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Kejriwal’s Foot Lands In His Mouth Yet Again With Tall Claims Of SAD, Cong Association


Ever so diligently surrounded by innumerable controversies, Delhi’s ruling party Chief Arvind Kejriwal once again successfully put his own shoe in his mouth, by claiming an underlying understanding between Shiromani Akali Dal and Congress. To which Punjab’s chief minister Parkash Singh Badal took a huge objection, calling the said claims flawed and a “bunch of lies”.

At his sangant darshan on Sunday, Badal allegedly claimed that Punjab and Punjab govtment can never associate themselves with attackers of golden temple, and that any kind of alliance between the parties is unthinkable.

“Shiromani Akali Dal can never even think of having any sort of adjustment with the party which had attacked Sri Harmandir Sahib (Golden Temple), perpetrated the carnage of innocent Sikhs in Delhi and which had done grave injustice to the state by depriving us of our capital, river waters and even Punjabi speaking areas,” he said. Slamming Kejriwal, the Akali leader said he is “issuing baseless and irrational statements just for vested political interests,” Badal said

“Kejriwal is also suffering from anti-Punjab syndrome and does not have basic knowledge about the state,” he claimed. The chief minister further alleged that Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) is lacking an agenda for development of the state and trying to mislead the people by hollow slogans. The administration is not run by hollow slogans as work has to be done on ground level to ensure welfare of the people, he added.

“AAP is like a house of cards which is likely to collapse even before the state assembly polls. AAP leadership neither has any character nor they were having any ideology and their sole motive is to assume power for plundering the state,” Badal.

“The allegations of party tickets being sold being leveled by AAP cadres were reflection of moral degradation in politics,” he alleged.

He further on drew the light towards Kejriwal’s propaganda of defaming his party under such fallacies, claiming Kejriwal’s statement as baseless and irrational, he said “suffers from an anti-Punjab syndrome and has no knowledge about the state”. Badal said the AAP was bereft of any agenda for development of the state. Describing Punjab Congress chief as a “king of palaces”, Badal said.

Durgesh Pathak, a hypocrite


The AAP leader Durgesh Pathak who has been looking after the AAP Punjab affairs is one of the biggest hypocrites as he is using the name of the Latin American Marxist icon, Ernesto Che Guevera to misguide the people.

Pathak told the people that AAP is a ‘revolution’ and he believes in the ideology of Ernesto Che Guevera. It is an act to dupe the people as Guevera’s name is popular for his camaraderie and revolution.

The AAP leader has been using the name of revolutionary to show the people that AAP would bring the revolution. However, the past incidents in the party have proved that AAP is a party of ‘Natwarlals’.

In general elections, the AAP party had won four Lok Sabha seats in Punjab. After that, the AAP Delhi leaders including Durgesh Pathak started visiting Punjab and took the reins of the party affairs in his hands.

When Pathak started interfering in the AAP Punjab affairs, the AAP Punjab leaders started quitting the party. Moreover, the leaders also faced ouster when they raise questions in front of Pathak.

The former AAP leaders and the ticket aspirant, Hardeep Singh Kingra told that Pathak had spoiled the party in Punjab and that’s why he preferred to quit the party. He told that the adamant and dictatorial attitude of the AAP Delhi leader was one of the major reasons for his quitting the party.

When AAP was founded, Pathak who was preparing for civil services joined AAP as he had political aspirations. The AAP party head and Pathak told that the party would bring the revolution. However, the people of Delhi have been eagerly waiting to see the revolution.

The revolution has seen in the lives of AAP leaders, Arvind Kejriwal, Sanjay Singh, Manish Sisodia and Durgesh Pathak who have been living like kings. The so-called Aam Aadmi’s turned into Ash Prast Admi.

Punjab Elections : Kejriwal Resorts To ‘Bitching’ About Competitors

AAP national convenor and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Sunday mounted a no holds barred attack on the Badal family and Punjab Congress chief Amarinder Singh, alleging that they have “looted” the state for their “vested interests”

The writing on the wall is clear for the ruling Akali Dal. They need to handle the challenge from the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) effectively. The latter is still an unknown quantity in the state’s politics in terms of its potential to challenge established parties, but the surge in popular support for Kejriwal makes it look like a threat.

To add to this, Arvind Kejriwal is adding increasingly new “feathers” to his hat. Not only has he claimed to leave the state of Punjab after he revolutionizes the current situation but has also stirred up a strange political environment in the state.

However, all this does not mean to assert that the AAP is headed for a cakewalk in Punjab. In one of his rallies a few months back, Kejriwal claimed his party would win 110 of the 117 seats in the state. The ground situation, particularly on the organisational front, does not reflect that sense of optimism. Some seats, even many seats less would still mean that Kejriwal’s party has arrived as a political force. The man himself might be lacklustre enough to not be able to pull off a few promise, albeit, the premise made during the Delhi elections.

Infighting in AAP Punjab started, now Kanwar Sandhu fires salvo at AAP leadership

Kanwar Sandhu

Kanwar Sandhu

The infighting within the AAP Punjab leadership is now clearly visible as a new controversy cropped up in the party because of the induction of Harmail Singh Tohra and his family in AAP party fold.

Harmail Tohra

Harmail Singh Tohra

A senior leader of AAP and a former journalist Kanwar Sandhu has opposed the induction of Harmail Singh Tohra induction in AAP along with his family. Sandhu alleged that the newcomer was involved in the attack on Dharamvir Gandhi during the Lok Sabha campaign.

The incumbent parliamentarian of AAP Dharamvir Gandhi was attacked in 2014 when he was busy in campaigning. Gandhi had sustained injuries and Harmail Tohra honoured the attackers.

It was evident that there was someone behind the attack and Harmail’s name was cropped up in that controversy. Kanwar Sandhu told that he didn’t know about the induction of Tohra’s family in AAP. He lambasted at the AAP leadership for not doing the homework properly before taking the family of Harmail Tohra in AAP.

Sandu termed that the party has inducted Tohra as a hasty step. In a tweet, Sandhu said, “Tohra’s hasty induction. I would have opposed his entry.” He demanded that Tohra should tender his apology publicly about his involvement in the attack.

He also advised his party to take care while taking such leaders into the party fold. Sandhu has raised the questions over the credibility of AAP leadership for supporting the attacker of incumbent AAP parliamentarian.

It seems the controversies are still rising in the AAP Punjab as earlier; Chhotepur had raised questions over the selection of few candidates for the assembly seats. The former IFS officer and senior AAP leader Hardeep Kingra left the party as he was not happy with the senior leadership of AAP Delhi.

Manjeet Singh Randhawa left the party and registered a new party. Jassi Jasraj who was expelled from the party has been continuously firing salvos and revealing the truth about the party leadership.