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Aam Aadmi Party spent Aam Aadmi Paisa on advertisements

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The Aam Aadmi Party government in Delhi led by so-called Aam Aadmi and the Chief Minister of Delhi lavishly spent the public money on advertisements as the country’s top auditor slammed the government in its 55 pages report.

As per the report, the Delhi government spent around Rs 33 crore on a single advertisement campaign and 85 percent of the amount from the campaign was spent outside Delhi.

The report of the CAG stated that the Delhi government led by AAP spent the public money lavishly on self-projection through the advertisement. Pointing at an advertisement, the report revealed that a person was talking about the party, not the government so the party’s name was projected in the ad on state exchequer’s money.

The CAG report slammed the Delhi government for using taxpayers’ money on an advertisement campaign projecting the party’s name instead of Delhi government. The top auditor has stated that the advertisement was the party’s campaign so the party should have paid the expenses.

As per the report, the Delhi government spent Rs 526 crore on self-glorification and only provided the details of Rs 100 crore spent on the ad campaigns. The CAG has also questioned the Delhi government for spending Rs 70 lakhs on ads blaming the centre government for the poor law and order situation in the national capital.

The government spent Rs 70 lakh for bashing the Modi government on public money.

Even the CAG report has raised the questions at three ads in which the AAP party mentioned its achievements. The party has claimed to accomplish few projects which are still not completed actually.

The lavish expenditure of the Delhi government for the publicity especially for AAP party made the CAG angry for spending the state exchequer’s money on the self-projection of the party.

First time in the history of Delhi, a party has changed its colours from Aam Aadmi to Khas Aadmi Party and misused the public money by ignoring all the promises made to the public.

Public up in arms against Kejriwal for self-publicity


The people of Delhi who casted the votes to Aam Aadmi Party have been repenting on their decision as the national convenor of the party who had took the reins of Delhi a year ago failed to serve anything to the people.

People are up in arms against the Chief Minister, Kejriwal who is busy in self-publicity and forgotten the interests of people of Delhi. The AAP supremo has been projecting himself as a super hero in the different national newspapers.

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Broken promise of Kejriwal

When he had took the reins of the national capital, he promised the people that he would not act like other politicians as he would hold the open darbars in the city to hear the problems of the people. However, the Chief Minister had held only a single darbar in a year. He started acted like other leaders and refrained himself from meeting the public.

The Chief Minister started avoiding the public as he is on the self-promotion. Sumith Awasthi, a resident of Tilak Nagar said that the Chief Minister is not on the invisible mode. He can be seen on the television channels or in the big advertisements of the newspapers.

Kejri visible in ads only

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All the national newspapers of different states carried the advertisements of the one year completion of AAP government in Delhi. The advertisements were not small but there were full page ads. When the national convenor visited Punjab for five days, the national English dailies carried three page advertisements of the achievements of Kejriwal’s government in Delhi.

According to the information from the government officials of Delhi, the concerned department has given the directions to give advertisements of achievements of the government in different newspapers publishing from every state. The officials told that the government feels that the maximum advertisements in the media would highlight the party and the people would be misguided easily.

Even the Delhi Congress chief Ajay Maken had raised questions over the advertisements and he approached the High court also. The case is going on in the court. A year ago, the High court had pulled up AAP government for wasting taxpayers’ money in self-projection.


Chhotepur becomes a cop


Speaks on drugs issue like a top cop

The convenor of AAP Punjab, Sucha Singh Chhotepur has suddenly turned into a cop and started speaking about the drugs menace in the state right after the visit of Pappu of Congress at Amritsar.

Rahul Gandhi has visited Amritsar last week especially for the screening of a bullshit documentary made by his own party worker on drugs. Pappu Gandhi was stick to his statement on drugs in the state and he had again claimed that 70 per cent youth of the state indulged in drugs.

Chhotepur steals the words of Pappu but he exaggerated the facts

Like a top cop, Sucha Singh Chhotepur came out with a foolish statement on drugs issue. Rahul had stick to his claim on the number of drug addicts but Chhotepur imagination crossed all the limits. He tweeted that the both rival parties in Punjab have equal share in drug state.


He said, Congress and Akali Dal leaders have 50:50 share of drugs trade in Punjab, they work hand in hand for easy income.”

The statement given by the AAP Punjab convener depicted that he had served in the world’s top investigative agencies as he boldly made the stupid statement targeting rival parties. Without having any solid proof or a concrete report on drugs trade he made such a drastic statement to woo the party leadership.

Chhotepur lives in illusion

Chhotepur had served in different political parties before joining AAP and he was a side lined leader because of his corrupt and over ambitious attitude.

The second statement made by the AAP leader proved that he lives in the world of illusion. To get the maximum fame in the party and public, he came out with another statement on twitter.

sucha 1

He mentioned, “Congress brought drugs in Punjab and Akali-Dal BJP helped them to open the outlets and provided easy means to distribute.”

Chhotepur should study the AIIMS study before making the statements

A study conducted by the country’s top medical institution All India Institute of Medical Sciences has proved that Punjab has only 0.06 per cent of population consuming drugs. The AAP convener should spare some time from his schedule and study the report properly before commenting. Moreover, he should take the treatment from a qualified doctor.



The anti-nationalist AK claims himself a “patriot”

Kejri baba

When the Chief Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal found himself in trouble because of supporting JNU incident, he started claiming himself a “patriot.” The state head who was supporting the JNU students facing sedition charges now took u turn.

He has started claiming himself bigger patriot by comparing himself with the rival party leaders. Once again he proved that he has mastered the art of taking u turns.

Kejriwal tweeted that he has been raising his voice for dalits, the poort and backward. He raised the voice for dalits to get political gains. He prefers to target those who can be a good vote bank.

 Now AK start talking on martyred soldiers

He remained silent when the ten soldiers died during their duty in Siachen glacier.  Moreover, he had preferred to attend rallies when six soldiers attained martyrdom in Jammu and Kashmir. Kejriwal is now talking about the martyr soldiers. He is supporting the anti-national and he blamed centre government for protecting anti-nationals in Kashmir.

On Sunday, an FIR was registered at Saroornagar police station in Hyderabad following a court order relating to sedition charges against Kejriwal.

He had offered Rs 1 crore help in 2015 to a CRPF soldier who was died in Naxal attack. He had played the trick to get the political mileage. He is just hungry to make votes only. When he got in trouble, he started calling himself a bigger patriot.

He supports the militant, JNU students. Is this patriotism?


In Punjab, the AAP leaders distributed the pamphlets and pasted posters of the slain militant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale. Moreover, the pictures of Kejriwal and AAP Punjab leaders were in the poster. The leaders had urged the people of Punjab to celebrate the birth anniversary of Bhindranwale.

A criminal case has filed by a Moga resident in Ludhiana courts against Kerjiwal and his company.

He has supported the JNU incident and even had joined a rally in support of the arrested JNU students. Kejriwal had given clean chit to Kanhaiya when the case is still pending in the court. He had tweeted for Kanhaiya also and he had blessed him.

He supports Khalistan movement, he supports anti-nationals. Is this patriotism Mr Kejriwal.