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Next Delhi assembly session to be held in Tihar Jail


A day after the arrest of AAP legislator, Amanatullah Khan, the Delhi Police has arrested another legislator Somnath Bharti in a case of damaging the public property. Bharti is arrested for assaulting the security guards of AIIMS. It seems the next Delhi assembly session would be held in Tihar Jail as day by day the Delhi police have been arresting the AAP MLA’s in criminal cases.

As per the information, the Chief Security Office of AIIMS had lodged a complaint against the MLA in the second week of September that Bharti along with his supporters misbehaved with the security guards at the entrance of AIIMS. And he also instigated his goons to damage the fence of government property.

He also gave permission to his goons with JCB machines to enter the premises of AIMMS from Gautam Nagar nullah road side and also beaten up the security persons deployed in AIIMS. Delhi police finally arrested him on Thursday. The legislator has been facing the case of domestic violence registered by his wife and this is the second case against him.

One by one the AAP legislators have been indulging in criminal activities and facing the arrests. The number of the legislators arrested by the police in criminal cases reached at 20. The day is not far when the Chief Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal will hold the next assembly session in Tihar Jail.

When the party founded by the AAP national head Arvind Kejriwal in 2012, the party promised to give a corruption-free and ideal model in Indian political system. However, the party diverted from its real track and topped in the country as the majority of the AAP leaders and 20 legislators are facing criminal cases.

In the regime of AAP government, the national capital has topped in the country for the highest number of criminal cases.

Sehrawat paid the price for speaking truth


The AAP legislator Devinder Sehrawat has finally paid the price for speaking the truth and the party has suspended him till pending enquiry. Sehrawat had written a letter to AAP national convener that the AAP leaders were sexually exploiting women party workers in return for tickets.

When the legislator sent the letter to Kejriwal, the party ignored the allegations levelled by Sehrawat and told that the letter was the result of Sehrawat’s frustration.

Responding to the party’s decision to suspend him, Sehrawat tweeted, “Repeated Reports of Molestation of women and sexual abuse,Ring Master Kejriwal obliging his lecherous coterie and adding more such candidates.”

In another tweet, earlier in the day he had dared the party to throw him out. The suspended legislator blamed the AAP government that with 67 legislators Kejriwal did nothing for Delhi.

He also lambasted at AAP head for not taking action against the CD submitted to him by the complainant in Sandeep Kumar’s case. He alleged that the silence over the CD of the former minister by Kejriwal means the AAP head knows what’s happening in the party.

Sehrawat further said that there is no place in AAP for those who dare to speak the truth or challenge the senior leadership. The suspended legislator has paid the price for speaking the truth.

When the former leaders and founding members of AAP, Prashant Bhushan and Yogender Yadav were expelled from the party they also stated that the party was only run by Kejriwal.

Even the party had suspended two parliamentarians Dharamvir Gandhi and Harinder Khalsa for anti-party activities. They both said that the dictatorial attitude of AAP leaders in Delhi along with Kejriwal did not let them continue their work in Punjab. When they raised their voice they were suspended from the party.

AAP Supremo ignores a shocking letter revealing ugly face of AAP Punjab

Kejriwal Get’s The Raw End Of The Deal

The AAP national convener Arvind Kejriwal has ignored a shocking letter revealing the truth about the allocation of tickets to women candidates in AAP Punjab.

Devinder Sehrawat, the legislator from Bijwasan has raised concern about “debauchery” in the party and embarked on a “fact-finding mission” to Punjab. He wrote a letter to Arvind

Kejriwal stating that he heard about senior leaders of Delhi and AAP Punjab exploiting women on the pretext of allocating assembly tickets in Punjab.

In a letter addressed to Kejriwal, Sehrawat has written “I saw disturbing reports about women being exploited in Punjab in return for, or on a promise of, a ticket. Am meeting people in Chandigarh… Delhi MLAs are unaware of what is being done by (senior party members) in Punjab.”

The legislator has warned Kejriwal that the same incidents have been happening in Delhi where the leaders are seducing the women by offering them lucrative offers. Sehrawat has also lambasted at Ashutosh’s absurd clarification for supporting the former cabinet minister Sandeep Kumar involved in the sex scandal tapes.

However, the AAP party has ignored his letter and termed him as a disgruntled legislator who has been deliberately levelling allegations against his own party colleagues.

It is crystal clear that the AAP party head Arvind Kejriwal and his deputy Manish Sisodia are well aware of the happenings going on in AAP party in Delhi and Punjab. However, they are trying to shield such incidents as Kejriwal did it in Sandeep Kumar’s case.

Kejriwal had received the tapes 20 days before the revelations by a news channel. But, he did not react at that time and tried to save his minister. When the news reached media, he immediately sacked Sandeep as he had no other option left except removing Sandeep from his post.

AAP’s Ashutosh comes to rescue Sandeep Kumar


The journalist turned politician, Ashutosh, one of the prominent faces of AAP in Delhi has come out with his absurd suggestion to rescue the former cabinet minister Sandeep Kumar caught in the sex scandal controversy.

Ashutosh has written on his blog that sex with the consent of the woman is not an issue. He has openly supported Kumar and compared the act of the former cabinet minister with the former Prime Minister of India, Jawahar Lal Nehru and father of nation Mahatma Gandhi.

The AAP leader has written that Nehru had physical relations with ladies and Gandhi Ji had physical relations. He further wrote that the incidents never affected the political career of Nehru.

What a non-sense idea, the former journalist has given? It’s shameful that a leader who was a journalist earlier has defended his party man by presenting wrong facts.

Ashutosh wrote that the “act” was not coerced and was of a consensual nature, there was no “wrongdoing.” The woman, Ashutosh wrote, “is not coerced” and she has not even complained to anyone after that. The woman did not file any official complaint with the police or the court. “Neither has the wife of the man expressed any divergent view on the conduct of the man.”

What Ashutosh wrote,

“It’s not a rape. Then why should this sex video be discussed at all? Why should it be made public? Why should it be linked to the character of the man and the party? Why should it create headlines? What wrong has the man done?”

Condemning Aam Aadmi Party leader Ashutosh for his blog on former cabinet minister Sandeep Minister, the Nationalist Congress Party termed it as unfortunate.

The AAP head Arvind Kejriwal should have condemned the wording of Ashutosh. However, the AAP supremo is silent on the statement of Ashutosh and his deputy Manish Sisodia told the media that Ashutosh views are personal and not related to the party.

Action has not taken against Ashutosh as he is the blue eyed boy of Kejriwal.