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Shameless Mann insults media, ask supporters to throw out scribes


It seems that AAP MP from Sangrur Bhagwant Mann has not learnt any lessons from the Parliament video controversy and now landed himself in fresh troubles by insulting the journalists in his rally at Fatehgarh Sahib.
Mann has crossed his limits during his rally and told the supporters and workers to throw the media persons out of the venue. The AAP supporters tried to snatch the cameras from the photographers and also manhandled them.

When Mann reached three hours late in the rally, the media persons asked him the questions about his late arrival and also asked him about the sex scandal of Delhi cabinet minister.

Mann, who was suspended from the lower house for shooting a Parliament video recently instigated his party volunteers to throw journalists out of his rally for asking a question related to the sacking of a party minister in the wake of a sex CD.

Mann asked the media to leave “or people will throw you out”, AAP volunteers tried to snatch cameras and also manhandled journalists, who had to run out of the venue for safety.

The Sangrur MP from AAP, Mann again caught in the controversy after Parliament video incident. The shameless and non-sense Mann now insulted the media, the fourth pillar of the democracy.

Harinder Khalsa, the suspended AAP MP who had requested the speaker of Lok Sabha to shift his seat also criticised the Sangrur MP for his biggest blunder. He said that Mann must be drunk when he did such a foolish act.

The Chandigarh Press Club has condemned the incident and its office-bearers will soon meet the director general of police (DGP), Punjab, for an immediate FIR against Mann. Mann’s entry has been debarred in the premises of club and the media has boycotted his all press conferences and programmes.

Infighting in AAP Punjab started, now Kanwar Sandhu fires salvo at AAP leadership

Kanwar Sandhu

Kanwar Sandhu

The infighting within the AAP Punjab leadership is now clearly visible as a new controversy cropped up in the party because of the induction of Harmail Singh Tohra and his family in AAP party fold.

Harmail Tohra

Harmail Singh Tohra

A senior leader of AAP and a former journalist Kanwar Sandhu has opposed the induction of Harmail Singh Tohra induction in AAP along with his family. Sandhu alleged that the newcomer was involved in the attack on Dharamvir Gandhi during the Lok Sabha campaign.

The incumbent parliamentarian of AAP Dharamvir Gandhi was attacked in 2014 when he was busy in campaigning. Gandhi had sustained injuries and Harmail Tohra honoured the attackers.

It was evident that there was someone behind the attack and Harmail’s name was cropped up in that controversy. Kanwar Sandhu told that he didn’t know about the induction of Tohra’s family in AAP. He lambasted at the AAP leadership for not doing the homework properly before taking the family of Harmail Tohra in AAP.

Sandu termed that the party has inducted Tohra as a hasty step. In a tweet, Sandhu said, “Tohra’s hasty induction. I would have opposed his entry.” He demanded that Tohra should tender his apology publicly about his involvement in the attack.

He also advised his party to take care while taking such leaders into the party fold. Sandhu has raised the questions over the credibility of AAP leadership for supporting the attacker of incumbent AAP parliamentarian.

It seems the controversies are still rising in the AAP Punjab as earlier; Chhotepur had raised questions over the selection of few candidates for the assembly seats. The former IFS officer and senior AAP leader Hardeep Kingra left the party as he was not happy with the senior leadership of AAP Delhi.

Manjeet Singh Randhawa left the party and registered a new party. Jassi Jasraj who was expelled from the party has been continuously firing salvos and revealing the truth about the party leadership.

AAP’s Selfish Agenda: Punjab

There is always much more to things, than social media may show viewers. An example of this is, what began with celebrating first anniversary of Arvind Kejriwal government in Punjab, seems to have no end. During Kejriwal’s Punjab tour, AAP was again seen splurging massive amount on glorifying their deeds. Delhi government could have spent this amount on development work on the National capital but instead went on a self-promotion drive.

Arvind Kejriwal, in his possibly vain attempt to gain brownie points in the state of Punjab is going all out, with the kind of advertisements and mass media publicity he is doing. Sometimes subtle, other times- not so much. Illustrations, newspaper ad’s, posters, you name it, chance is- he has already done it! AAP has already spent more than Punjab government’s annual budget on highlighting their “achievements”. What’s more? He targets leading dailies and gives out misleading ad’s which actually aim at coloring the perception of people in a way that would benefit his party. Deluding people into believing like they have a freedom of choice when they actually don’t.

AAP has clearly violated the guidelines of the Supreme Court as Supreme Court had prohibited the use of photographs of political leaders in advertisements issued by any government and its agencies.

Supreme court in its verdict announced in May, 2015 has said that taxpayers’ money cannot be spent to build “personality cults” of political leaders and restrained ruling parties from publishing photographs of political leaders or prominent persons in government-funded advertisement. The apex court, however, permitted the use of photographs of the President, Prime Minister and Chief Justice of India.

Despite several warnings issues at a level as high as the courts, Kejriwal seems to have little or no respect toward the judicial system that he governs. Or shall we say takes for granted to no extent?

In his charade to ace at the Punjab elections Arvind Kejriwal is losing out on a lot of love and respect that his people may have offered to him. Arvind Kejriwal government in last one year has spent hundreds of crores, and for one-year ‘celebration’ it spent exorbitantly. While voters of Punjab have already rejected Kejriwal, he continues to be persistent and in has scaled all heights of desperation, offense and defense.

Let’s wait for time to tell what it has in store for our beloved CM of Delhi. It’s definitely not heading anywhere positive, as yet.

AAP Ki Khatir

The govt. of Delhi, Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has hit a new low. With a leader like Kejriwal leading them, it’s not possible to expect a fate that would result in otherwise with them.

Every step of the way, we see the CM blaming the central government for the party’s faulty decisions. If only, they put that much effort in enhancing the positive rather than under stating the negatives or blaming others for their lapses in judgment. Which is inexcusable when running the capital of the country.

Not long ago, the CM was seen at loggerheads with Lt.Gen.  Najib Jung. An attempt at gaining media and public attention as a part of his political propaganda. Unfortunately for him, it backfired and depopularized him instead of the Lt.General.

The deadlock between Lt Governor Najeeb Jung and Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal is not the first in Delhi, but previous disagreements between the two top executives have always been resolved through dialogue but Kejriwal is no mood to end the impasse.


In the run-up to assembly polls in Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal made tall promises and majority of the promises were impractical & unrealistic. Unable to live up his word, Kejriwal started indulging in blame game to divert public attention. Be it ensuring women safety, regularizing contractual workers or putting authorized tag on 1600 unauthorized colonies in Delhi, Kejriwal has some excuse ready up his sleeves for his inaction.


Delhi voters gave Kejriwal a thumping majority in hope of change and they were expecting him to deliver what was promised. But to their sheer disappointment all they have witnessed in last one year is, his lame excuses and blame-game.


The series continue, with Kejriwal’s unrelenting spirit to ensure his own downfall. What he does not realize is- it’s leading to the downfall of the capital of the country. Which way will it go? The end of Kejriwal’s reign or the complete disintegration of the system? Only time will tell.

Compensation to 84 riot victims proves eyewash

AAP has time and again raised the issue of Anti Sikh riots to gain political mileage. Eyeing assembly election in Punjab, AAP government in Delhi released compensation to riot victims. But it proved only eyewash later as AAP government failed to take any action on much hyped probe on the case.


Much publicized compensation to riot victims

On 31st anniversary of Indira Gandhi’s assassination, Kejriwal government organized a function to award a cheque of Rs. five lakh to select riot victims. It is nothing but a cruel joke if a government after 31 years of biggest carnage in Sikh history, gives five-lakh compensation to victims. It also proves how they were trying to politicize the issue.

AAP also tried to garner sympathy of Punjabi voters and issued advertisements highlighting their achievement in all the regional newspapers of Punjab during Kejriwal’s visit to state.

Fails to initiate SIT

AAP advertisement also mentions about Delhi government’s probe into all the cases relating to riots and talks about Special Investigation Team (SIT) set up by government in last February. But their commitment again proved eyewash as it was surfaced from media reports in January 2016 that the file meant to constituent SIT was missing and Delhi government was clueless about that.

The file was marked to Delhi home minister, Jitender Singh Tomar and when he was confronted with media about the missing file, he first rubbished it as rumour but realized about it later as deputy home secretary had issued a circular to all the departments, requesting them to trace the missing file.

Hand in glove with Congress

It is now no secret that AAP is hand in glove with Congress and it is now clear that SIT was AAP’s ploy to delay probe into anti Sikh riots case.

Exposing his double standards, an image showing Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal in jovial mood with Jagdish Tytler had gone viral on social networks. The image exposed the big picture on false propaganda and hidden agenda of Aam Adami Party. If AAP was committed to put the people responsible for Sikh carnage then why would have Kejriwal shared the dais with main culprit Tytler in a public function?

It is now evident that Kejirwal is playing politics on Sikh issues to gain political points. Kejriwal showed commitment to deliver justice to Sikhs in anti Sikh riots case but they never allowed the probe to happen.

Kejriwal, a liar of the century

kejri first

“How articulately Arvind Kejriwal manipulates the reality can be judged during his hunger strike as Delhi CM in 2014. He had presented the wrong facts in media and the truth was entirely different.”

Kejriwal and company had started its first political inning two year ago and after taking the reins of Delhi government in the maiden polls, Kejriwal held a hunger strike in the national capital.


The strike was called for the demands from the centre government and the CM was trying to pressurize the centre government through hunger strike. Kejriwal told the media that police acted on the centres’ directions and the main objective of the police was to make the rally a complete failure.

He had told the media that police did not allowed the supporters and workers of the party to have tea. The entire venue of the programme was hijacked by the police. There were no arrangements for the tea by police.

The truth was different as a news channel had found that the party workers were easily moving in the venue and they were enjoying tea at the stalls put up by the police. Moreover, the cops were also distributing the snacks to the party workers in the early morning at that time.


Arvind Kejriwal on camera said during his hunger strike Delhi police closed all toilets, but on camera all of his supporters found using public toilets. Delhi police did not close public toilet. A news channel report had exposed the lie of Kejriwal. The party workers were seen openly using the public toilets and there was no cop outside the toilets.

Every statement of Kejriwal was fabricated with the wrong intention to spread the message to the public. However, the “topimaster” was caught on camera for levelling the false allegations against the party workers.

Moreover, the programme was organised because of the hunger strike of Kejriwal where the workers were enjoying tea and snacks. So, it was complete non sense of the party head that had observing hunger strike and on the opposite, the party workers were enjoying tea and snacks.

He was exaggerating the facts so that the public could be misguided but at that time a news channel exposed him.

Punjab volunteers of AAP not-so-happy over nosy behavior of Delhi leaders

It all started when Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) MPs from Punjab Harinder Singh Khalsa and Dr. Dharamvira Gandhi were suspended from primary membership of the party and party’s National convener became inconsiderate about the entire issue. Bitterness prevailed among the party’s Punjab volunteers and workers for the past few months, which reached its boiling point when the leaders from other parties who lately joined AAP were made spokespersons without taking the local leadership into confidence.

In order to promote the Aam Aadmi party in Punjab, its Delhi team members used all unethical means at its disposal. Instead Delhi team members sidelined party’s Punjab leaders to such an extent that they have to appeal Arvind Kejriwal, National Convener, AAP to direct them to stop interfering in their activities.


AAP discourages its old volunteers

AAP government has always been alleged of discouraging its old volunteers and leaders who helped the party during its initial stages. Kejriwal has always failed to hear the resentment of his party’s Punjab workers as well as volunteers, who were made to feel insignificant and demeaned by its Delhi team members.

Earlier also AAP party volunteers from Amritsar were left with no choice rather than burning effigy of its local party members, to bring their issues into Kejriwal’s notice.

“Not even a single old volunteer or party leader from Punjab who holds clean image figured on the party posters recently”, stated AAP Punjab Volunteer who blamed AAP for ignoring his old volunteers. “Only Kejriwal and Sanjay Singh from Delhi and five to six unknown persons from Delhi were highlighted”, he added.

Lack of access to the leadership

Party made by a common man for the common man is now in trouble as many of the leaders raised the issue of not being able to reach its senior leaders at National level. Its members and volunteers at the state level have started feeling frustrated and dishearten by the meddling attitude of its Delhi team.

Indian Mirror | Why Phoolka gets angry?

Aam Aadmi Party leader and lawyer H.S. Phoolka these days easily gets provoked and can say anything in the fit of rage.


The change in behaviour of Phoolka was witnessed by people close to him when the other day he held a cycle rally from Bargari village in Faridkot to Bathinda demanding justice for two Sikh victims of Bargari who were killed in police firing during a protest last month.

Opposition from riot victims

maxresdefault (1)

He was not expecting it, but Phoolka, however, faced opposition from a number of riot victims from Delhi and members of the Sikh Welfare Society, Ludhiana, who alleged the lawyer had not done anything for them.

It has become a fad with Phoolka these days to allege and blame that the protest was held at the behest of his opponents. He reportedly said that “If any victim is not happy with my efforts, he can hire another advocate. I am fighting these cases with honesty and free of cost and I challenge anyone to prove me wrong over this.”  Yes Mr. Phoolka you have already been proved wrong and exposed for not doing anything concrete in all these years for the victims of 1984 riot victims.  Naturally when a person who lives on falsehood is exposed, he is bound to get furious on the very mention of the sentimental issue that affects each and every Sikh.

Chinks in his story

He said he too was a victim of the riots as on November 2, 1984, the mob attacked our house in South Extension area, where we lived on rent. But the landlord, a Punjabi Hindu, had already locked us in a store room. Phoolka went on with his tale that “Soon, an Army truck reached and with the help of the landlord, we escaped. I cannot forget the moment when I ran for my life barefoot without a turban on my head. My wife and I reached Punjab on November 5 and when I returned to Delhi later that month, I, along with many others, decided to fight for the victims for free.

Seething with anger

Now when his lies are nailed and he is asked how is juniors had been charging hefty fee on his behalf from the victims of genocide that he seethes with anger. In such a situation, Phoolka can blame any political person and any political party for spreading canards against him. Little doubt that people around Phoolka Sahib now know “Phoolka ko gussa kyon aata hai”

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Indian Mirror | Alcoholic Parliamentarian!

“While Aam Adami Party is committed to fight against Nashakhori (addiction) in Punjab, its alcoholic star politician remains untamed.”


Bhagwant Mann is Punjab’s well-known comedian and supposedly a good orator. He is a crowd puller for AAP but off late he has been making news for all the wrong reasons. While his theatrics may appeal to masses on a lighter note but on the other hand his misdeeds are creating all sorts of problems for Aam Adami Party.

Bhagwant Mann attending parliament sessions in drunken state is an open secret. This is not just against parliamentary norms and public ethics, but also goes against AAP’s anti-drug campaign in Punjab. All AAP party leaders including party convener Arvind Kejriwal are aware of Bhagwant Mann’s drinking habit.

However, instead of taking action against Mann’s undisciplined attitude, Kejriwal elevated his position in the party due to his sycophancy towards the ‘Arvind coterie’. Now Mann is the leader of AAP’s parliamentary party and the poster boy of the political campaign of the party committed to ending ‘Nashakhori’ in Punjab.


Lamenting drinking habits of Mann, expelled AAP leader and co-founder of the party, Yogendra Yadav had written on his Facebook post earlier, “I discovered it first in July 2014 when AAP had a meeting of all its Lok Sabha candidates. Mann was sitting next to me and smelled of alcohol. I mentioned it to Arvind Kejriwal and he nodded. Around this time I heard rumours that Mann was going to the Lok Sabha sessions drunk. One of his fellow MPs confirmed it to me.”

Party MP form Fatehgarh Sahib went on record to state that he would never sit next to Mann, as he could not stand foul smell of alcohol. He even went on suggest shifting him to a  de-addiction center.

Mann is a habitual drinker and on several occasion he has been found drunk in public. He was found in an inebriated condition when he was addressing a press conference at the Chandigarh Press Club, which was called to raise the issue of abducted Indian youth by IS in Iraq.

Causing yet another embarrassment to AAP, Bhagwant Mann was allegedly found drunk at religious function at Bargari village in Faridkot. The video, which had gone viral, showed Bhagwant Mann being forced to leave the religious function after found in drunken state by a former Granthi (Sikh Priest). After the incident hashtag #DrunkBhagwantMann became a top trend on twitter and Mann received public ire for hurting Sikh sentiments.

Bhagwant Mann is an elected representative of the people but it is rather unfortunate that he could never understand the huge responsibility bestowed upon him by people of Punjab. He may not be under the influence of alcohol all the time but his irresponsible & incentive acts prove that his hangover of comedy is not over yet!

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Chhotepur becomes a cop


Speaks on drugs issue like a top cop

The convenor of AAP Punjab, Sucha Singh Chhotepur has suddenly turned into a cop and started speaking about the drugs menace in the state right after the visit of Pappu of Congress at Amritsar.

Rahul Gandhi has visited Amritsar last week especially for the screening of a bullshit documentary made by his own party worker on drugs. Pappu Gandhi was stick to his statement on drugs in the state and he had again claimed that 70 per cent youth of the state indulged in drugs.

Chhotepur steals the words of Pappu but he exaggerated the facts

Like a top cop, Sucha Singh Chhotepur came out with a foolish statement on drugs issue. Rahul had stick to his claim on the number of drug addicts but Chhotepur imagination crossed all the limits. He tweeted that the both rival parties in Punjab have equal share in drug state.


He said, Congress and Akali Dal leaders have 50:50 share of drugs trade in Punjab, they work hand in hand for easy income.”

The statement given by the AAP Punjab convener depicted that he had served in the world’s top investigative agencies as he boldly made the stupid statement targeting rival parties. Without having any solid proof or a concrete report on drugs trade he made such a drastic statement to woo the party leadership.

Chhotepur lives in illusion

Chhotepur had served in different political parties before joining AAP and he was a side lined leader because of his corrupt and over ambitious attitude.

The second statement made by the AAP leader proved that he lives in the world of illusion. To get the maximum fame in the party and public, he came out with another statement on twitter.

sucha 1

He mentioned, “Congress brought drugs in Punjab and Akali-Dal BJP helped them to open the outlets and provided easy means to distribute.”

Chhotepur should study the AIIMS study before making the statements

A study conducted by the country’s top medical institution All India Institute of Medical Sciences has proved that Punjab has only 0.06 per cent of population consuming drugs. The AAP convener should spare some time from his schedule and study the report properly before commenting. Moreover, he should take the treatment from a qualified doctor.