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Kejriwal, a liar of the century

kejri first

“How articulately Arvind Kejriwal manipulates the reality can be judged during his hunger strike as Delhi CM in 2014. He had presented the wrong facts in media and the truth was entirely different.”

Kejriwal and company had started its first political inning two year ago and after taking the reins of Delhi government in the maiden polls, Kejriwal held a hunger strike in the national capital.


The strike was called for the demands from the centre government and the CM was trying to pressurize the centre government through hunger strike. Kejriwal told the media that police acted on the centres’ directions and the main objective of the police was to make the rally a complete failure.

He had told the media that police did not allowed the supporters and workers of the party to have tea. The entire venue of the programme was hijacked by the police. There were no arrangements for the tea by police.

The truth was different as a news channel had found that the party workers were easily moving in the venue and they were enjoying tea at the stalls put up by the police. Moreover, the cops were also distributing the snacks to the party workers in the early morning at that time.


Arvind Kejriwal on camera said during his hunger strike Delhi police closed all toilets, but on camera all of his supporters found using public toilets. Delhi police did not close public toilet. A news channel report had exposed the lie of Kejriwal. The party workers were seen openly using the public toilets and there was no cop outside the toilets.

Every statement of Kejriwal was fabricated with the wrong intention to spread the message to the public. However, the “topimaster” was caught on camera for levelling the false allegations against the party workers.

Moreover, the programme was organised because of the hunger strike of Kejriwal where the workers were enjoying tea and snacks. So, it was complete non sense of the party head that had observing hunger strike and on the opposite, the party workers were enjoying tea and snacks.

He was exaggerating the facts so that the public could be misguided but at that time a news channel exposed him.

Kejriwal: A “mungerilal” of Indian politics


He used to watch the famous television programme at Doordarshan, “Mungeri Lal Ke Hasin Sapne.”  The character “Mungerilal” in the serial always lost himself in his dreams.

Arvind Kejriwal, promised the people of Delhi to eliminate corruption from the state. However, the duffer Chief Minister failed to know that his own law minister had fake degree. Where is the promise of clean image politics gone? He presented the different illusions in front of the public so that he could win the trust of the people.

Photo Caption

Kejriwal dreamt about the fast track court system in the county and when he wake up he promised the people to make fast tract court. He has completed one year in Delhi, but still the 1984 anti-Sikh riots case is pending. Moreover, the SIT report file is missing in his government.

Another dream he had shown to the residents that the party would present a clean image political model in the country. In AAP, there are leaders who are facing criminal cases of corruption, forgery, cheating and molestation.

He had promised that the AAP government would reduce the power prices and water would be available free of cost in the city. However, the power tariff was hiked and no free water has been given by his government.

The AAP promised that the city would be made safer for the women but his own minister Somnath Bharti was arrested for beating his wife. The free Wi-fi in the city was also one of the main agenda of Kejriwal but now he is repenting that what he promised without considering the technical and financial angels.

How foolishly the Chief Minister promise the people like an old Mughal ruler? In the medieval period of Mughals, the emperors used to announcement something big without knowing anything.

kejri 2

The same is happening with Kejriwal as he takes feeling of an old ruler while promising something to the public.

A political scientist told that he seems to be like the character of some old serials where the lead character tried to project himself as the “messiah.” An Aam Aadmi in Khas political position always makes the promises which are not possible to deliver.


“AAP” fails to regularise the NRHM employees in Delhi


The Chief Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal seems to be very busy in finding out the solution to solve the problem which he had created himself a year ago. The Muffler man had shown so many dreams to the contractual NRHM employees and despite completing a year in Delhi, Kejriwal’s government has achieved nothing so far in this regard.

As per the information received, there are 3500 doctors, nurses, midwives, data entry operators and laboratory staff working on contract basis in the capital under the NRHM.  

The contractual staff under the NRHM alleged that the ruling regime of AAP in Delhi has been doing nothing for them as they have submitted a lot of memorandums to the concerned department of Kejriwal’s government.

A demand of equal pay along with other benefits along with the demand of regularisation of their jobs has been raised so many times and when AAP had been campaigning for the polls, the point was the centre state of the party’s agenda.

The government has completed one year in Delhi but still the contractual workers are on contract only. They are waiting for the notification of the government but no message has been sent by the concerned department in Delhi.


Even the the AAP government has not releasing their salaries on time as the salaries are often delayed. As per the information, the centre and state together share a sum of 75 % and 25 % for the payment of salaries. An official in the concerned department said that the centre released its share on time but the state government delays the payment of its 25% share.

NRHM contractual staff to start a signature campaign

The contractual staff of NRHM has decided to launch a signature campaign against the ruling regime of AAP and moreover, the employees will also urge the people to support them in the cause. Another signature campaign would be started in the city for the regularisation of the staff.

A NRHM contractual employee on anonymity basis told that the government had promised them to regularise their posts and they would get the equal salaries along with the benefits. Kejriwal has played up with the emotions of the contractual employees of the city for winning votes only.

The strategy for a big movement would be planned against the AAP by these contractual staff workers. After the signature campaign, a big movement would be launched against the Muffler man’s government.


A massive protest was also launched against the AAP government by these workers in June 2015 in front of the residence of Chief Minister of Delhi. At that time, the workers had suspended the work for more than 10 days in the city.


Indian Mirror | Why Phoolka gets angry?

Aam Aadmi Party leader and lawyer H.S. Phoolka these days easily gets provoked and can say anything in the fit of rage.


The change in behaviour of Phoolka was witnessed by people close to him when the other day he held a cycle rally from Bargari village in Faridkot to Bathinda demanding justice for two Sikh victims of Bargari who were killed in police firing during a protest last month.

Opposition from riot victims

maxresdefault (1)

He was not expecting it, but Phoolka, however, faced opposition from a number of riot victims from Delhi and members of the Sikh Welfare Society, Ludhiana, who alleged the lawyer had not done anything for them.

It has become a fad with Phoolka these days to allege and blame that the protest was held at the behest of his opponents. He reportedly said that “If any victim is not happy with my efforts, he can hire another advocate. I am fighting these cases with honesty and free of cost and I challenge anyone to prove me wrong over this.”  Yes Mr. Phoolka you have already been proved wrong and exposed for not doing anything concrete in all these years for the victims of 1984 riot victims.  Naturally when a person who lives on falsehood is exposed, he is bound to get furious on the very mention of the sentimental issue that affects each and every Sikh.

Chinks in his story

He said he too was a victim of the riots as on November 2, 1984, the mob attacked our house in South Extension area, where we lived on rent. But the landlord, a Punjabi Hindu, had already locked us in a store room. Phoolka went on with his tale that “Soon, an Army truck reached and with the help of the landlord, we escaped. I cannot forget the moment when I ran for my life barefoot without a turban on my head. My wife and I reached Punjab on November 5 and when I returned to Delhi later that month, I, along with many others, decided to fight for the victims for free.

Seething with anger

Now when his lies are nailed and he is asked how is juniors had been charging hefty fee on his behalf from the victims of genocide that he seethes with anger. In such a situation, Phoolka can blame any political person and any political party for spreading canards against him. Little doubt that people around Phoolka Sahib now know “Phoolka ko gussa kyon aata hai”

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Indian Mirror | How Kejriwal is trying to milk Rohith Vemula’s ‘Dalit identity’?

The fact that politicians are discussing Rohit Vemula being Dalit more than his death speaks volumes of what our society has become!

“When a girl named Nirbhaya was brutally raped and killed, did anyone question her caste? Then why is Rohith’s caste under question here?” asks Radhika Vemula, the mother of Rohith Vemula, the research scholar who committed suicide on January 17 at the Hyderabad Central University. All she wants to know is why there is such a hue & cry of her son’s caste?

Aiming to project himself as champion of Dalit rights, Delhi Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal wasted no time in flying to Hyderabad to express his solidarity with protesting students. Scratching below the surface of his facade one sees only hypocrisy.


The Rohith Vemula case has been dotted with half-truths, unclear facts and the rush of political vultures and greedy student organisations, keen to exploit the tragedy for their selfish ends. Even his caste background is under scanner.

Imagine the trauma of the mother, given no space to grieve for the death of her 25-year-old son, rather being forced to give explanation about her caste to one and all. 

Self-Proclaimed Messiah of Dalit Rights

While Kejrwial has been positioned as ‘Messiah of Dalit right’ by Aam Adami Party, public at large is questioning his own intentions.  What right he had to indulge in politics over Rohith Vemula’s death when he killed the trust that the Dalits had reposed in him?

It will be interesting to know how many times did Kejriwal or his cabinet or his party even mention the cause of the Dalits all this while, since he became Delhi CM?

Time and again, Kejriwal has championed the rights of socially weaker and neglected sections of society.  They were the ones who supported him wholeheartedly and contributed majorly to AAP’s victory in last Delhi assembly elections. AAP attracted the Safai Karmacharis (Sweepers) most as he promised to do away with contractual work saying their jobs would be regularized.

The broom (Jharu) is main instrument of their livelihood and AAP’s poll symbol struck an emotional chord with them. He also promised medical insurance to Safai Karammcharis. Besides, Dalits were promised interest free loans for setting up small enterprises.

All of these proved to be farce and poll-gimmicks, as it has been almost a year since Kejriwal took charge and none of the promises has been delivered.

It is extremely hypocritical to talk about the Dalit question in Hyderabad today when Kejriwal government has come up with absolutely no affirmative action whatsoever when it comes to giving a fair representation to Dalits in cabinet or for that matter in the party structure.

Selective secularism

Arvind Kejriwal had expressed serious outrage after the Dadri incident but he failed to compose even a single tweet about Malda violence. Truly secular, Kejriwal, as portrayed through his twitter account, would have strongly reacted against the Malda. But perhaps he would not, because his new-found affection for West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee is driven by political arithmetic and vicious anti-Centre chemistry.

God sent Opportunity

Rohith Vemula’s suicide note eloquently stated the sad affair of political opportunism, when he painfully expressed –

The value of a man was reduced to his identity… to a vote, to a number, to a thing. Never was a man treated as a mind, as a glorious thing made of stardust in every field. In studies, on streets, in politics and in dying and living

AtOcnE6iciWxRI0_zq5IZCI1Lifeae5orC4NzV5Tdqfe (1)

To all the politician seeking cheap publicity – ‘Any tragedy unexploited is an opportunity lost’. For them, death of a bright student was God-sent opportunity serving dual purpose – one, giving them opportunity to corner ruling party as reflexive anti-Dalit and second, garnering undue sympathy of Dalit voters.

Hence, we find Arvind Kejriwal who has practiced the art of throwing secular arrows on Narender Modi’s dartboard, unable to resist the temptation of jumping into the cauldron with alarming promptness.

Calling it not ‘suicide’, but ‘murder’ and demanding an apology from Modi, the Kejriwal has since been burning in the fire of righteous anger.

Identity Politics

The suicide-note of Rohith suggests that he was disillusioned by the overall socio-political realities of India. The unfortunate suicide by Rohith is the manifestation of a set of complex issues that cannot be boiled down to an issue of a particular caste. But that is exactly what our politicians and intellectual elites are doing.

Contrary to the vision of a casteless, plural, democratic polity- minority and caste especially Dalit identity politics are recently becoming common platform for agitations and dissent. The way politicians are trying to exploit the suicide of a meritorious student for political gains, is a reflection of their opportunistic hyperbole.

Given the horrendous nature of event, it is time we moved from identity politics to a politics of identification. The focus should be on identifying the triggers of progress and their manifestation!

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Kejriwal to spoil the religious environment

Held a clandestine meeting with Pak’s Qadri


The Chief Minister of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal has been exposed in front of the public regarding his anti-national policies. It was evident in the past that the AAP supremo had openly supported the JNU students who had shouted slogans against the country. Even he had supported the Khalistan movement during his Punjab visit as he had shared his picture with the slain militant, Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale in a poster.

It is clear that the muffler man is an anti-national and he want to spoil the religious environment in the country. As per the latest information, Kejriwal has met with Pakistan’s Tehreek-e-Insaaf Chief Imran Khan and the prominent Muslim cleric Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri.

Kejriwal held a clandestine meeting with Qadri

The Chief Minister of Delhi has met the former Cricketer turned politician Imran Khan in Delhi. He tweeted a message on his Twitter account and mentioned that they both discussed politics.


“Met Imran Khan and we shared our experiences in politics. Both challenging status quo in respective countries,” Kejriwal tweeted.

Imran is very much famous for spoiling the political environment in Pakistan during the earlier regime of Nawaz Sharif.

As per the information, Kejriwal had a clandestine meeting the Pak cleric Qadri as both the cleric and Imran Khan are hand in glove with each other. Moreover, they both came to India together. Qadri was the person who had spoiled the religious environment in Pakistan. Kejriwal met Imran Khan openly but he met Qadri secretly so that he could not be exposed as he would handle the meeting with cricketer easily.

AAP government allowed Qadri to speak at Ramlila Maidan

It is evident that the AAP ruling government of Delhi has allowed Qadri to address a gathering at Ramlila Maidan. The cleric has a strong support base in Pakistan.

Why he has allowed addressing the gathering without any prior approval of the government in Delhi. He had gone to attend an event related with Sufism at Ramlila Maidan but after some time he started addressing the gathering from stage.  AAP leaders are very much aware of the fact that Qadri is a biggest threat to India’s unity and moreover, the intelligence agencies keeping their eye on the cleric for his terrorist activities.


AAP took u turn on the event of Art of Living

pic 2

“First AAP government in Delhi given nod to the prominent spiritual icon to organise World Culture Festival at Yamuna banks but when some organisations dragged the matter into NGT, the AAP took u turn on its stand.”

 As per the information, the AAP government had given nod to Art of Living to organise the World Culture Festival at Yamuna river banks. The concerned departments had cleared the files pertaining to the permission of the mega event.

However, it was not easy for the Art of Living as the matter was raised in National Green Tribunal by some organisation alleging that the organisers of the event violated environmental norms on Yamuna flood plains. The organisations raised objections that the organisers dug the flood plains of the river for the event which is a complete violation of the environmental norms.

U turn of AAP on the festival

kejri 1

The matter has put in National Green Tribunal which admitted the case. The tribunal has scolded the government of Delhi for granted the permission to the organisers for holding the event. Even the tribunal had questioned the AAP for granting the permission to the organisers.

However, the AAP government took u turn on the matter and during the hearing of the case in NGT, the concerned department of AAP told that permission to Art of Living was granted only to construct a pontoon bridge but only in case of a flood.

 Taking u turn in the court, the government’s counsel said it did not have the authority to grant permission to build a bridge in any other situation.

Delhi water minister Kapil Mishra had extended his full support to the event. However, the Delhi government denies any kind of permission.

AAP defames spiritual icon Sri Sri Ravishankar

The AAP supremo Arvind Kejriwal has shown his colours like a chameleon. Earlier, Kejriwal was supporting the spiritual icon Sri Sri Ravishanka who has been enjoying a good reputation in the world. However, when he feels that party may gripped into the controversy, he side lined him from the organisation. Moreover, the concerned minister of Kejriwal also took u turn who had promised the organisers for the full support. When the matter is raised in NGT, the party and its top leaders changed their stance.

The anti-nationalist AK claims himself a “patriot”

Kejri baba

When the Chief Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal found himself in trouble because of supporting JNU incident, he started claiming himself a “patriot.” The state head who was supporting the JNU students facing sedition charges now took u turn.

He has started claiming himself bigger patriot by comparing himself with the rival party leaders. Once again he proved that he has mastered the art of taking u turns.

Kejriwal tweeted that he has been raising his voice for dalits, the poort and backward. He raised the voice for dalits to get political gains. He prefers to target those who can be a good vote bank.

 Now AK start talking on martyred soldiers

He remained silent when the ten soldiers died during their duty in Siachen glacier.  Moreover, he had preferred to attend rallies when six soldiers attained martyrdom in Jammu and Kashmir. Kejriwal is now talking about the martyr soldiers. He is supporting the anti-national and he blamed centre government for protecting anti-nationals in Kashmir.

On Sunday, an FIR was registered at Saroornagar police station in Hyderabad following a court order relating to sedition charges against Kejriwal.

He had offered Rs 1 crore help in 2015 to a CRPF soldier who was died in Naxal attack. He had played the trick to get the political mileage. He is just hungry to make votes only. When he got in trouble, he started calling himself a bigger patriot.

He supports the militant, JNU students. Is this patriotism?


In Punjab, the AAP leaders distributed the pamphlets and pasted posters of the slain militant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale. Moreover, the pictures of Kejriwal and AAP Punjab leaders were in the poster. The leaders had urged the people of Punjab to celebrate the birth anniversary of Bhindranwale.

A criminal case has filed by a Moga resident in Ludhiana courts against Kerjiwal and his company.

He has supported the JNU incident and even had joined a rally in support of the arrested JNU students. Kejriwal had given clean chit to Kanhaiya when the case is still pending in the court. He had tweeted for Kanhaiya also and he had blessed him.

He supports Khalistan movement, he supports anti-nationals. Is this patriotism Mr Kejriwal.



Kejriwal: I will prefer to go for vote bank instead of anything else

kejri with parents

“When the entire nation is paying homage to the soldiers who sacrificed their lives in Pampore encounter at J & K, the Chief Minister of Delhi was busy in a rally using Rohit Vemula’s name. The head of Delhi was supporting the incident of JNU during the rally.”

Once the Aam Aadmi, Arvind Kejriwal was supporting the rights of the soldiers and moreover, he had plans for the soldiers who sacrifice their lives on duty. Even he had offered a sum of one crore to a CRPF soldier who died in an encounter with Naxals in other state.


However, the “muffler man” has forgotten all the things he has done in past and these days he is very much busy in wooing the vote bank.

When ten soldiers were died during the duty in Siachen glacier, Kejriwal did not utter a single word to pay homage to the soldiers. Moreover, he did not tweet as he does as usual like other incidents.


The country lost its eight soldiers during the Pampore encounter in Jammu and Kashmir and despite knowing the fact, Kejriwal preferred to attend the rally for the late dalit scholar at Jantar Mantar.

The rally was organised by the Joint Action Committee and even the Jawaharlal Nehru University students had joined the protest.

The Chief Minister was playing the dalit politics to woo the vote bank and he was simultaneously supporting the incident of JNU with the students on the spot. How cheap is Kejriwal, who always trying to woo the vote bank and has nothing to do with the nation. Only politics, politics and politics is the main motto of the national convenor of Aam Aadmi Party.



Aam Aadmi Party Supports Anti Nationals

The Aam Aadmi Party criticized the Delhi Police for delay in arresting the BJP MLA O.P. Sharma, as he had lashed a anti national activist outside the Patiala House Court in a minor scuffle, when the latter raised the ‘anti-national’ slogans outside the courtroom.


AAP’s national convenor Arvind Kejriwal has expelled O.P. Sharma from Delhi Assembly house for his Patriotic act. “Any true Indian would not tolerate anybody rising ‘anti-Indian’ slogans” says Sharma.

“Questions being raised on nation’s unity and integrity are incomparable to those corrupt acts of AAP leaders”.

461418-kejriwal-700Despite of numerous videos going viral and eye-witness against Kanhaiya Kumar, who considered Parliament attack convict Afzal Guru a martyr and not a terrorist, Kejriwal supported the lawbreaker. “The charge of sedition against the JNU students union president is ridiculous. They just practiced the freedom of expression guaranteed by the Indian Constitution”, said Kejriwal. Not only this, dramatically, Kejriwal tried his ‘filthy’ politics in the case by expelling Sharma and still cursing Delhi police for not talking action against him.

AAP questions why police delayed the arrest of BJP MLA O.P. Sharma, when it took no time to arrest AAP leaders and Kanhaiya?

Answer is quite clear! Delhi police has arrested more than half of AAP’s Ministers after their involvement in various criminal and corruption got confirmed. Few of them are listed below:

  • Akhilesh Tripathi, AAP MLA arrested for rioting case.
  • Jitendra Singh Tomar & Bhavna Gaur, AAP MLAs arrested in fake educational degree case.
  • Manoj Kumar, AAP MLA, held in connection with a land fraud case
  • Ram Niwas Goel, AAP MLA, accused of beating up workers employed by a builder after forcibly entering his building.
  • Surinder Singh, AAP MLA, for assaulting an NDMC employee.
  • Somnath Bharti, AAP legislator, allegations of domestic violence
  • Sanjay Pratap Singh & Imran Hussain and Asim Ahmed alleged for taking bribe.

And not to miss, in a recent case AAP party’s MLA Mahinder Yadav got booked in a case of rioting and assaulting a public servant.

Also, Kanhaiya was charged with one of the most serious offences on the Indian statute books for an incident that involved shouting of ‘anti-Indian’ slogans standing inside the Indian University campus.

O.P. Sharma is a nationalist and aadarsh son of Mother India, whose blood boils on seeing an ‘anti-Indian’ elements or activity going around.

How can you compare Sharma with either Kanhaiya who raised “anti-national” slogans against India or the corrupt leaders of Aam Aadmi Party who have no regards for the nation and its National Flag?