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Next Delhi assembly session to be held in Tihar Jail


A day after the arrest of AAP legislator, Amanatullah Khan, the Delhi Police has arrested another legislator Somnath Bharti in a case of damaging the public property. Bharti is arrested for assaulting the security guards of AIIMS. It seems the next Delhi assembly session would be held in Tihar Jail as day by day the Delhi police have been arresting the AAP MLA’s in criminal cases.

As per the information, the Chief Security Office of AIIMS had lodged a complaint against the MLA in the second week of September that Bharti along with his supporters misbehaved with the security guards at the entrance of AIIMS. And he also instigated his goons to damage the fence of government property.

He also gave permission to his goons with JCB machines to enter the premises of AIMMS from Gautam Nagar nullah road side and also beaten up the security persons deployed in AIIMS. Delhi police finally arrested him on Thursday. The legislator has been facing the case of domestic violence registered by his wife and this is the second case against him.

One by one the AAP legislators have been indulging in criminal activities and facing the arrests. The number of the legislators arrested by the police in criminal cases reached at 20. The day is not far when the Chief Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal will hold the next assembly session in Tihar Jail.

When the party founded by the AAP national head Arvind Kejriwal in 2012, the party promised to give a corruption-free and ideal model in Indian political system. However, the party diverted from its real track and topped in the country as the majority of the AAP leaders and 20 legislators are facing criminal cases.

In the regime of AAP government, the national capital has topped in the country for the highest number of criminal cases.

Insensitive AAP minister drives away leaving security guards injured

Once again, another AAP minister Gopal Rai has come into limelight for his insensitivity as the minister left his security men left in the lurch when a vehicle of his cavalcade overturned in Chhattisgarh.

The AAP MLA and incumbent minister Gopal Rai did not show sympathy to his security guards who were injured in the accident. Five jawans were injured and one died in the accident but the Rai;s car drove away.

The jawans were escorting the AAP minister, while he was on his way to Bhanupratappur. The incident happened when Rai was moving towards Bhanupratappur after attending a press conference in Kanker.

One of the pilot car’s tyre burst out and the vehicle ran into the nearby fields and overturned. While others who were escorting the Delhi minister stopped to help the injured but the minister’s car drove away.

It was an act of selfish attitude of the minister who did not bother to enquire about the overturned vehicle during his road journey. He should have stopped at the spot but he had to attend a programme.

The AAP minister reached the hospital to meet the injured security men after attending the political programme. It means the political programme was the top priority of the minister and there is no value of a man’s life for the AAP legislator.

A security man lost his life that was in the cavalcade of the minister. But the minister has not shown his sympathy on the spot when the vehicle was overturned.

If a minister can’t bother about the lives of his security men then how come he would protect the lives of Delhi people if something happens, unfortunately?

Delhi dying and Sisodia enjoying

When the entire national capital has been facing the ‘chikungunya’ problem and over 11 people died due to the disease, Kejriwal’s deputy Manish Sisodia enjoying the foreign junket in Finland.

A picture of the Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia having ice cream gone viral and his state is suffering from the disease. The Chief Minister of Delhi has gone to Bengaluru for the surgery and his deputy is busy in Finland.

Kejriwal has not kept any portfolio and his deputy Manish Sisodia officiates in the absence of his top boss. However, the pictures on social media depicting that the vacations at Finland are more important than the immediate return to his own country where his state has been combating with ‘chikungunya’.

When the AAP party took the reins of the national capital with a landslide victory, the best healthcare facilities in the city would be the one of the prominent agenda of the party in its manifesto.

However, it seems the party deliberately forgotten the promise and the poor health care facilities in the government hospitals led to the death of 11 people in Delhi. People are crying for the help but there is no proper support given to the government hospitals from Delhi government.

All the cabinet ministers are out of the city busy in other states for the upcoming assembly polls.

Satyendra Jain, the health minister of Delhi ignored his own state and was busy in the preparations for the upcoming assembly polls in Goa. Jain returned because of the flak he drew for his absence.

The AAP and Kejriwal are too busy campaigning in poll-bound States such as Punjab and Goa to pay attention to what is happening in the city.

As the city reels under a major health crisis, virtually the entire Delhi Cabinet is missing from action as ministers including Kejriwal, Manish Sisodia, Gopal Rai and Imran Hussain are not in town.

Rai is in Chhattisgarh and Hussain is on Haj pilgrimage. Only Water Minister Kapil Mishra was in Delhi when the disease broke out.

Aam Aadmi Party spent Aam Aadmi Paisa on advertisements

kejri 1
The Aam Aadmi Party government in Delhi led by so-called Aam Aadmi and the Chief Minister of Delhi lavishly spent the public money on advertisements as the country’s top auditor slammed the government in its 55 pages report.

As per the report, the Delhi government spent around Rs 33 crore on a single advertisement campaign and 85 percent of the amount from the campaign was spent outside Delhi.

The report of the CAG stated that the Delhi government led by AAP spent the public money lavishly on self-projection through the advertisement. Pointing at an advertisement, the report revealed that a person was talking about the party, not the government so the party’s name was projected in the ad on state exchequer’s money.

The CAG report slammed the Delhi government for using taxpayers’ money on an advertisement campaign projecting the party’s name instead of Delhi government. The top auditor has stated that the advertisement was the party’s campaign so the party should have paid the expenses.

As per the report, the Delhi government spent Rs 526 crore on self-glorification and only provided the details of Rs 100 crore spent on the ad campaigns. The CAG has also questioned the Delhi government for spending Rs 70 lakhs on ads blaming the centre government for the poor law and order situation in the national capital.

The government spent Rs 70 lakh for bashing the Modi government on public money.

Even the CAG report has raised the questions at three ads in which the AAP party mentioned its achievements. The party has claimed to accomplish few projects which are still not completed actually.

The lavish expenditure of the Delhi government for the publicity especially for AAP party made the CAG angry for spending the state exchequer’s money on the self-projection of the party.

First time in the history of Delhi, a party has changed its colours from Aam Aadmi to Khas Aadmi Party and misused the public money by ignoring all the promises made to the public.

AAP government left Delhi people in lurch, ministers enjoying political honeymoons



The Chief Minister of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal is busy outside Delhi for his own health treatment instead of taking care of the national capital and the majority of ministers are enjoying their political honeymoons in other states.

Delhi’s chikungunya death toll has reached seven, with two more people both men dying of complications related to the disease. But, the Kejriwal’s ministers are busy in preparations for the assembly polls in Punjab, Goa and Gujrat.

In fact, health minister Satyender Jain has just returned from Goa when the Delhi government face ire of the people who are crying for the poor health facilities in the national capital.

The foolish health minister of Delhi, Satyender Jain cleverly tried to defend himself and said that medically, there is no death due to the diseases but media is showing deaths.

The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) over the outbreak of dengue and chikungunya in the national capital has not accepted its sheer negligence and the party slamming the Centre for becoming an obstacle.

People are dying, the situation is worrisome but AAP ministers are over busy in the preparations for the assembly polls in other states. Instead of tackling with the situation the health minister misbehaved with media.

In the absence of Arvind Kejriwal, Manish Sisodia holds the responsibility of Delhi but he is in Brazil. There are hundreds of cases of chikungunya reported in Delhi and the government had not done proper arrangements in the hospitals to treat the patients.

When the AAP party contested the assembly polls, proper health care facilities in the government hospitals would be one top of the agendas and the point was also taken in the party’s manifesto.

However, nothing delivered by the party and now the Delhi people lost their hope. After taking the reins of Delhi, the AAP party started dreaming of winning all states in the country.

Sehrawat paid the price for speaking truth


The AAP legislator Devinder Sehrawat has finally paid the price for speaking the truth and the party has suspended him till pending enquiry. Sehrawat had written a letter to AAP national convener that the AAP leaders were sexually exploiting women party workers in return for tickets.

When the legislator sent the letter to Kejriwal, the party ignored the allegations levelled by Sehrawat and told that the letter was the result of Sehrawat’s frustration.

Responding to the party’s decision to suspend him, Sehrawat tweeted, “Repeated Reports of Molestation of women and sexual abuse,Ring Master Kejriwal obliging his lecherous coterie and adding more such candidates.”

In another tweet, earlier in the day he had dared the party to throw him out. The suspended legislator blamed the AAP government that with 67 legislators Kejriwal did nothing for Delhi.

He also lambasted at AAP head for not taking action against the CD submitted to him by the complainant in Sandeep Kumar’s case. He alleged that the silence over the CD of the former minister by Kejriwal means the AAP head knows what’s happening in the party.

Sehrawat further said that there is no place in AAP for those who dare to speak the truth or challenge the senior leadership. The suspended legislator has paid the price for speaking the truth.

When the former leaders and founding members of AAP, Prashant Bhushan and Yogender Yadav were expelled from the party they also stated that the party was only run by Kejriwal.

Even the party had suspended two parliamentarians Dharamvir Gandhi and Harinder Khalsa for anti-party activities. They both said that the dictatorial attitude of AAP leaders in Delhi along with Kejriwal did not let them continue their work in Punjab. When they raised their voice they were suspended from the party.

AAP Supremo ignores a shocking letter revealing ugly face of AAP Punjab

Kejriwal Get’s The Raw End Of The Deal

The AAP national convener Arvind Kejriwal has ignored a shocking letter revealing the truth about the allocation of tickets to women candidates in AAP Punjab.

Devinder Sehrawat, the legislator from Bijwasan has raised concern about “debauchery” in the party and embarked on a “fact-finding mission” to Punjab. He wrote a letter to Arvind

Kejriwal stating that he heard about senior leaders of Delhi and AAP Punjab exploiting women on the pretext of allocating assembly tickets in Punjab.

In a letter addressed to Kejriwal, Sehrawat has written “I saw disturbing reports about women being exploited in Punjab in return for, or on a promise of, a ticket. Am meeting people in Chandigarh… Delhi MLAs are unaware of what is being done by (senior party members) in Punjab.”

The legislator has warned Kejriwal that the same incidents have been happening in Delhi where the leaders are seducing the women by offering them lucrative offers. Sehrawat has also lambasted at Ashutosh’s absurd clarification for supporting the former cabinet minister Sandeep Kumar involved in the sex scandal tapes.

However, the AAP party has ignored his letter and termed him as a disgruntled legislator who has been deliberately levelling allegations against his own party colleagues.

It is crystal clear that the AAP party head Arvind Kejriwal and his deputy Manish Sisodia are well aware of the happenings going on in AAP party in Delhi and Punjab. However, they are trying to shield such incidents as Kejriwal did it in Sandeep Kumar’s case.

Kejriwal had received the tapes 20 days before the revelations by a news channel. But, he did not react at that time and tried to save his minister. When the news reached media, he immediately sacked Sandeep as he had no other option left except removing Sandeep from his post.

AAP’s Misogynistic Legacy

In light of recent events, wherein various members of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) were charged with instances of assault of a sexual nature on women – it is clear to see how much the party respects women.

A man who hasn’t been able to get his own out of the patriarchic mould, will he be capable of helping another state grow and prosper? The evidence suggests otherwise.

Kumar Vishwas has been the latest AAP leader dent party’s image but he is not the first leader to face charges of crime against women. AAP, MLA Somnath Bharti was accused and later arrested on charges of domestic violence & attempt to murder leveled against him by his wife.

Earlier AAP MLA Akhilesh Tripathy was charge sheeted with allegations of molestation and physical violence.

While AAP government claims to be committed for the cause of women, but ironically their MLAs are making objectionable remarks in the House. It clearly reflects their patriarchal attitude! Sexist Remarks by Somnath Bharti: “I am fully confident that if Delhi government is given full freedom [over security), beautiful women will be able to go out even after midnight without any fear. “

Sexist remarks by Kumar Viswas: “Since nurses from Kerala are ‘kali peeli’ [dark skinned) one would naturally feel like calling them sisters.”

Such acts bring into perspective the lack of safety that women have been dealing with for a long time, in the city of Delhi. Especially, ever since the CM of the city has come into power. It it painful to see the state of affairs in Delhi. And while there are no proper implementation of laws for women as such by the CM or the government in his own city, he is now attempting to venture out into states like Punjab and Goa. The question is – Can he handle it!?

Representative of common man enjoying the cooling of 30 ACs

Kejriwal’s electricity bill crosses one lakh, revealed an RTI

kejri 1

The Chief Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal who had committed to stand with the cause of a common man has forgotten his pledge. A year ago, Kejriwal claimed himself a messiah of Delhi people but after forming government, he has shown his actual colours.

He has been enjoying the luxuries at the cost of public money. In 2015, especially during the scorching summers, people of Delhi were crying for proper power supply, however, Kejriwal was enjoying the luxury of 30 air conditioners at his official residence.

Common man’s highest electricity bill, Kejriwal exposed

Responding to an RTI application, the Delhi government had said that the electricity charges at Kejriwal’s residence for April and May was about Rs 91,000. The total bill was for two-metered connections at Kejriwal’s residence at 6, Flag Staff Road in Civil Lines.

While one bill charged Rs 22,689, the amount quoted in the second bill was Rs 1,13,598.

After the electricity bill for April and May came out, the Delhi government had said it included electricity charges for a camp office and various other facilities installed for visitors at the complex.

It said the actual bill for electricity consumption at the Chief Minister’s residence was much lower.

AAP government defended Kejriwal

The spokesperson of AAP had come out with an excuse to save the Kejriwal from public ire. The spokesman had said that the Kejriwal’s residence bill was not much. It was the base camp bill which was higher as Kejriwal is Delhi CM and a lot of people to his official residence to meet him. Kejriwal’s family did not use much electricity. The facilities in the Kejriwal’s residence are especially for the officials and visitors. However, a person had exposed the Delhi CM that he visited the bungalow of Kejriwal so many times but the security did not allow him to enter. So, who are the visitors as Kejriwal did not allow anyone to enter in his official residence.

Kejriwal to spend public money on luxuries in this summer too

As summers are approaching, Kejriwal has been planning to install more air conditions and air coolers. An official in the government has revealed the information about the Kejriwal’s planning. Once again the Kejriwal would enjoy the luxuries at the cost of the tax payers’ money in the coming summers.





Despite 40,000 vacant posts, AAP govt fired 3000 guest teachers


Kejriwal government took u turn on the regularisation of teachers

The ruling government of AAP headed by Arvind Kejriwal in Delhi has left 3000 guest teachers in lurch. The sole bread earners are now started agitating against the government for its poor stand towards its commitment to regularise the guest teachers.

AAP had promised the guest and contractual teachers to regularise them after forming the government. Over 3000 guest teachers have fired by AAP ruling regime in Delhi.

“The government has terminated the services of over 3,000 teachers saying it doesn’t require our services anymore. This is when there are at least 40,000 teacher’s posts lying vacant. They promised us the first thing they would do when they came to power would be to make guest teachers permanent. But instead, they are doing this.” said Parveen Tobria, one of the teachers.

Opportunist Kejriwal did not meet the teachers, sneaked out of the back of his house

Arvind Kejriwal

The guest teachers had gathered in front of the house of the Delhi Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal and they wanted to meet him. However, the opportunist and liar Kejriwal sneaked out of the back of his house. When the teachers did not get any response, they started protesting against the ruling regime. Later, they showed black flags to Kejriwal at Jantar Mantar but the police detained them.

Parveen Tobria said, “The CM refused to meet us and sneaked out of the back of his house. When we tried to protest at Jantar Mantar, we were taken to the police station. Not only has this government not kept its promise, it seems they are working against guest teachers’ interests.”

40000 posts of teachers are vacant in Delhi, AAP failed recruit teachers

As per the information, 40,000 posts of school teachers are lying vacant in Delhi. The government schools of national capital facing shortage of teachers and despite knowing the fact, AAP government fired 3000 guest teachers. The ruling government failed to deliver its promise of teachers’ recruitment and regularisation of guest teachers.

Kejriwal has some plan for running the schools without teachers

The AAP government has promised to open 500 new schools in Delhi and Kejriwal has some plan to run the schools without teachers. The foolish CM said that the quality of education would be increased in government schools. How he will raise the quality of education without the teachers? God knows.