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Aam Aadmi Party spent Aam Aadmi Paisa on advertisements

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The Aam Aadmi Party government in Delhi led by so-called Aam Aadmi and the Chief Minister of Delhi lavishly spent the public money on advertisements as the country’s top auditor slammed the government in its 55 pages report.

As per the report, the Delhi government spent around Rs 33 crore on a single advertisement campaign and 85 percent of the amount from the campaign was spent outside Delhi.

The report of the CAG stated that the Delhi government led by AAP spent the public money lavishly on self-projection through the advertisement. Pointing at an advertisement, the report revealed that a person was talking about the party, not the government so the party’s name was projected in the ad on state exchequer’s money.

The CAG report slammed the Delhi government for using taxpayers’ money on an advertisement campaign projecting the party’s name instead of Delhi government. The top auditor has stated that the advertisement was the party’s campaign so the party should have paid the expenses.

As per the report, the Delhi government spent Rs 526 crore on self-glorification and only provided the details of Rs 100 crore spent on the ad campaigns. The CAG has also questioned the Delhi government for spending Rs 70 lakhs on ads blaming the centre government for the poor law and order situation in the national capital.

The government spent Rs 70 lakh for bashing the Modi government on public money.

Even the CAG report has raised the questions at three ads in which the AAP party mentioned its achievements. The party has claimed to accomplish few projects which are still not completed actually.

The lavish expenditure of the Delhi government for the publicity especially for AAP party made the CAG angry for spending the state exchequer’s money on the self-projection of the party.

First time in the history of Delhi, a party has changed its colours from Aam Aadmi to Khas Aadmi Party and misused the public money by ignoring all the promises made to the public.

Reduction in ad budget by AAP is an eye wash

Arvind Kejriwal

In a span of two years, the party set aside Rs 726 crores for publicity only

In the maiden budget, the ruling AAP regime had set aside a budget of Rs 526 crores on advertisements and self-publicity. The public money was lavishly spent on the advertisements and hoardings in the city. Even the advertisements were given to the all national newspapers. In all the main editions of national and regional newspapers, the AAP supremo’s ads were published. The party which boasted of its principles of idealism changed its stance after forming the government in the national capital. The exchequer’s money wasted on the luxury flights, personal security and political tours of the Delhi CM, Arvind Kejriwal.

AAP breaks all the records in Indian politics

If we talk about the records in Indian politics, then AAP emerged as winner. The credit goes to the AAP national convenor and Delhi CM, Arvind Kejriwal. In the history of this country, no state’s CM has spent such a huge amount on advertisements and self-publicity. In all the states, the ad budget never crosses Rs 60 to Rs70 crores in a year but in the first year the government lavishly spent Rs 526 crore.

In second budget AAP reduced the ad budget, but in two years the total amount is Rs 726 crore.    

Though the AAP government has cut down the ad budget and this time it is Rs 207 crores. One should ask question from the government that this time even the budget is very much higher as compare to the other states. The total calculation of the ad budget of previous year and the present, it is Rs 726 crores. In such a big amount the ruling government could have start the welfare schemes.

For Aam Aadmi Canteen, only Rs 10 crore allocated

The government proposed Aam Aadmi canteens for the migrant population and allocated Rs 10 crore only. A resident of Delhi raised finger at the AAP government that why the government is partial in ad budget and a meagre amount for Aam Aadmi canteens.


On education, AAP talked much but delivered little


AAP did not utilise money of education budget 2015-16 

In the second budget, the AAP once again made tall budgetary allocation in Education sector by 106 per cent. According to the AAP leaders, the second budget is a bonanza especially for education sector. However, the reality is entirely different from the tall claims of the AAP supremo and his deputy.

AAP did not utilise the money announced in the maiden budget for education sector

In the maiden budget, the party had promised so many lucrative plans and allocations for Education budget. According to the information, a budget allocation of Rs 3100 crore was set for the educations sector. However, the ruling government of AAP could not manage to spend even half of the amount from the allocated budget for education.

AAP government was busy in playing blame games, forgot to spend the money

After taking the reign of Delhi in 2015, the ruling AAP government kept itself busy in playing blame games. Kejriwal started launching attack on centre government for not supporting AAP. Then he started shouting at Delhi police for not cooperating Delhi government. Even he did not miss the chance to hold press conferences against the Lieutenant Governor of Delhi. So, a year passed and the ruling government forgot to spend the full allocated money on education.

AAP failed to disburse Centre’s fund for RTE programme

The centre government had granted Rs 30 crores amount to Delhi government for the proper implementation of Right to Education (RTE) programme for the poor strata of the society. However, only two per cent of the amount has spent on RTE.

AAP had promised 100 new schools in a year but gave only 21

AAP in its manifesto had promised that after forming the government, 100 schools will be constructed per year and in the span of five years, 500 new schools would be given to Delhi. However, the AAP failed to deliver its promise and after a year only 21 new schools constructed.



Public up in arms against Kejriwal for self-publicity


The people of Delhi who casted the votes to Aam Aadmi Party have been repenting on their decision as the national convenor of the party who had took the reins of Delhi a year ago failed to serve anything to the people.

People are up in arms against the Chief Minister, Kejriwal who is busy in self-publicity and forgotten the interests of people of Delhi. The AAP supremo has been projecting himself as a super hero in the different national newspapers.

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Broken promise of Kejriwal

When he had took the reins of the national capital, he promised the people that he would not act like other politicians as he would hold the open darbars in the city to hear the problems of the people. However, the Chief Minister had held only a single darbar in a year. He started acted like other leaders and refrained himself from meeting the public.

The Chief Minister started avoiding the public as he is on the self-promotion. Sumith Awasthi, a resident of Tilak Nagar said that the Chief Minister is not on the invisible mode. He can be seen on the television channels or in the big advertisements of the newspapers.

Kejri visible in ads only

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All the national newspapers of different states carried the advertisements of the one year completion of AAP government in Delhi. The advertisements were not small but there were full page ads. When the national convenor visited Punjab for five days, the national English dailies carried three page advertisements of the achievements of Kejriwal’s government in Delhi.

According to the information from the government officials of Delhi, the concerned department has given the directions to give advertisements of achievements of the government in different newspapers publishing from every state. The officials told that the government feels that the maximum advertisements in the media would highlight the party and the people would be misguided easily.

Even the Delhi Congress chief Ajay Maken had raised questions over the advertisements and he approached the High court also. The case is going on in the court. A year ago, the High court had pulled up AAP government for wasting taxpayers’ money in self-projection.


Kejriwal: A “mungerilal” of Indian politics


He used to watch the famous television programme at Doordarshan, “Mungeri Lal Ke Hasin Sapne.”  The character “Mungerilal” in the serial always lost himself in his dreams.

Arvind Kejriwal, promised the people of Delhi to eliminate corruption from the state. However, the duffer Chief Minister failed to know that his own law minister had fake degree. Where is the promise of clean image politics gone? He presented the different illusions in front of the public so that he could win the trust of the people.

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Kejriwal dreamt about the fast track court system in the county and when he wake up he promised the people to make fast tract court. He has completed one year in Delhi, but still the 1984 anti-Sikh riots case is pending. Moreover, the SIT report file is missing in his government.

Another dream he had shown to the residents that the party would present a clean image political model in the country. In AAP, there are leaders who are facing criminal cases of corruption, forgery, cheating and molestation.

He had promised that the AAP government would reduce the power prices and water would be available free of cost in the city. However, the power tariff was hiked and no free water has been given by his government.

The AAP promised that the city would be made safer for the women but his own minister Somnath Bharti was arrested for beating his wife. The free Wi-fi in the city was also one of the main agenda of Kejriwal but now he is repenting that what he promised without considering the technical and financial angels.

How foolishly the Chief Minister promise the people like an old Mughal ruler? In the medieval period of Mughals, the emperors used to announcement something big without knowing anything.

kejri 2

The same is happening with Kejriwal as he takes feeling of an old ruler while promising something to the public.

A political scientist told that he seems to be like the character of some old serials where the lead character tried to project himself as the “messiah.” An Aam Aadmi in Khas political position always makes the promises which are not possible to deliver.


“AAP” fails to regularise the NRHM employees in Delhi


The Chief Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal seems to be very busy in finding out the solution to solve the problem which he had created himself a year ago. The Muffler man had shown so many dreams to the contractual NRHM employees and despite completing a year in Delhi, Kejriwal’s government has achieved nothing so far in this regard.

As per the information received, there are 3500 doctors, nurses, midwives, data entry operators and laboratory staff working on contract basis in the capital under the NRHM.  

The contractual staff under the NRHM alleged that the ruling regime of AAP in Delhi has been doing nothing for them as they have submitted a lot of memorandums to the concerned department of Kejriwal’s government.

A demand of equal pay along with other benefits along with the demand of regularisation of their jobs has been raised so many times and when AAP had been campaigning for the polls, the point was the centre state of the party’s agenda.

The government has completed one year in Delhi but still the contractual workers are on contract only. They are waiting for the notification of the government but no message has been sent by the concerned department in Delhi.


Even the the AAP government has not releasing their salaries on time as the salaries are often delayed. As per the information, the centre and state together share a sum of 75 % and 25 % for the payment of salaries. An official in the concerned department said that the centre released its share on time but the state government delays the payment of its 25% share.

NRHM contractual staff to start a signature campaign

The contractual staff of NRHM has decided to launch a signature campaign against the ruling regime of AAP and moreover, the employees will also urge the people to support them in the cause. Another signature campaign would be started in the city for the regularisation of the staff.

A NRHM contractual employee on anonymity basis told that the government had promised them to regularise their posts and they would get the equal salaries along with the benefits. Kejriwal has played up with the emotions of the contractual employees of the city for winning votes only.

The strategy for a big movement would be planned against the AAP by these contractual staff workers. After the signature campaign, a big movement would be launched against the Muffler man’s government.


A massive protest was also launched against the AAP government by these workers in June 2015 in front of the residence of Chief Minister of Delhi. At that time, the workers had suspended the work for more than 10 days in the city.


AAP jealous of MP govt’s proposal for the salary hike of MLA’s


In Delhi AAP hiked the MLAs salary but crying when MP government going to do the same

In Delhi, the AAP had not hesitated to increase the salaries of its legislators and even the Chief Minister of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal had made a great hike in his salary. The Delhi CM withdraws Rs 2.6 lakhs per month and the Prime Minister of India gets Rs 1.6 lakhs per month. So, he set the record in the country where a state CM receives more salary than country’s Prime Minister.

It’s ok if AAP do anything but if other party does the same then AAP becomes jealous

When the AAP ruling government broken its promise of austerity and hiked the salaries of the legislators then the rival parties had fired the salvos against Keriwal. But the Chief Minister of Delhi did not bother about the criticism received for the move. When the same thing is being done in other state then AAP is jealous. The Madhya Pradesh government headed by Shivraj Chauhan decided to hike the salaries of legislators.

When MP government decided the move, the AAP started shouting against the salary hike of legislators of MP government. The AAP forgotten that in Delhi, the legislators not only got the salary hike but they are enjoying the luxuries. The state exchequer’s money is being spent on AAP legislators’ lavish lifestyle.

Why AAP targets only BJP ruling states? Because AAP is hand in glove with Congress

The AAP always target the BJP and its alliance parties. In Madhya Pradesh, the ruling regime of BJP has become the target for AAP. The AAP is hand in glove with the Congress party as in the past the party did not protest against the ruling states by Congress and its allies. Moreover, the party has been preparing for the assembly elections against the BJP ruling states. AAP is preparing for Punjab and Goa where BJP government is there. Why AAP not preparing for the Uttar Pradesh elections as majority of the leaders in AAP are from UP?   



Kejriwal takes u turn on JNU incident

Earlier supported JNU incident now blamed centre

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The Chief Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal who was the strong supporter of JNU incident has now changed his stance on the incident. As per the information, the AAP supremo had supported the students of JNU who raised slogans in favour of Pakistan. The students who faced sedition charges for raising slogans against the country were backed by Kejriwal.

Kejriwal takes u turn on incident

The dual face Kejriwal had supported the JNU incident and moreover, he had supported the JNUSU president Kanhaiya Kumar, Umar Khalid and other students facing sedition charges.

He had supported the JNU incident properly and he attended the rally of JNU students in favour of the traitors. He had also praised the students who raised anti-national slogans.

kejri kanhaiya

When JNUSU president Kanhaiya Kumar gave a speech after his release on bail, Kejriwal appreciated Kumar and even blessed him on twitter.

Now started blaming centre for shielding those students

Kejri tweet

Arvind Kejriwal had himself supported the students who shouted anti-national slogans. However, recently Kejriwal has taken u turn and blamed the centre for shielding the students who shouted slogans.

It was evident that the Chief Minister of Delhi was trying to shield the students. Moreover, the twitter messages were shown his sympathy for the students.

But, now the CM of Delhi has been shouting at BJP led centre government for shielding the students shouting anti-national slogans. What a non-sense person Kejriwal is?

AAP’s student wing CYSS involved in the incident

On February 9, 2016, a group of students were holding the posters of the hanged militant, Afzal Guru and they were shouting slogans in favour of Pakistan.

It was evident that the student wing of AAP, CYSS was behind the incident. The student members of CYSS were carrying posters of Afzal and shouting slogans against the country.

However, the supremo of AAP had ignored the role of CYSS members and he himself given a clean chit to the students facing sedition charges.


Old leaders to preach AAP on budget making process

yashwant sinha

“When Arvind Kejriwal had formed the AAP party, the clever muffler man had promised the public that the party will only induct the Aam Aadmi’s. There will be no place for the other party leaders or rich people in AAP. It would be purely made for Aam Aadmi only. However, the party has personally invited the side lined veteran of BJP and former Union Minister, Yashwant Sinha to guide AAP legislators on the city city’s government’s budget. Sinha would guide the AAP MLA’s on budget and budget making process.”

As per the information, the assembly Speaker Ram Niwas Goel had invited four persons including the former Union Minister, Yashwant Sinha for the guidance in an orientation programme for the legislators on the process and procedure of the upcoming state budget.

Failed AAP to take lessons from old leader

In 2015, the AAP under the leadership of Arvind Kejriwal had formed the government in Delhi. The first maiden budget of the party was presented with full enthusiasm but a year after the party has been exposed in front of the public because the party legislators failed to reply the public about the big promises made in budget allocations.

The veteran BJP leader Sinha who had differences with his party has now requested by the AAP to guide the legislators on the budget. He would also teach them on budget and budget making process.

As per the information, the party has been providing training to its ignorant MLAs who will get lessons from Sinha on questions to be asked on the budget.

This is depicted that the AAP failed in the capital to work on the second budget in Delhi so the party has started calling the former leaders of the parties.

AAP’s Delhi Dialogue Commission has been in touch with Sinha for ‘broad suggestions’ on the budget.

Drama of AAP

kejri 2

The stunt of the party can be better named as drama of AAP as the leaders themselves failed in making the budget procedure. The maiden budget was a bundle of fake allocations and now the party cannot be fool the public second time so that’s why the party has decided to take lessons on budget.


AAP took u turn on the event of Art of Living

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“First AAP government in Delhi given nod to the prominent spiritual icon to organise World Culture Festival at Yamuna banks but when some organisations dragged the matter into NGT, the AAP took u turn on its stand.”

 As per the information, the AAP government had given nod to Art of Living to organise the World Culture Festival at Yamuna river banks. The concerned departments had cleared the files pertaining to the permission of the mega event.

However, it was not easy for the Art of Living as the matter was raised in National Green Tribunal by some organisation alleging that the organisers of the event violated environmental norms on Yamuna flood plains. The organisations raised objections that the organisers dug the flood plains of the river for the event which is a complete violation of the environmental norms.

U turn of AAP on the festival

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The matter has put in National Green Tribunal which admitted the case. The tribunal has scolded the government of Delhi for granted the permission to the organisers for holding the event. Even the tribunal had questioned the AAP for granting the permission to the organisers.

However, the AAP government took u turn on the matter and during the hearing of the case in NGT, the concerned department of AAP told that permission to Art of Living was granted only to construct a pontoon bridge but only in case of a flood.

 Taking u turn in the court, the government’s counsel said it did not have the authority to grant permission to build a bridge in any other situation.

Delhi water minister Kapil Mishra had extended his full support to the event. However, the Delhi government denies any kind of permission.

AAP defames spiritual icon Sri Sri Ravishankar

The AAP supremo Arvind Kejriwal has shown his colours like a chameleon. Earlier, Kejriwal was supporting the spiritual icon Sri Sri Ravishanka who has been enjoying a good reputation in the world. However, when he feels that party may gripped into the controversy, he side lined him from the organisation. Moreover, the concerned minister of Kejriwal also took u turn who had promised the organisers for the full support. When the matter is raised in NGT, the party and its top leaders changed their stance.