have seen busy in finding the ways to please the neighbouring state as the statement of Kejriwal on SYL was given to get the publicity in Punjab. After the threats from Haryana and resolution passed by the Haryana assembly against Kejrial statement on SYL, the AAP government finding ways to please the state.




AAP’s take u turn on SYL issue, removed the Counsel for “unauthorised submission”

Counsel Tripathy revealed the truth of AAP’s cheap politics


When the Delhi Jal Board’s counsel given the written statement in Supreme Court which favoured the construction of SYL, the rivals have started targeting Kejriwal for his double standards. It was a tough situation for AAP government headed by Kejriwal as the AAP supremo was badly exposed in front of the public over SYL issue.

Kejriwal had stated that Punjab has no surplus water for other states. Later he had changed his stance in Delhi. The counsel of Delhi Jal Board, Suresh Ch. Tripathy had given an affidavit on the behalf of the board in which it was mentioned that the AAP is in the favour of the construction of SYL. The clever muffler man was exposed on Friday evening when the news came into lime light in the media. The rivals started firing salvos at Kejriwal for his cheap trick.

Raising Day Of Delhi Fire Service

NEW DELHI, INDIA – MARCH 30: Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal during the Raising Day of Delhi Fire Service at Fire Service Management Academy, Rohini on March 30, 2015 in New Delhi, India. (Photo by Subrata Biswas/Hindustan Times via Getty Images)

AAP government again played politics on SYL, removed counsel for unauthorised submission

When the party exposed in front of the public on SYL issue, the AAP supremo played another trick to come out clean. He directed the Delhi Jal Board to remove the counsel and the reason was cited that the counsel himself filed the affidavit without the consultation of the government. A press release was immediately released to the media in which the AAP tried to defend its supremo by removing the counsel.

The AAP Punjab in charge and party’s spokesman, Sanjay Singh said, “Before submitting the affidavit in Supreme Court, the Counsel has neither informed the chief executive operator nor the Chairman of Jal Board, Kapil Mishra. The counsel submitted the same 11 paragraphs out of 12 paragraphs submitted by the then Congress lead Delhi Government in 2006. These written submissions were filed by the counsel without the same having been approved by any Authority in the Delhi Jal Board.”

Counsel Suresh Ch. Tripathy exposed AAP on SYL issue; AAP government directed him to put the facts in affidavit

The counsel has revealed the shocking facts against the AAP government. He said it was a lawyer’s written submission drafted after taking directions from AAP government. He said, “The concerned minister Kapil Mishra had seen the written draft and he had given his final nod. The AAP government is making me a scapegoat. It’s all because of the Punjab assembly polls. I am not mad who will file submissions by own. Definitely, I will work on the directions of my client.”