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LG finds AAP’s secret unit, orders probe


The AAP-led Delhi government has been facing probes after probes and now news of AAP hit the headlines when the so-called ‘secret unit’ of the Chief Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal unearthed.

The unit was observing the government employees’ daily activities whether they were working or not.  As per the information, the unit comes directly under the Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal. The secret unit was reporting daily activities of the various departments to Kejriwal.

A leading news channel has exposed the secret unit of Arvind Kejriwal and the LG Najeeb Jung immediately ordered a probe against the secret unit team.

As per the information provided by the channel, the team was constituted in August 2016 to monitor government officials. The monitoring angle will also be probed.

The AAP party was founded on the principles of idealism and honesty.

However, the party has duped the people by projecting fake model of politics. The promises made by the AAP leaders to the public were not delivered. The AAP manifesto during the Delhi assembly polls was a document of false claims.

The main principle of honesty and clean image politics of AAP was just a trick to woo the voters. The public money lavishly spent on the political activities of the party.

As per the information, the members of the secret unit team were getting the salary from the state exchequer’s account. It is unearthed that how lavishly the Chief Minister of Delhi is wasting the public money.

Kejriwal should have given directions to the head of all departments of the government to monitor the daily activities of the employees. But, he hired his team, and the payment was made from a government account.